10 English-Speaking Dentists in Seoul You Need to Know About

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No one likes going to the dentist — Much less when they’re overseas! There’s no need to put off your next checkup though as highly trained bilingual dentists abound in Seoul, many with qualifications and experience attained both abroad and in Korea.

Not to mention, for many expats, dental work in Seoul is actually cheaper than what they would expect to pay in their home countries. Check out our list of Western-trained and English speaking dentists in Seoul and put those pre-check up jitters at ease!

Dr. Amber Dental Clinic | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea dr. amber dental clinic

Dr. Amber is renowned for being the first and only Korean dentist to-date who has graduated from the UCLA School of Dentistry’s Postgraduate Residency Program in Esthetic Dentistry. Obtaining her undergraduate degree at Yonsei University, Dr. Amber previously worked in Beverly Hills where she worked with high profile celebrities prior to setting up her practice in Seoul.

She offers customized treatment plans to enhance natural beauty as well as to improve long-term oral health. For those looking for an exquisite smile and trouble-free oral health, drop by Dr. Amber’s Dental clinic!

Bright Dental Clinic | Yongsan-gu, Seoul
English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea bright dental clinic

Bright Dental Clinic boasts state of the art equipment and facilities to provide the best in aesthetics, implants, and reconstructive dentistry. The surgery’s head dentist, Dr. Wan Hoi Koo, prides himself on being a US trained and certified prosthodontist, the only dental specialty dedicated to aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry.

Out of approximately 150,000 dentists in the US, only 4000 – that’s just 2%, are qualified prosthodontists. While Dr Koo practices in Korea, he is part of that tiny number! In addition to offering standard dental care, Bright Dental Clinic is a member of Tricare and the International SOS Insurance Program.

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The Oaks Dental Clinic | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea the oaks dental office

Dr. Chul-Min Bae, the founder of The Oaks Dental Clinic, has studied at Seoul National as well as various institutions in Germany, Finland, and Hungary. The Oaks Dental Clinic specializes in using the most advanced technology and techniques to provide the most comfortable and quality dental experience around.

They also offer bilingual services as some of the most competent English speaking dentists in Seoul. Based on extensive clinical expertise, The Oaks Dental Clinic provides specialized medical care in the following procedures: Dental CAD-CAM, “Golden-Ratio” dental laminate, intensive dental microscope treatment, and One-Day cavity treatment.

WY Dental Clinic | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea wy dental clinic

WY Dental Clinic Seoul has served the expat community of Korea since 1997, offering state-of-the-art treatment with a full spectrum of dental care available to all ages. The clinic takes a holistic approach to oral care that emphasizes a balance between the importance of oral health as well as cosmetic appearance.

With over 20 years of experience in nearly all areas of dentistry, WY Dental Clinic stresses oral health maintenance through preventative treatment and support as part of their treatment programs. The dental team is bilingual with many team members having studied and worked in both the US and Korea.

IP & I Dental Clinic | Jongno-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea ip & i dental clinic

IP & I, or International Prosthodontics and Implant Dental Care, seeks to serve expats who are living and working in Korea. Dr. Sung-Ki Paik takes a therapeutic perspective when it comes to dental care and seeks to replace traditional methods of care and reconstruction.

By utilizing state of the art technology, IP & I has some of the most advanced dental treatment in the world. They aim for high tech functionality and artful aesthetics. Their computer-assisted design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) processes as well as the German CEREC system has helped IP & I achieve a reputation for innovation.

A team of the finest English speaking Dentists in Seoul, IP & I has a reputation for great dentistry with an international trademark.

ESarang Clinic | Mapo-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea esarang dental clinic

With an internationally trained staff, ESarang Dental Clinic takes you on the journey to achieve that perfect smile with comfort and ease. Using FDA or KFDA approved material for dental treatment, their no pain system will help you have a comfortable dental experience.

Dr. Seungzoon Lee has researched and studied at Harvard University and has also obtained a degree from Kyunghee University. Esarang Dental Clinic is Seoul City Government’s associate for foreign patients. They provide various services like general dental treatments, dental implants, tooth bleaching, aesthetic dentistry, jaw pain treatment, gum treatment, and general or specialized denture treatment.

Manhattan Dental | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

English speaking Dentists in Seoul, Korea manhattan dental

Founded by two dentists who graduated from New York University College of Dentistry, Manhattan Dental provides quality care for the expat community. Whether you’re looking for dentistry or orthodontics, Manhattan Dental provide both.

The team offers comprehensive dental services and cater to the whole expat community with the team collectively speaking English, Korean, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

Itaewon Global Dental Clinic | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

itaewon global dental clinic

Located conveniently just above the McDonalds in Itaewon, Itaewon Global Dental Clinic is committed to providing world-class dental care to international and Korean patients and their families. Global Dental is an all-digital office, using technology to streamline diagnosis, procedure and cost-effective solutions for their patient’s oral health.

With doctors hailing from Yonsei University, Columbia University, and NYU, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving top-class care with no language barrier. Global Dental is a preferred provider of the major insurance companies and is transparent about treatment costs and payment options. 

UPenn Barun Dental Clinic | Songpa-gu, Seoul

English-speaking Dentists of UPenn Barun Dental Clinic, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

Guess where Dr. Seung-woo Kim got his Doctors of Medicine in Dentistry (DMD). You got it. University of Pennsylvania! In addition to general dentistry, he is an expert Orthodontist, making this the perfect place to go for Invisalign, braces and other types of cosmetic dentistry.

If you have young ones, UPenn Barun also has a specialist in Pediatric Dentistry in Dr. Jin-seon Ahn, making this a terrific choice for the whole family.

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