5 MBA Programs in Korea for International Students

Graduate programs offered by Korean universities are gaining popularity among prospective students from all around the world. In recent years, Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs, in particular, have seen a huge spike in international student enrolment.

Not only do these MBA programs in Korea provide the skills and knowledge needed to do business in Asia and globally, but they also provide a great alternative for those burdened by the crippling costs of higher education in their home countries.

In no particular order, here is a list of MBA Programs you should consider if you are interested in pursuing a business degree program in Korea. No need to worry if you don’t speak Korean. These programs are all in English.

List of English-Taught MBA Programs in Korea

KAIST College of Business | Yuseong-gu, Daejeon


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KAIST is a university known for accepting only the best of the best into its ranks. So, it’s no surprise that this university aims to provide one of the top MBA programs in Korea. Regardless of actual annual ranking, the KAIST College of Business remains famous nationwide.  

When it comes to the KAIST College of Business, you can expect very rigorous studies and technology focused management training. For those who want to gain business knowledge to later pursue a career in science or IT industries, this university is a great option.

However, in light of the growing interest in various other industries, KAIST has begun to offer specialized MBA programs as well. Popular choices include the Information & Media MBA Program and the Social Entrepreneurship MBA Program.

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Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business | Jongno-gu, Seoul

Sungkyunkwan University Graduate School of Business (SKK GSB) launched its full-time MBA Program in 2004.  For the last 5 years, it has been ranked as the #1 MBA Program in Korea by The Financial Times. Likely thanks to its global recognition as one of the top business schools in Asia, Sungkyunkwan now hosts students and faculty members from over 57 countries.

SKK GSB offers three MBA Programs: Full-Time, Professional, and Executive.  For those looking for a part-time MBA program, SKK GSB is a perfect option. SKK GSB strongly values the importance of business management fundamentals. 

SKK GSB encourages students to build projects that can aid in the development of countries with weaker economies. Students at SKK GSB are also given the opportunity to study abroad for extended periods of time and, in some cases, earn dual degrees overseas.

Yonsei School of Business | Seodaemun-gu, Seoulh

The Yonsei School of Business has ranked #1 in Korea by The Economist for four consecutive years. It is also the 1st and only university in Korea to rank as one of the Global Top 100 MBA Programs in The Economist’s annual list. Yonsei aims to shape all its students into business leaders who can spearhead the future of management.

While Yonsei offers 4 MBA options, only the Global MBA Program is taught in English. The Global MBA Program is a highly selective program, letting in only 65 new students per year. This program is also intensive, lasting only 18 months. In these months, students are exposed to several case studies, be expected to give a large number of presentations, and have to complete several team projects.

What sets Yonsei apart from its counterparts is its selection of elective courses. Students can tailor their studies to match their specific interests and even focus on Asian Business models if they hope to pursue a career in Korea or other parts of Asia after graduating. Yonsei also provides students with one-on-one career coaching to prepare them for successful job placement upon graduation.

Seoul National University Graduate School of Business | Gwanak-gu, Seoul

Seoul National University (SNU), currently boasts the top spot among prestigious “SKY” universities in South Korea. Two of their three MBA Programs are offered in English: the Global MBA Program and the SNU MBA Program.

SNU GSB aims to save students both time and money by condensing a full-time MBA program into just 16 months. While studying at SNU, students have the opportunity to learn from guest professors from universities like MIT, Columbia, and NYU. Students in the Global MBA Program also have the option of earning a dual-degree in Management Studies from Duke University.

SNU is a university that focuses on strong management fundamentals. A degree from SNU is like a golden ticket here in Korea. With a hard-earned degree and assistance from career development resources at SNU, graduates often go on to work in top corporations in Korea and around the world.

Ewha School of Business | Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

There are very few schools in the world that dedicate their time to addressing business management from the female perspective. Ewha Womans University is known as the best International MBA Program for women in Asia. While the MBA Program is open to men and women alike, Ewha makes an effort to develop the next generation of women leaders.

There is one full-time MBA Program offered: the Ewha MBA. Both recent graduates and women out in the working world are encouraged to enroll. The Ewha MBA promises to boost their competitive edge in existing companies or their own startups.

Ewha values the balance of theory and practical experience in its curriculum: students receive lectures from corporate CEOs, participate in field studies, and also attend study trips throughout their program. 

MBA Programs in Korea dedicate themselves to helping students become well-rounded business professionals. Whether attending a university in Korea has been your dream for years or never crossed your mind until today, it’s an option worth considering. It might just be the competitive edge you need in pursuing your dream career. 

These universities offer some of the best MBA Programs in the country. But, they are just a few of many options you have in Korea. We hope this article starts you down the right path of researching all your options.

The deadline to apply for MBA programs in Korea are usually in March and September of every year, but be sure to check with each program, as dates might differ! 

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