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Korea 101

KOREA 101: Everything you need to know to live independently and confidently in Korea.

Country Guide/Travel Tips

How To Navigate Through Seoul

Apps To Download When Visiting Seoul



Temple Stays

Explaining Seollal, Lunar New Year

Explaining Chuseok, Fall Harvest Festival [coming soon]

Home/Neighborhood Life

Renting an Apartment / Tips For Renting An Apartment

Garbage and Recycling Guide

Apps for Food Delivery

Clothes Donations

Adopting a Pet / Pet Burial

Using Your Korean Laundry Machine

Making Restaurant or Beauty Reservations


How To Open a Bank Account [coming soon]

Credit Cards for Foreigners

English-Speaking Accountants


How to Get A Drivers License

How to Use Kakao Taxi

Riding a Motorcycle in Korea

Using the Seoul City Bike Rental System

How to Report a Taxi Driver


Getting a Phone Plan or SIM Card


How to Apply for National Health Insurance

International Hospitals

English-Speaking Dentists

English-Speaking OBGYN’s


Non-Teaching Jobs for Foreigners

10 Tips for Finding a Good Hagwon Job

Part-Time Jobs

Things To Know When Working In A Korean Company


Getting Married / Getting Divorced

Dating Apps

Gay Dating Apps

Sites for Making Friends


Korean Visas for Foreigners

Working Holiday Visa Guide

English-Speaking Accountants


Where to Go Shopping in Seoul

English Websites for Online Shopping

How to Order Off Amazon

Antique Shopping

How to Convert Your Clothing Size

Using Points/Rewards Cards in Korea


MBA Programs for International Students

Universities with English Programs

Free Korean Learning Apps

Helpful Korean Language Resources


Free Resources for Foreigners

How To Get South Korean Documents Apostille Certification

Voting in US Elections from Korea

Why is My Age Different in Korea?

How to Collect A Debt from Someone in Korea

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    U know it’s all from China
    So we have to call this China Pollution

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