How to Use a Korean Laundry Machine

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine
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When you’re coming to South Korea to live for  the long run, knowing how to use a Korean laundry machine can be useful. Even if they are the same all around the world, it may be difficult for new expats to simply understand the menu of the machine or to know what kind of products to buy to be able to do a laundry. You can find two types of washing machines,  the top-loading machine 세탁기 (Setaggi) or the front-loading machine 드럼세탁기 (Deureomsetaggi).

Here at 10 Magazine, we created for you a guide on How to use a Korean Laundry Machine!

Laundry Detergent and Softener

Before we go in any further details about how to use the laundry machine, you need to know what to buy in order to do your laundry. You can find those products in every Supermarket or Convenient Stores.

빨래비누 (Ppallaebinu) Laundry soap (bar)

가루비누 (Galubinu) Detergent (powder soap)

액체세제 (Aegcheseje) Detergent (liquid soap)

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섬유유연제 (Seom-yuyuyeonje) Fabric softener

Laundry Detergent and Softener compartments

This part will depend on the model of your Laundry machine, but for models with a front-loading machine, you have a compartment at the top of the machine. And there is usually different compartments for the laundry detergent and softener. Just remember that the flower symbol is for the softener.

Laundry Machine Menu

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

Every model has his specific menu, but mainly you find the same modes. On the panel, you will find the temperature of the water, the spinning speed, optional options, steps of the cycle and the different modes of laundry.

전원 (jeon-won) Turn on/off

돈작 / 일시정지 (donjak / ilsijeongji) Start/Pause

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

Here is the panel that will indicate the remaining time and if the door is still locked or not. Under it here you can see that you can choose to reduce the time and to set a timer for your laundry.

시간단축 (sigandanchug) Time reduction

예약(yeyak) Timer

남은시간 (nam-eunsigan) Time remaining

시간 단축 (sigan danchug) Time reduction

버튼 잠김 (beoteun jamgim) Button locked

문 잠김 (mun jamgim) Door lock

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

Usually, besides the panel that indicates the remaining time, you will have another one that will indicate in which cycle you are!

예비세탁 (yebisetak) Preliminary washing

본세탁 (bonsetak) Main washing

헹굼 (heng-gum) Rinsing

탈수 (talsu) Spinning

배수안함 (baesuanham) Drainage

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

After turning on the machine, you will need to choose the what kind of laundry you want to do! Here is a list of modes that can appear on your washing machine.

급속웰빙 (geubsok-welbing) Rapid Laundry

울 (ul) Wool

손세탁 (sonsetak) Hand wash

란제리 (lanjeli) Lingerie

표준 (pyojun) Standard

절약삶음 (jeolyaksalmeum) Economical Washing

합섬 (habseom) Synthetic

헹굼 + 탈수 (heng-gum + talsu) Rinse + Spinning

배수 (baesu) Drainage

You can also find those modes:

이불 (ibul) Blankets/Bedding

침구류 (chimgulyu) Sheets/Linens

외투 (oetu) Overcoat

니트 (niteu) knitwear

After choosing the mode of laundry you will be able to customize it! On this model, you have different options for water temperatures. 

Here is some vocabulary:

세탁온도(setak ondo) Washing Temperature

냉수 (naengsu) Cold water

온수 (onsu)  Hot Water

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

After choosing the temperature of the water, you can also choose the spinning speed according to the clothes that you want to wash. For extra dry, choose 강 (gang) strong. For delicates, choose 약 (yak) weak.

탈수 (talsu) Spinning

강 (gang)  Strong

중 (jung) Medium

약 (yak) Weak

탈수안함 (talsuanham) No spin-dry

배수안함 (baesuanham) Drainage

How to use a Korean Laundry Machine

You may want to add an additional option to your laundry according to the mode that you chose.

추가선택 (chugaseontaek) Additional selection

예비세탁 (yebisetak) Pre-wash

헹굼추가 (heng-gumchuga) Additional Rinse

구김방지 (gugimbangji)  Anti-rub

Now just put your laundry, add the detergent and softener, and start the machine! Good luck!