10 Questions You’ll Probably Be Asked as a Foreigner in Korea

Whether you’re here studying, working, or traveling, chances are you’ll be grilled with these 10 questions at some point during your time in this country.

From Friends and Family Back Home

1. Are you going to North or South Korea?


2. Do You mean like Gangnam Style? (bonus points if they pronounce Gangnam wrong)

From Korean Friends

3. Have you gained/lost weight?


4. What’s your ideal type?

From Strangers

5. How do you speak Korean so well?! (Regardless of your Korean level)

6. Are you from America? (Ok not every foreigner gets this one, but those of us who do, get it A LOT.)


7. Are you a teacher?


8. Can we take a photo with you?

9. Is spicy okay?


10. Are you SURE spicy is okay?

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