7 Unique Summer Desserts To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth


With heatwave alerts on the rise, stepping outside your house is probably the last thing you want to do. Still, you and your sweet tooth don’t want to miss out on these dessert finds. We sweets addicts have to admit that our sweet tooth never dies down, no matter the time of the year. So, next time you need to satisfy yours, don’t settle for the same old drinks and desserts you’ve had a thousand times. Try one of these interesting and delicious desserts that will help you get by this summer.

1. Tube Latte | Ferry Roasters, Itaewon

If you’ve been seeing this latte-dunked donut circulating around social media, you know you need to try it. Ferry Roasters, a donut shop located on Itaewon’s Gyungnidan-gil, is tiny, but always packed. They specialize in mini donuts (cinnamon sugar, basil parmesan, glazed) and a variety of specialty coffee drinks.

Their most popular drink, the tube latte, gives you the pleasure of biting into a chewy donut and sipping a cold latte all at once. How can you miss out on an experience like that? They are closed on Mondays, but any other day of the week stop by and get yourself a tube latte!

Price: 6,500
Social Media: Instagram

2. Devil Cone | Kumo Cheese, Hongdae

If you’ve walked through Hongdae in the past few weeks, you might have seen people excitedly holding a black ice cream cone. Kumo Cheese’s “Devil Cone” is made from chocolate, milk and …squid ink. In Korea, you can commonly see delicious bread and pasta made from squid ink, but you’ve probably never seen the ingredient in ice cream.

After being featured on SBS for selling 700 cones per day, Kumo Cheese’s signature Devil Cone has become insanely popular. It is rare to see a huge line of people outside of an ice cream shop, but if you see one in Hongdae, you’ll know you’ve found the place.

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Kumo Cheese specializes in cheesecake, but their new additions of the Devil Cone and Angel Cone (strawberry, milk, beet) are hot right now. Take a cone in hand and let the ice cream cool you off while walking through the hot streets of Hongdae. Just watch out for your lips and teeth turning black!

Price: 3,000

3. Peach Cheesecake & Apple Tiramisu | Dessert Lab, Hongdae

Just like the name suggests, Dessert Lab in Hongdae creatively experiments with dessert structures and flavors. While this lab pushes the limits with their beautiful designs, there is no need to worry. They are definitely safe to eat. Their most popular dessert, the peach cheesecake, doesn’t actually taste like a peach but is shaped like one. The design of these cakes is so carefully done that, at first glance, you won’t believe it’s not an actual peach. However, once you cut into it, the inside reveals a delicious berry cheesecake.

The apple tiramisu also features an intricately made apple on the top. But, just like the cheesecake, things are not as they appear. Inside the apple, you can find a flavorful tiramisu. If you and your friend are looking for a cute dessert cafe with light flavors to match the season, definitely check out Dessert Lab. They also have outdoor seating, which is perfect for enjoying a nice day and shooting artsy pictures.

Price: 9,500

4. Cronuts | Seoul Pastry, Hongdae

You’ve either tried cronuts and loved them, or have never had the opportunity and are missing out. While the cronut craze in the States has passed, Korea is just catching on. Located right behind the busy street of Hongdae is a tiny little bakery called Seoul Pastry that specializes in cronuts. Once you walk in and get a whiff of the buttery smell of their scrumptious cronuts and croissants, you’ll know what desserts are truly supposed to smell like.

At Seoul Pastry, you can try a variety of cronut flavors such as green tea, passion fruit, white grape, raspberry, strawberry, and so on. Even the original cronut is not one to miss out on. If you’re just looking to escape the heat with a simple dessert and an ice-cold coffee, come to Seoul Pastry for their delicious cronuts and pleasant atmosphere.

Price: 3,000~4,000
Social Media: Instagram

5. Green Tea Bingsoo | Cafe Honesta, Yeonnam-dong


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Bingsoo is a quintessential Korean summer dessert and Koreans love to come up with unique bingsoo ideas (like this bibimbap bingsoo). Cafe Honesta makes all their desserts with no flour, gluten, sugar, or artificial additives. Their bingsoo (green tea, coconut, or black sesame) are made with organic ingredients, unlike those you usually find at any chain. They even cook their own red bean and use coconut sugar which keeps flavors from being too sweet.

If you want to indulge in bingsoo, but don’t want to feel too guilty, try Cafe Honesta. They pile it up, so eating bingsoo here will also be a fun test of how neatly you can eat without spilling or making an icy mess all over yourself.

Price: 16,000
Social Media: Instagram

6. Tiramisu Latte | Thesis, Gangnam


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Have you ever had tiramisu in a latte? Just like the name says, a tiramisu + a latte is the ultimate dessert combination bringing you the best of both worlds. This specialty drink at Thesis is a thicker, creamier latte, with pieces of cream cheese and cocoa powder. If getting both a cake and a drink is too much for you, satisfy both cravings at once with this tiramisu latte.

Located within the busy restaurant area near Gangnam Station, Thesis is a perfect post-meal location. They also have amazing tiramisu (not in a latte) and other espresso beverages. Their interior is really well-designed too, so this cafe has everything you need for a good dessert break.

Price: 6,500

7. Handmade Tarts | TarrTarr, Hongdae, Yeouido, Songpa-gu

If you’ve been craving a bite of juicy, fresh fruits on top of a crispy, flaky crust, you’re probably looking for a tart. You can find the perfect tarts at TarrTarr. Freshly made every day, their tarts come in different shapes and flavors, more than 50 to be exact. All of the tarts are completely covered with fresh toppings. Not only are the fruit tarts nice to look at, they’re extremely juicy and refreshing.

If you’re not a fan of fruit, TarrTarr’s other options include Oreo tarts, cheese tarts, tiramisu tarts, pies, along with other cakes. TarrTarr has several locations around Korea and is known for its high quality, homemade products.

Price: 6,500
Social Media: Instagram

Whether you’re craving a pastry, cake, ice cream, or just some good old bingsoo, we’re sure you’ll find a spot on this list worth facing the heat. After all, even when the weather is hot and humid, nothing beats sitting inside a nice, cool cafe with a good dessert and a buddy to chat with.

Next time you go out with a friend, there’s no need to wander around and take the risk of walking into a random cafe. After going through this list, you know exactly where to go to satisfy your sweet tooth this summer!