6 Night Markets In Seoul You Should Stay Up For

Seoul isn’t normally known for big late open night markets, but there are some hidden gems scattered across the city.

People from all over the city can shop for creative products designed by young start-ups, food made by urban farmers, fashion shows, and b-boy performances.

The Mokdong Stadium Market, themed as a”leisure and sports market” will feature sales and repair of second-hand sports products as well as food vendors selling classic camping fare, entertainment, and board games.

Cheonggye Plaza’s Market will reflect seasonal changes with new themes month to month. Once kicked off, the markets are planned to remain open on Friday and Saturday night’s through to October. To see what else the city has to offer look at our list of night markets in Seoul below.

Night Markets In Seoul

1. Yeouido Night Market

Every Friday and Saturday night from 6 PM – 11 PM take your tastebuds and musical ears on a global excursion along the riverside! Located at Han Riverside Park, feast on delicious food cooked at the many food trucks and enjoy a live street show, whether traditional, modern, or impromptu music and dance! And of course, relax alongside the calming sounds of the Han River.

2. The DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) Night Market

From May to October, stop by the DDP on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6 PM – 11 PM. Popular among the younger crowd, visitors of this night market are bound to be entertained by the fashion shows, street concerts, and break dancing performances.

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3. Mоkdоng Stadium Night Mаrkеt

Beginning in July, Mokdong Stadium Night Market is attractive to the modern day camper. On Fridays and Saturdays from 6 PM – 11 PM  visitors can relax through the leisure activities, shop for the most up to date sports goods, and dine on delicious traditional camping foods.

Mоkdоng Stadium Night Mаrkеt

4. Cheonggye Night Mаrkеt

Held only for special occasions, the themes of this market change according to the upcoming holiday. First open in May with the theme of “Family Month,” Chunggye Night Market will open in July and September on selected dates.

Cheonggye Night Mаrkеt

5. Dongdaemun Yellow Tent Open Market

For late night shoppers, stop by the Dongdaemun Open Market starting at 10 PM. Rows and rows of yellow tents house clothes, leather goods, glasses, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

Dongdaemun Yellow Tent Open Market

6. Dongdaemun’s Late Night Snack Market

In the areas of Gwanghui Market and Jeil Pyeonghwa Market, you’re bound to smell the fryers and grills as street venders cook hamburgers, dumplings, tteokbokki, fish cakes, tteokgalbi, and more. Open until the early hours of the morning, friends can be found eating and enjoying soju together.

Dongdaemun’s Late Night Snack Market