The Best Mexican Restaurants In Seoul

The Best Mexican Restaurants in Seoul

Looking for the best Mexican Restaurants in Seoul?

In the last few years, things have come a long way for Mexican food in Korea! Whether you’re a “ko-mex” convert or a strict purist, Seoul can now boast restaurants pandering to almost any Mexican craving you could imagine. With the help of our readers, we’ve compiled a list of the best Mexican restaurants in Seoul!

Masa Tacos | Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

Winner of our Best of Seoul 2018 poll is none other than Masa Tacos. Although their shop might be in the upscale district of Sinsa-dong, their tacos definitely remind us of those charming food trucks that park outside the beaches of California. For anyone wanting a taste of home, definitely check out Masa Tacos.

Their varied menu of tacos, burritos, quesadillas and nachos has attracted the attention of many Korean celebrities, as seen from their Instagram feed. Here’s to hoping Masa becomes a foreigner staple and a pioneer of foreign food spreading across Seoul!

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El Pino 323 | Gangnam

This fresh Mexican place is taking Seoul by storm. Easily a fan favorite, El Pino 323 is known for its dedication to authenticity down to the last spice. Chef D has brought the taste of his abuela’s kitchen right here to Seoul and guests are loving it.

Don’t be surprised to find a line of people waiting before they’ve even opened their doors. Meals here are filling and flavors are perfectly balanced. Adding to the experience, you’re in store for some classy plating, friendly staff, and relaxing mood music. And did we mention they have horchata?! 

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Coreanos Kitchen | Various Locations

If you like your Mexican mixed up with fusion flavors, Coreanos Kitchen is the Korean-tex-mex melting pot you’ve been looking for. Starting out as a humble food truck in Austin, Texas back in 2010, Coreanos Kitchen found fame in the US after they were awarded “One of America’s Best Food Trucks” by Fox News.

Since bringing their fusions tastes to Korea, the Coreanos name now boasts 3 stores with residencies in Itaewon, Gwanghwamun and Apgujeong Rodeo. They serve fan favorites like their award-winning “Three Wise Fries” (Fries topped with chicken, kalbi beef, pork, onions, and cilantro and served with three different hot sauces), and the “OG Burrito” (a kalbi beef burrito with cabbage slaw, onion, cilantro, caramelized kimchi, and sesame oil vinaigrette)

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Gusto Taco | Sangsu

Rated number #1 out of 122,700 restaurants in Seoul on Tripadvisor, Gusto Taco claims the website’s top spot for good reason. Describing itself as a restaurant that serves, “casual and handmade Mexican meals to budget-conscious consumers,” the restaurant’s flavors and portion sizes have everyone leaving full and satisfied.

Gusto Taco serves their meals with hand-pressed tortillas, made fresh daily. Try their mole enchiladas with a piña colada or corona, to feel like you’ve been whisked away to Mexico!

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Vatos | Itaewon

Hailed as the “heroes of ko-mex”, the guys behind Vatos, slang for “men” or “dudes”, are largely attributed with kicking off the trend in Korea. Anyone who’s familiar with the restaurant knows that the shared love of spicy and strong flavors makes this cross-cultural mash-up an unlikely match made in heaven.

The three Korean owners grew up in the US, where they were exposed to authentic Mexican flavors. Teamed with the traditional Korean food they grew up eating at home, a unique combination of Korean-Mexican fusion cuisine was born. Go pay Vatos a visit and dig into fusion favorites like the Kimchi Carnitas Fries, Kalbi Beef Tacos, and Spicy Chicken Quesadillas.

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Tomatillo | Itaewon

At TomaTillo, the menu is all about fresh flavors. When it comes to their standard Mexican lineup of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and tostadas, they really know what they’re doing. While the menu is simple, each item is tasty and beautifully plated.

The restaurant prides itself on its wide selection of craft beers and staff are ready to recommend the perfect pairing for your meal. Choose between generous helpings of fish, shrimp, and calamari, topped with salads and a solid lineup of sauces. The sangria is not to be missed!!!!!

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Taco Amigo | Itaewon, Garosugil

Taco Amigo has been cooking up authentic Mexican food for locals and visitors to Itaewon for over 10 years. Keeping to the classics, Taco Amigo serves their tacos al pastor, the traditional way.

Their menu covers hard-to-find, authentic dishes that are less commonly found in the establishments of their competitors. Here you’ll find hidden treasures like tamales, chilaquiles, Pollo con mole, and enchiladas Verdes.

The restaurant also boasts an extensive drink list with a range of fruity margaritas, sangrias and horchata cocktails made with fresh fruit and top-shelf tequila or rum. This is the perfect place for fun, authentic Mexican food that you can’t find anywhere else!

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  1. How can you have a best Mexican list and not have taqueria Stan or villa Guerrero on it?

    This list sucks. Most of these places are not very good.

  2. Why are 99% of the foreign restaurants in Korea in Itaweon. Is it illegal to have foreign food outside of Itaweon or something? I have lived 4 different countries in my life, and nowhere comes close to how bad the Korea is for food diversity. I do not know what is wrong with Koreans, that they never try anybody elses’ food, but always stick to the same 2 or 3 Korean dishes…do they never get bored eating the same thing everyday?

    1. Wow this is probably the first time I ever leave a comment on anything but you’re beyond ignorant. I don’t know nor care where you’re from or how long you’ve stayed in Korea, but I’m concerned about your lack of ability to perceive the culture (especially when you proudly proclaim that you’ve lived in different countries, which in this case only accentuate your ignorance). Beneath the surface (i.e., tourist-level), where all the magazine articles or google results you may have encountered, exist the diverse and omnipresent food scenes and their affection towards the culinary cultures, both domestic and international. I’m sure that if you actually tried to spend 10 minutes talking to a local who could’ve taken you off your Tripadvisor guide, you’d have a very different opinion. Plus, your comment is very judgmental and racist.

    2. Yes, I have also heard that you need special permit for opening a foreign food restaurant outside of Itaewon too. Furthermore, 2 or 3 dishes? I dont know what you are talking about but there is only one dish, the red cabbage, because we are all vegans.

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