How to Easily Make Reservations and Appointments

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Making reservations through phone calls has become a hassle in Seoul as ‘Naver Reservation’ took online booking experience in Korea to a whole new level. Naver, one of the largest search engines in South Korea, launched ‘Naver Reservation’ in 2015 and has been successfully expanding its service sphere ever since. Just last year, it was selected as the most popular service used within the website in the second half of 2017. For those who speak intermediate to advanced Korean, this service has just made making appointments easy. However, just in case you still have a bit of studying Korean to go, 10 Magazine has prepared a few keywords and a basic guide on how to use ‘Naver Reservation’ to make beauty appointments and restaurant reservations.

First, download Naver on your phone (iOS, Android) and follow the steps below.

Beauty Appointments

Keywords: 네일아트 for nail salons, 미용실 for hair salons, 마사지 for spa massage, 경락 for acupressure massage, 에스테틱 for skin and body clinics, 왁싱 for waxing shops

1. Type any keyword you want to search on the search bar. We will be making a 미용실 (hair salon) reservation in this demo.

TIP: “A picture is worth 1000 words.” If you don’t speak Korean, just bring a picture of the hairstyle you want to the salon. Most stylists will know exactly what to do and how to create the style on you.

2. Scroll down until you see ‘Places’ and you will see all of the hair salons in Seoul. You can sort the result by most relevant or by rating. If you want to search hair salons near your current location, click the ‘current location’ button.

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Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Desktop:Naver 2.PNG

3. After sorting, to view which of the hair salons can be booked through Naver, click ‘Naver Reservation’.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 3.PNG

4. Select the hair salon you would like to make a reservation at. Then, the information of the salon will be shown. Click ‘Naver Reservation’ to book an appointment.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 4.PNG

5. On the ‘Naver Reservation’ page, you will find a list of hairdressers. Select the one you would like to make an appointment with.

6. Then, select the date and time. You can only choose the ones colored green. 오전 means a.m. and 오후 means p.m.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 6.PNG

7. Scroll down to select the type of hair service.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 7.PNG

8. Then, you will see a summary of your reservation. Click ‘Next step’.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 8.PNG

9. Write your information and any requests you would like to make. It is required for you to agree to the terms and conditions.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 9.PNG

10. Scroll down to see the total amount you need to pay at the salon. Finally, click the ‘Request for Naver Reservation’ and voila!

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Naver 10.PNG

Restaurant Reservations

Keyword: 맛집 for famous restaurants and foodie spots, 술집 for lounges and bars.

1. Type the name of any district, neighborhood, city in Korea you would like to visit in Korean and add 맛집 or 술집 at the end. Ex) 이태원 맛집 (restaurants near Itaewon), 강남역 술집 (bars near Gangnam station)

2. Scroll down until you see ‘Places’. Sort the result on your preference. Click ‘Naver Reservation’ to view which restaurants can be booked through Naver.

3. Select the restaurant you would like to make a reservation at.

4. You will find the information of the restaurant. Click ‘Naver Reservation’.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Restaurant 3.PNG

5. If you scroll down, you can read the reviews and ratings  (they are in Korean). Click ‘Make reservation’.

6. Select the date and time and indicate the number of people you are making a reservation for.

7. Enter your information and any requests for the restaurant. It is required for you to agree to the terms and conditions.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Restaurant 6.PNG

8. A summary of your reservation will be displayed. Click ‘Request for Naver Reservation’ to finalize your booking.

Macintosh HD:Users:janetlee:Downloads:Restaurant 7.PNG

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