8 English-Friendly Nail Salons and Artists in Seoul

nail salon in seoul

Seoul is known for their various and plentiful beauty treatments, and they do not fail in offering many options for nail salons as well. From basic manicures, gel manicures, glittery nails, 3D nails, to a self-nail machine, they have it all for you to pick from. One thing to keep in mind is that the price could be different from where you are from, but the price is equal to the quality and value you receive.

Are you thinking about getting your nails done but don’t have an idea where to go? 10 Magazine has compiled a list of some great nail shops, some of which are English-friendly!

Automated Nail Machines

Cutiefriends, Mapo-gu

What is the fun in doing your nails the traditional way? Cutiefriends presents to you the O2Nails Mobile Printer, the state of the art technology that allows you to pick a photo from your phone and turn it into a gel nail design. Whether it be your own selfie, a picture with your significant other, or a picture of your beloved celebrities, the possibilities are endless! They also have a collection of patterns for those who want regular nails, too. For each nail, it costs ₩2000, and for the whole hand, it is ₩10,000. A little advice from a reviewer, make sure your photo is of high quality and is bright. As it is a self-nail shop, every procedure will be done by yourself. Fear not, there are instructions and staff to guide you throughout the difficulties.

Operating hour: Tues – Sun 1 PM – 9 PM

Location: Mapo-gu, Seogyodong 331-13, Seoul

Starting price: ₩2000/per nail, ₩10,000/per 10 nails

Korean Digital Marketing Agency


If you want a new experience in doing your nails, head to Fingernails2go. Fingernails2go is another shop that utilizes a machine to custom print your nails. Instantly print the patterns you select or your own uploaded photos on to your nails, and choose between gel or basic manicure finish. Unlike Cutiefriends, Fingernails2go shops are scattered around Seoul and other cities in South Korea, so pick whichever branch is the most convenient to your place!

Location: Various locations, check here, or our directory!

Starting price:  ₩10,000

English-Friendly Salons

Dashing Diva, Gangnam-gu

You might have heard of the Dashing Diva press-on-gel-manicures that are sold in most beauty stores in Korea, but did you know they have their own nail shop? In a huge, two-story salon located near Apgujeong Rodeo station, you’ll find the Dashing Diva nail salon. The menus are both in English and Korean. From the reviews, the staff spoke some English, so you can feel a bit more at ease. Like any other the luxury salon, the quality of the services is exceptional. Simple manicures start from ₩20,000 and gel manicures start from ₩50,000. If you want to “level-up” your nail design with glitters and other options, the starting price is ₩100,000.

Operating hour: Mon-Sun 10:30AM- 8:00PM

Location: Gangnam-gu, Sinsadong 656-21 1st Floor, Seoul

Starting price: Basic Manicure ₩20,000, Gel Manicure ₩50,000

Itaewon Pronail, Yongsan-gu

Itaewon Pronail is another expat go-to spot, as they are English-friendly and do great designs at a considerate price. They are known for good services, quality nail art, and have a solid reputation of their own. Even the famous K-rapper “Cheetah” does her nails here, too! As the shop is quite popular, reservations are recommended! Like many other salons, they also offer eyelash extensions and waxing services.

Operating hour: Mon-Sun 10:00–20:00

Location: 123-5 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Starting price:  Basic Manicure ₩17,000, Gel Manicure ₩42,000

Tiffany Nail , Yongsan-gu

Still feel uneasy without full English service? Tiffany Nail Care might be the right place for you. Located right on the main road of Itaewon, nearby exit 2, Tiffany Nail Care has all of their notices and menus in Korean and English. The store is nice, luxurious, and most importantly, clean. Since they are a beauty salon, they offer other services like eyelash extensions and waxing as well. Although they do accept walk-ins, it is still best to reserve an appointment in advance.

Operating hour: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm

Location: Yongsan-gu, Itaewon-dong 123-23 1st Floor, Seoul

Starting price: Basic Manicure ₩17,000, Gel Manicure ₩40,000

The Nail Bar, Yongsan-gu

Yet another English-speaking nail shop, The Nail Bar welcomes you with a friendly environment and great service. They have two branches so far, which are quite close to each other. One is near Hangangjin station and the other is near Noksapyeong station. According to a customer, the staff in the Hannam branch spoke perfect English! The salon claims to have over 1000 selection of gel nails and promotes that their tools are all sanitized, so there is no need for worries about sanition here. You can make reservations in English via their kakaotalk, very convenient!

Operating hour: Mon-Sat 11:00 ~ 10:00 Sun 12:00 ~ 9:00

Location: 658 Itaewon-dong Yongsan-gu (Hannam Branch)

Starting price:  Basic Manicure ₩18,000, Gel Manicure ₩50,000

Luxury Nail Salons

Tam2na, Gangnam-gu

If you have always wondered where to get your nails done like a Korean celebrity, Tam2na is one of the nail salons loved by K-pop idols and K-actors. It is located in the fashionable streets near Apgujeong Rodeo station exit 5, a straight walk until you pass Paris Baguette, then turn right, and the shop should be around the corner! Make sure you’re not on a tight budget, because the price could be high. But if you’re looking for incredibly great service and design Tam2na is the place. On a lucky day, you might even get the chance to have your nails done next to a celebrity, too. How wonderful is that! If you love bling, fancy, 3D designs, or would like to try a design that your favourite K-pop star has done, then Tam2na is definitely going to suit your style.

Operating hour: Mon ~ Sat 11 AM – 10 PM

Location: 666 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Starting price: Please contact the salon for the price

Unistella, Gangnam-gu

Unistella is known for their unique and fun nail designs, and as stated by a reviewer, “they have nail art that’s not available anywhere else in the world”. On top of that, a few of their staff speak quite fluent English. As they are a luxury salon in Cheongdam, the price is higher than others, but is worth the service and quality that are given in return. If you are looking for a trendy design or something totally unique, check Unistella out!

Operating hour: MON – FRI : 11AM – 9PM,  SAT, 11AM – 6PM

Location: 19-30, Cheongdam-Dong, Gangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Starting price: Please contact the salon for the price

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