10 Great English-Speaking Chiropractors In Korea (Seoul, Busan, Pyeongtaek)

english-speaking chiropractors in South Korea
English-speaking chiropractors in South Korea
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Korea’s chiropractors solve your back pain and posture problems

Are you in desperate need of an English-speaking chiropractor in Korea? Whether you are in pain or just looking for a check-up, don’t worry as you can get the same treatments and expertise as you use to get in your home country. Discover the best Korean English-speaking chiropractors you can find in Seoul, Busan, and all of South Korea.


Create Wellness Center | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

english speaking chiropractor korea seoul itaewon create wellness

Create Wellness Center is a holistic health clinic geared towards foreigners in the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul. Create Wellness Center has been serving the English-speaking community for almost 15 years. It offers treatments as well as workshops to continue to improve the health of the community. The staff is bilingual and most of the members were trained in English-speaking countries. All practitioners (excluding massage) offer a free consultation to determine the best course of treatment. You can check our Directory listing for more information.

Other specialties: Osteopathic, naturopathy, massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, pilates, yoga, nutrition, hormone balancing, insomnia and more.

Chiro-Pilates | Seocho-gu (Gangnam), Seoul

Dr. Andrew Park S.Woo is a graduate of the prestigious Royal Melbourne (RMIT) Chiropractic University. He is fluent in English and has been practicing as a chiropractor for many years in Seoul. Dr. Park treats his foreign and Korean patients in his office in Gangnam, Seoul. Dr. Park not only practices chiropractic, but he also gives international lectures for professionals on the IKB (Integrated Kinesio Balance) technique and others.

Chiro-Pilates offers a free consultation to all potential referrals and first visits. For more information, you can check our 10Mag Directory listing.

Other specialties: Kinesiology, Pilates, Aroma touch, Applied Osteopathy for children and teenagers, ART (Active Release) and others.

Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center | Yongsan-gu (Itaewon), Seoul

english speaking chiropractor korea seoul itaewon ideal wellness chiropractic center

Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center is led by Dr. William Choi, a bilingual chiropractor, and US-licensed doctor. Dr. William Choi is specialized in chiropractic, sports injury, scoliosis, and many other fields. He is also a professor at Hanseo University and a clinician at the Hanseo University Hospital. Ideal Wellness Chiropractic Center provides comprehensive, natural health care using chiropractic care, rolfing therapy, meridian massage, rehabilitation, and Schroth exercise for scoliosis.

To ensure better services, the staff attends continuing education courses, international seminars, and conferences, and is always open to innovative new treatments.

To get more information, check out our Directory.

Other specialties: AK (Applied Kinesiology), ART (Active Release Technique), Rolfing therapy, special care (pregnancy, baby, children, elderly,..). See more on their website.

New York Wholistic Care | Yongsan-gu (Itaewon), Seoul

english speaking chiropractor korea seoul itaewon new york wholistic care

New York Wholistic Care offers services that help re-energize the mind and body, correct the structural imbalance and achieve optimum health and body awareness.

Dr. Vincent Jong graduated from the New York Chiropractic College and worked for several years in New York. He is also a certified fitness trainer and thus has a multi-faceted approach to patient care. He integrates chiropractic care with individually custom-designed pilates, yoga, and soft tissue manipulation. Dr. Jong will thoroughly evaluate the current status of the client’s body to give the client a carefully created customized care plan.

New York Wholistic Care is completely furnished with state-of-the-art Pilates equipment. All staff is bilingual and internationally certified in their fields of expertise.

Check out more about this clinic on our Directory.

Other specialties: pilates, yoga, massage therapy, e-iridology.

English-speaking chiropractors are rare in Korea, so if you happen to live around Seoul, Busan, Pyeongtaek, Geoje or anywhere else, here are diverse locations where you can visit one:


Spine & Posture | Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si

english speaking chiropractor korea cheonan spine & posture

Spine & Posture is a chiropractic center in Cheonan, South Korea. They are offering chiropractic care, pilates, and other types of care to help patients in pain by correcting their body’s posture. Director of Spine & Posture, Dr. Sean Ahn graduated from the College of Chiropractic in Bridgeport, CT, and is a US licensed chiropractic doctor. He also studied Oriental Medicine, Pilates and is a professor at Sunmoon University Chiropractic School. Spine & Posture accepts USA Health Insurance (United Health Care, Aetna Medicare, BCBG, CIGNA, In-Network). Learn more about this clinic on our Directory.     

Other specialties: pilates.

Busan & Changwo

Dr. Choi’s Chiropractic World | Hewon-gu, Changwon

english speaking chiropractor korea busan dr. choi chiropractic world

Dr. Choi’s Chiropractic World is a clinic in Changwon city, near Busan. Dr. Choi is an experienced English-speaking chiropractor that studied in the US and is a US Michigan State Chiropractic Licensed doctor. He also wrote two books on chiropractic practice and was the President of the Korean Chiropractic Association for 8 years. Dr. Choi specializes in pregnancy conditions, misaligned vertebrae, severe spinal injuries, herniated disc, sports injuries, extremity problems, pinched nerves, and babies’ and children’s health.

Visit our Directory for more information on this clinic.

Other specialties: physiotherapy, diet therapy, clinical nutrition, etc.

Life Wellness Center | Haeundae-gu, Busan

english speaking chiropractor korea busan life wellness center dr. ryan lee

Life Wellness Center is a chiropractic practice run by Dr. Ryan S. Lee D.C., a US Board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic. Life Wellness Center provides chiropractic care to the foreigners leaving in Busan. Dr. Lee offers services such as adjustment, physiotherapy, exercise, posture analysis, pre-post natal care, etc. Dr. Lee also started offering a “Mobile Chiropractic Service” for people who cannot come to the center or live too far away. He can travel to Busan, Geoje, Ulsan, Jinhae and other areas.  You can learn more about Life Wellness Center by looking at our 10 Mag Directory.

Other specialties: orthopedic & neuro examinations, physiotherapy, myofascial release, ergonomics, posture analysis, exercise prescription,  health education, nutrition and etc.


365 Chiropratic | Sinjang-dong, Anjeong-ri, Pyeongtaek-si

english speaking chiropractor korea pyeongtaek 365 chiropractic

365 Chiropractic has 2 clinics, the Song Tan clinic near the Osan Air Force Base and the Anjeong-ri clinic in Paengseong-eup. 2 US licensed Doctors of Chiropractic, Dr. Daniel Han and Dr. Dennis Jang, are splitting their time between the 2 clinics. Dr. Han is a chiropractor but also has a Master’s in sports injury management, a certificate in physiotherapy, and is a certified athletic trainer. Dr. Dennis Jang used to work in Australia and Singapore and has a Bachelor in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Doctors at 365 Chiropractic will not only adjust you but will also help you maintain the balance in your body by nutrition, exercise, and the Graston technique. They offer 3 types of packages according to your need: initial care, rehabilitation care, and wellness care.

The first consultation is free and they offer discounts if buy a package.   

For more information on the Song Tan clinic, you can look at this Directory listing. To reach the Anjeong-ri clinic, follow through this link to our Directory.

Other specialties: Graston technique, nutritional supplements, sports injury, Child A.D.H.D. (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), stress relief, postural correction and more.

Create Wellness Center | Paengseong-eup (Anjeong-ri), Pyeongtaek-si

english speaking chiropractor korea pyeongtaek create wellness

Create Wellness Center has another branch in Paengseong-eup, Pyeongtaek-si. It offers the same services as the center in Itaewon listed above. The staff in the Pyeongtaek branch is fluent in English and is composed of 4 US-trained Chiropractors from the original Chiropractic University, Palmer University in the States. They also have a physiotherapist trained in Sweden, a US Naturopath, and massage therapists that are trained to work in conjunction with the other practitioners to provide a higher level of care for the patients.

Check out more on Create Wellness on our Directory.

Other specialties: Osteopathic, naturopathy, massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, pilates, yoga, nutrition, hormone balancing, insomnia and more.

If the pain is too intense, you might need to consider going to the hospital, so you can look through our article on 11 English-speaking Hospitals and Clinics in South Korea or our Directory listing for International Hospitals.