Top 10 Hottest Korean Male Model Instagrams You NEED To Follow!

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Get ready for some serious eye candy as we present 10 Korean Male models private IG accounts, documenting their photo-shoots, backstage antics, celebrity friends, smoldering selfies and all the charming sexiness in-between.

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10. Do Sang Woo | 128K Followers

Height: 187cm
Born: December 25, 1987

9. Ahn BoHyun | 953K Followers

Height: 187cm
Born: May 16, 1988

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8. Kim KiBum | 209K Followers

Height: 187cm
Born: October 31, 1995

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7. HyeongSeop | 219K Followers

Height: 186cm
Born: September 16, 1991

That’s me

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6. Kim Won Joong | 339K Followers

Height: 189cm
Born: March 31, 1987

5. Sung Joon | 462K Followers

Height: 187cm
Born: July 10, 1990

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4. Hyung Seok | 546K Followers

Height: 172cm
Born: February 28, 1992

3. Joo WooJae | 772K Followers

Height: 188cm
Born: November 28, 1986

2. Jang KiYong | 1.4M Followers

Height: 187cm
Born: August 07, 1992

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SIEG Fahrenheit

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1. Lee Soo Hyuk | 1.8 Million Followers

Height: 184cm
Born: May 31, 1988