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Prepare for some fun and playful images as we present 10 Hottest Korean Female Model Instagram accounts, documenting their photo-shoots, behind-the-scenes fun, sexy selfies and everything in between.

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10. Hee Eun Lee | 300k Followers

9. Gabi Moon | 133K Followers

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8. Chaeeun Sarah Lee | 112K Followers

7. Banana | 243K Followers

6. Kang Ye-bin | 185K Followers

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5. Lee Ho-jung | 421K Followers

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4. Kim Jin-kyung | 489K Followers

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3. Soo Joo 514K Followers

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2. Irene Kim | 927K Followers

1. Lee Sung-kyung | 6.7 Million Followers

Height: 176cm
Born: August 10, 1990

#bibleefilm #paris

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