Weird, but Awesome Fast Food Creations in Korea

South Korea is one of the countries that will blow your mind in terms of creativity, especially when it comes to food! From Korean pizza to new flavors of chips, Korea never ceases to impress us. Creating bizarre yet awesome fast food menu options with unexpected flavour has become almost a trend. Some of them will have you thinking: “It’s just strange enough to work…”

At 10 Magazine, we collected some of the strangest menu options out in Korea now.

Mexicana – Cheetos Flavour Fried Chicken

Mexicana is one of the first-generation chicken eateries that opened 29 years ago. It has been one of the nation’s favorite chicken restaurants for the past 30 years. One of their new creations is the spicy “Cheetos Flavour Fried Chicken”. Cheetos is a cheese-flavored puffed cornmeal snack created in 1948 from the United States. It’s salty and cheesy, which makes us think this fried chicken is “just strange enough to work.” 

Burger King – Truffle Quattro Mushroom Steak Burger and Whopper

If you thought international franchises were safe, think again. Burger King also went to the drawing room and came out with the Truffle Quattro Mushroom Steak Burger and the Truffle Quattro Mushroom Whopper. The restaurant has experimented before with truffles, when releasing their truffle fries. That rich truffle cream has us considering stopping into a Burger King to try. 

Tomato Ice Cream

Convenience stores, stocked floor to ceiling with unique and bizzare Korean snacks, can be an all new world for foreigners. While in our home countries we use fruit for ice cream, typically one fruit is off limits: tomatoes. But leave it to Korea to march into the unknown and produce the tomato ice cream. 

KFC – Hawaiian Jinggeo Double Down Burger

This well-known American fast food chain has 170 restaurants opened in South Korea. Even though KFC’s specialty is fried chicken, the restaurant created a somewhat surprising new burger: the Hawaiian Jinggeo Double Down Burger! This burger combines salty and sweet flavors, with vinegar fried chicken and pineapple. Take a bite and close your eyes; imagine being taken away to Hawaii…

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Sulbing – 4Kcal Bingsu

One of the best Korean desserts to eat during summer is of course bingsu! This Korean shaved ice dessert has been around since the Joseon Dynasty, and since that time Korea has created different toppings and variations. Let’s be honest, bingsu is not a diet friendly desert. Sulbing, the leading bingsu franchise, revolutionized bingsu with the 4Kcal Bingsu! This peach flavored bingsu let’s you enjoy a sweet desert with someone special without the guilt of a full ice cream desert. Our waistlines thank you, Sulbing!

Sulbing – Cheese Bingsu

The 4Kcal Bingsu is not the only bizarre menu that Subling has released! The bingsu scientists at Sulbing created bingsu using cheese! Although reading it sound strange, the sweet cheese and fruits combinations are divine. If you ever get the chance, try the cheese and mango option!