How to Report a Taxi Driver in Seoul

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Sometimes taxi drivers can be unfriendly because of a language barrier or because they prefer the larger fares of longer distance trips. This can lead to dissatisfaction while traveling or in our everyday lives. Even if Seoul public transportation is very efficient, from time to time you will still need the convenience and speed of a taxi. We always hope that our experience with the taxi driver is a good one, but sometimes unpleasant ones can occur. Although many foreigners believe they receive bad treatment because they’re not seen as locals, Korean people also face these problems everyday. Because of this, a service was introduced to report any inconveniences regarding taxi drivers.

The Dasan Call Center (phone number: 120) is a service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Before the creation of this call center, people had no other choice than to go to City Hall or to call a number that would take a lot of time in order to report such cases. So the government created the 120 Dasan Call Center in order to resolve these problems. Seoul citizens can now contact this number regarding complaints, questions or suggestions.

dasan call center

For your convenience, the Dasan Call Center provides:

  • Voice Call Counselling
  • Text Message Counselling
  • Video Chat Counselling
  • Foreign Language Counselling
  • Social Media Counselling

These services can also be accessed through their “120” smartphone application.

dasan call center app

For more information about the 120 Dasan Call Center, please visit their website here!

In order to report a cab driver, contact the call center and provide:

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  • The license plate number of the vehicle
  • The date and time of the violation
  • The location of the violation

While reporting a cab driver because of a refusal is probably the most common report, you should know that you can report any unfriendly behavior, unfair fare collection, sharing taxi with another customer, refusal of credit card payment, ignoring the meter or smoking while driving.

After reporting any violations, the Dasan Call Center will transfer your report to the Traffic Administration Division or the Traffic Guidance Division of the ward office. They will then investigate the case and decide how to pursue. After the traffic deliberation process, administrative discipline measures are taken and the result is announced via SMS.

This service provides peace of mind to foreigners and Korean citizens alike.