6 Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul

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For many people, it can be quite stressful planning a trip to a foreign country; especially if you can’t speak the local language.

If you’re planning to visit Seoul soon, we’ve gathered a list of smartphone apps that should make your stay comfier. However, not all of these apps are free and some will require payment.

Note: For information on apps regarding learning Korean and transportation, please click on their respective links.



Traveling or living in South Korea is exciting. But there are many things to figure out, sometimes inconvenient and difficult. Chickadee is a great app for anyone who doesn’t want to wrestle with them, but delegate.

Upon sign-up, you will get your dedicated personal team consisting of fully vetted bilingual professionals in Korea. All you need to do is to tell them what you need, and they will get things done for you while you take care of more important things to you. Chickadee will make your life way easier in Korea.

A quick trick for a 1-month free trial: add “10” to your last name when sign-up with the app (e.g., James Smith10). Your trial will be activated within a day.

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Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul Air bnb

If you don’t feel like reserving an expensive hotel, then this is the perfect app for you. Remember, Air BnB does not directly lease; it serves as a broker between hosts and guests by charging a commission.

You can find short-term lodgings such as apartments, one-rooms, hostels, and homestays. The host sets prices, while prospective renters can view pictures of the rooms, read reviews, and send messages. Depending on the size of the accommodations, guests can book up to 16 adults.

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Note: Most hosts will speak English, but their cancellation policies, available dates, and rules of the house all vary.


Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul Shuttle Food Delivery

Shuttle is an English service app that delivers food, from various restaurants in Seoul, right to your door. You will find a wide range of dining options including, but not limited to: Italian, Mexican, Middle-Eastern, and American cuisine.

The app will require you to input your Korean address, so be sure to have it on hand when ordering. However, restaurants typically only deliver within their districts and operate according to their own business hours.

Use this link when you sign up to get 4,000 won off your first order!


11:00 am – midnight

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Analog Seoul

Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul Analog Seoul

Analog Seoul, is the eighth edition of Analog Film City, an app that allows access to 20 specialized photo filters. With these filters, one can make the pictures they capture give off an authentic Seoul vibe.

You can share your photos on a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Weibo. There are also over 10 editing tools available for users who wish to further modify their pictures.

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Note: Analog Seoul is not free to download and requires a payment of 1.09 USD.

Papago Translate

Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul Papago Translate

For those who don’t speak a word of Korean, this app will be a lifesaver. Papago is a translation service, that supports 6 languages; including Korean and English.

The main services offered are text, voice, conversation, and image translation. There is also a dictionary and phrase book, which allows users to check for more definitions and learn basic expressions. The phrase book even contains written and verbal examples of everyday conversations!

Other features include a currency converter, that gives updates on exchange rates for currencies such as USD and Won. For ambiguous words, there is a WSD (Word Sense Disambiguation) that provides images which give the word a clearer definition.

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Security Cards Widget

Apps To Download Before You Visit Seoul Security Cards Widget

It’s no secret that losing your passport or credit cards on vacation is everyone’s worst nightmare. Fear no more, because Security Cards Widget is an app that removes the need to carry cards in your wallet.

You can simply wire money with one touch and store an unlimited amount of cards. Each card that you store comes with a secure encryption and requires a passcode to unlock. In fact, users can lock the app itself to keep their information safe from prying eyes. If you aren’t comfortable with using a passcode, the app also offers fingerprint verification.

To make things even better, there’s no need to manually enter your card’s information. Users can take a picture of their cards and the app will automatically store the information.

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Note: Before downloading, the app requires a payment of 1.09 USD.

We hope these applications will make your trip to Seoul much more enjoyable! If there’s an app we missed, don’t be shy and leave a comment below.