10 Must-See Shocking Korean Museums!

Korean museums are full of beautiful artifacts that celebrate the long history of the country. But, every once and a while, you get sick of the palaces and markets, you want something off the beaten path, something quirky or strange. And we have rounded up a list just for you!

Holding wealth of both paper comics and supplies to create your own animation sets and films, this museum is a cartoon and comic enthusiast’s dream. Happen to not be artistically inclined in the slightest? (We feel your pain, bro!) You don’t need to worry! There is a theater for those who prefer to sit and admire the animation, as well as a hall full of statues of famous animated characters!

Image of the Seoul Animation Center and Cartoons Museum.

Question: What isn’t better with teddy bears? Answer: Nothing. And this lovely museum is a prime example of this brilliant logic. With adorable recreations of everything from the Last Supper to the Lunar Landing, there are hundreds of historical and artistic renderings, starring these stuffed creatures. Hey, maybe we will get into history, now…

Image of teddy bears from the Teddy Bear Museum.

Korea takes its food seriously. And why not, it is delicious! But, is it exhibition worthy? The people behind the Rice Cake Museum think that it is. Here you can learn about the history of Korean rice cakes or get yourself in on that action by making your own. We see a match made in heaven between the Rice Cake Museum and the Kimchikan Museum!

Image of a few artifacts from the Rice Cake Museum.

If you’re into spooky avian creatures then spend the day wandering among 2,000 owl themed artifacts because.. why not? This isn’t something most Korean museums offer.

Image of the Owl Arts and Crafts Museum.

For diligent students and mothers who wish for their children to be diligent students comes Korea’s textbook museum. The museum’s textbooks range in date from the 19th century to contemporary works of educational literature. If it can be found in a textbook, this museum has it. And with a printing press on site, the whole experience can be educational. Thanks mom, tired students collectively groan. 

Image of the inside of the Dokdo Museum.

In the category of Korean museums that most definitely do not upset the Japanese government, the Dokdo museum promises to inform you of the long-contested history of Dokdo Island via maps and historical proof. However, it is not all quiet pondering, there are also photo spots where you can pretend to be Godzilla attacking the island, you know, for fun.

Image inside the Dokdo Museum.

A museum is full of optical illusions and photo opportunities. It really does not get any better than this. Where else can you be eaten by a giant man with chopsticks? High energy and super fun, this ain’t one of your average Korean museums.

Image of a painting inside the Trick Eye Museum.

Inspired by the former mayor of Suwon and founder of the World Toilet Association, the Toilet Park and Museum based in Suwon is an ode to hygienic waste disposal everywhere. Housed in a toilet shape building and topped with a ring of flags from around the world, what better way to spend a day of site seeing than at this museum?

Image of the statues at the Toilet Park & Museum.

The cliff notes version of the legend of the penis park is that during a famine, the townspeople believed that if they were to erect penis-shaped statues, the fish would return to the shores. Fast forward to today, there are still a number of smiling penis structures decorating a hill in Haesindang.

The production has now expanded to a small museum commemorating genitalia-based art throughout Korean History. This is definitely one of the more interesting Korean museums the country has to offer.

Image of statues at the Penis Park and Museum.

Yep, it is exactly what you think it is. One of the most shocking Korean museums containing around 140 risque statues of couples and stand-alone statues of genitalia, vagina water installations, and penis-shaped drinking fountains, this museum is racy, to say the least. Our favorite part? The discount rates are for patrons over 65. We are going to let that one sink in…

Image of a big statue at Jeju Sex Museum. One of the 10 shocking Korean Museums.

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