11 English Speaking Hospitals and Clinics in South Korea

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For most people living in South Korea, a measly 3% of their monthly salary is deducted and allocated towards National Health Insurance, or NHI. What kind of service, care, and coverage can be expected in exchange for such a modest tax? A lot. Read more about it here. Those who are not covered by the NHI may instead be invested in International Health Insurance Options, we’ve also covered that topic extensively over here.

There are four different classifications of hospitals in Korea: clinic (개인병원, 의원),  hospital (병원), general hospital (종합병원), and tertiary hospital (대학병원). A tertiary care hospital (or university hospital) is a large facility equipped with a full complement of services and departments, typically housing the most experienced and widest range of specialist doctors.

Insurance coverage varies between hospitals, but most hospitals that offer international services are tertiary hospitals.

Many international facilities are offered in larger hospitals as they also cater to the growing number of medical tourists who come to Korea for the high surgical standards found at far cheaper rates than what many would expect at home.

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Hospitals and Clinics with International Services in Seoul

International Clinic | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

The International Clinic is staffed by doctors and nurses who are fluent in several languages (e.g. English, Korean, Chinese), and ready to serve the medical needs of foreigners in Korea. The center maintains an atmosphere of comfort and assurance, providing quality medical care and referrals to specialists throughout the hospital.

Yonsei Severance Hospital | South Korea

Yonsei Severance, with its large facilities and reputable name, has won for the best clinic/hospital in town. With state-of-the-art equipment and information systems that link all of their departments together, Yonsei Severance makes themselves an easy choice for foreigners in Korea. Yonsei Severance Hospital was voted Best Hospital in the 10 Magazine Best of Seoul 2018 competition.

Kangbuk Samsung Hospital | Jongno-gu, Seoul

Samsung Hospital Kangbuk opened its doors in Gyeonggyojang in 1968, seeking to improve public health through medical research and public health projects. Since then, the hospital has worked to create a healthy society without diseases for the past 40 years. Samsung Hospital provides the best health services with highly qualified staffs and modern technologies.

St. Mary’s Hospital Seoul | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

The International Health Care Center is staffed by doctors, nurses and coordinators who can communicate fluently in English, Russian, Japanese, French, Chinese and Korean. The staff is fully prepared to serve the medical needs of foreigners or oversea patients and provide them with all health information they need.

CHA Medical Centre | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

In order to globalize the medical services, the International Clinic provides the best quality health care to foreigners residing in and/or traveling through Korea. CHA Gangman Medical Center offer translations in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Mongolian, Indonesian, and much more in order to minimize communication barriers between patients and physicians.

Asan Medical Center | Songpa-gu, Seoul

The International Healthcare Center is a dedicated department for international patients in ASAN Medical Center. The staff puts patients’ comfort and welfare first.

Seoul National University Hospital | Jongo-gu, Seoul

The IHC works to help international patients with medical appointments, payments, examinations, and prescribed medications. They also offer a 24-hour emergency contact service in English to respond promptly to emergency situations. Languages supported at SNUH IHC include English, Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian and Russian.

Hospitals and Clinics with International Services Outside of Seoul

Ulsan University Hospital | Dong-gu, Ulsan

The International Clinic is designed to create a friendly atmosphere in which foreign citizens can utilize the hospital medical facility with ease and receive expedited medical treatment.

Donkang Medical Centre | Jung-gu, Ulsan

The hospital makes an effort to advance the hospital facilities and its services. Adopting high-tech equipment, securing outstanding medical staff and improving medical services the hospital aims to achieve its goal of becoming an advanced hospital.

Pusan National University Hospital | Seo-gu, Busan

The international Health Center of Pusan National University Hospital has been providing medical services since 2012 to local foreign residents and tourists.

The IHC provides convenient one-stop service including various services such as primary consultation, secondary consultation, regular check-up, special test request and vaccination.

Cheju Halla General Hospital | Cheju, Jeju-do

Cheju Halla hospital was founded and has been running with the aim of providing the best quality medical services and developing local health care under the precept of “Imyoung Amyoung” which means “treat patient’s life and health as our body“.

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