19 Unique Beaches in Korea to Explore this Summer

It’s beach season in South Korea, and that means planning the perfect beach getaway! Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly beach or a peaceful escape, this is your go-to guide.

Here at 10 Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of 19 unique beaches in Korea! And remember, always put on sunscreen.

Beaches In Gangwon-do

Sokcho Beach | Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do


White sand and blue shallow waters are perfect for families with small children. For those who love the waves but not the sand, enjoy the surrounding pine forest, complete with campgrounds and a fresh stream at Sokcho, Korea.

Specialty: Hiker or not, you’ll love taking photos of Seorak Mountain. Check out Cheoksan Hot Springs and Yeongrangho lake nearby or walk along the boardwalk for many restaurants serving fresh sashimi.

Naksan Beach | Yangyang-gun, Gangwon-do


With shallow waters, white sand, and dense forests, this spot is great for families who want a clean beach with many facilities on-site: restrooms, showers, drinking fountains, and cooking areas.

Specialty: Naksansa Temple has a history of more than 1300 years. Built originally during the Silla Period (59 BC – 935 AD), the temple has a history and calming environment worth visiting.

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Gyeongpo Beach | Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do

gyeongpo beach
Photo by Irene Ahimah

Surrounded by Gyeongpo Lake and the ocean, Gyeongpo Beach provides tourists with fresh water and salt water playgrounds. Fishermen can enjoy ocean fishing while flower fanatics can view the surrounding pine forest and wild roses.

Specialty: Originally, the Annual Summer Beach Festival and other various cultural events take place here in late July every year but due to COVID-19, these events have been postponed indefinitely. Also, traditional Korean sculptures and a birdlife observatory are situated at the lake side of the beach.

Jeongdongjin Beach | Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do


At Jeongdongjin beach, you’ll find three major swimming spots around the beach: in front of Jeongdongjin Railway Station, at Moraeshigae Park, and at the Jeongdongjin Seawalls. The most popular spot is near the rail station because it is easily accessible and spacious. However, swimmers at Moraeshigae Park can enjoy swimming both day and night.

Specialty: Tourists arrive bright and early to Jeongdongjin Beach every day to watch the sunrise. Take the Jeongdongjin Sunrise Tourist Train or climb Mt. Goseong to catch a breathtaking view. 

Jumunjin Beach | Gangneung, Gangwon-do


With shallow, clear waters and soft sand, the Jumunjin Beach is ideal for anyone looking to lounge on the beach for an afternoon. Visitors can gather clams, fish in the nearby lake, or climb on Jumunjin’s natural rock playgrounds. Jumunjin Beach is peaceful and accessible.

Specialty: Stop by Mureung Valley and gaze upon Guryong Waterfalls, which consists of 9 waterfalls of various sizes. While you’re there, try to spot the legendary Adeulbawi Rock, also known as Son Rock because of legends that claim you’ll have a son if you pray to it. 

Beaches In Incheon

Eurwangni Beach | Jung-gu, Incheon

With a gentle slant and shallow waters, Eurwangni beach is great for those who want a quick, easy beach stop. Surrounded by local restaurants, follow up your afternoon at the beach with a delicious seafood dinner.

Specialty: Love astronomy? Eurwangni Beach is one of the only astronomical observation areas near Seoul. The Annual Sea Festival in August is also a great time to enjoy swimming in the ocean and observe wrestling matches on the beach.

Seonnyeo Rock Beach | Jung-gu, Incheon


Seonnyeo Rock Beach, also known as Fairy Rock Beach, is named after a rock on the shore that is shaped like a woman. After exploring the rock structures, why not hunt for crabs, shellfish, and other sea goodies on the shore?

Specialty: Less crowded than most other beaches in the summer, Seonnyeo Rock Beach is ideal for those looking to escape the summer crowds. Although this beach lacks sand, it is surely abundant in legends and beauty. Make sure to wear some proper shoes as the rocks can be slippery!

Beaches In Chungcheongnam-do

Daecheon Beach | Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do 


Known as the biggest beach on Korea’s west coast, Daecheon Beach is filled with tons of entertainment! Water activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, and banana boat riding are available. Visitors can also take a short cruise around the shore for a view of the white pebbles that line the ocean floor. Daecheon Beach is famous for its thick, mineral-rich mud. You’ll notice many visitors enjoying this therapeutic treatment, as the mud is said to improve the look of skin and possibly soothe skin disorders! 

Specialty: During the Annual Summer Boryeong Mud Festival, visitors can partake in a variety of mud activities. For the more adventurous folks, try the marine mud-training course or mudslide, while the spa-goers can enjoy the mud massage zone.   

Muchangpo Beach | Boryeong-si, Chungcheongnam-do 


One of the first man-made beaches on the Korean western coastline, Muchangpo Beach is roughly 1.5km by 50m. The shallow water stands at a lovely 22°C  (71.6°F) during the summers. Surrounded by a pine tree forest, this beach offers a relaxing, natural atmosphere to enjoy the waters and fresh scent of pine.

Specialty: Following the lunar calendar, on July 15 and July 30, witness the incredibly mysterious Sea-Parting phenomenon. Climb up to the Muchangopo Observation Tower and watch the sea part before your eyes!

Mallipo Beach | Taean-gun, Chungcheongnam-do 


Considered to be one of the Eight Scenic Views of Taean, Mallipo Beach offers beautiful sights for those looking for that picture-perfect landscape. This beach is part of Taean Coast National Marine Park and it is one of the Eight Scenic Views of Taean. From here, you can easily tour the seven other spots, which include Halmi-Harabi Rock, Anmyeon Pine Forest, Sindu Dune, Anheungseong Fortress and Gauido Island. Shallow waters and the wide landscape make this beach an ideal backdrop for your next family photo!

Specialty: Aside from the photographic landscape, a variety of fresh seafood such as gangemi muchim, grilled eel, and grilled king prawn is available along Mallipo Beach.

Beaches In Jeju-do

Hyeopjae Beach | Cheju, Jeju


Located at Hallim Park, Hyeopjae Beach has beautiful white sand and deep blue waters.  On top of everything else, this park is surrounded by an evergreen forest – providing visitors with a stunning view. Right next to the beach, you’ll find Biyangdo Island. Easily accessible facilities and on-site campgrounds make this beach a perfect weekend getaway spot.  

Specialty: Cool off by walking through the lava tubes: Hyeopjaegul Cave and Ssangyonggul Cave. Admire the unique structures while taking a break from the sun!

Jungmun Beach | Seogwipo, Jeju


The white sand of Jungmun Beach is mixed with different shades of black, grey, and red giving the beach a unique look. The turbulent water is ideal for water sports such as tubing, windsurfing, and water skiing. Located near many of Jeju’s famous museums, this beach is great for a quick stop during the day.

Specialty: Due to its unique location, Jungmun Beach is often the background of many TV commercials. During your visit, you may recognize Haesikgul Cave, a natural sea cave to the right of the beach, which has been featured in several films/dramas.

Yongmeori Beach | Seogwipo, Jeju


Yongmeori Beach is ideal for those who love taking a stroll on the beach. Get the perfect view of Jeju’s famous volcanic mountain, Mt. Sanbangsan, stretching across the island in the distance. Locals say that the mountain looks like a dragon’s head going underwater from Yongmeori Beach! Enjoy the natural rock skyscrapers, perfect for photos and picnics. 

Specialty: In addition to the beauty of the beach, try to spot a haenyeo (해녀), women sea divers, who often sell sea cucumbers here!

Beaches In Gyeongsangbuk-do

Guryongpo Beach | Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do


A popular destination all year round, Guryongpo Beach has warm winters and cool summers. During the summer months, enjoy the calm waters and relax on the shore, which is surrounded by forested mountains.

Specialty: At the heart of the district’s fishing industry, the well-developed Guryeong-po seaport sells deliciously fresh cuttlefish, mackerel pikes, mother crabs, and more. Nearby docked fishing boats create an ideal background to enjoy dining or watching the sunrise and sunset any time of the year.

Beaches In Ulsan

Jinha Beach | Ulju-gun, Ulsan


Said to be “a little slice of paradise,” Jinha Beach has soft, white sand with shallow, warm, and calm waters. Despite its large size (1km in length), the beach is known for its intimate atmosphere, which is created by the surrounding pine forest and the sea breeze.

Specialty: With free campgrounds and facilities, this beach is ideal for a relaxing weekend beach getaway.

Beaches In Jeollanam-do

Cheongsando Island | Wando County

beaches in korea cheongsando

Wando County is one of Korea’s popular vacation spots. With mountains to climb, islands to hop, and long sandy beaches to lounge on, it’s an ideal holiday destination. Cheongsando Island is also along the route of four walking courses available to hikers visiting the area.

Specialty: Selected as one of the must-visit tourism spots by Korea Tourism Organization and CNN, and designated as one of Asia’s slow cities in 2007, Cheongsando Island and its surrounding areas are considered to be the perfect place for a leisurely walk.

Myeongsasimni Beach | Wando, Jeolla-Do


“Myeongsa” refers to “soft sandy beach,” and this name holds true at Myeongsasimni Beach. One of the most luxurious beaches in Busan, the sand and shallow waters here are great for families and friends alike visiting the area.

Specialty: Bathing in the soft sand is believed to be effective in soothing neuralgia, arthritis, skin diseases, and athlete’s foot.

Beaches In Busan

Dadaepo Beach | Saha-gu, Busan


This beach is ideal for small children because of its shallow waters and spacious area. With many outdoor showers available to wash away the sand, feel free to let the little ones get a bit messy! Dadaepo Beach is also home tp the Dadaepo Sunset Fountain of Dreams, the world’s largest water fountain. Watch the fountain dance to music and lights, a show sure to entertain the whole family!

Specialty: From August 1 – 8 enjoy the Busan Sea Festival. Participate in cultural performances, musical performances, and more. As the festival takes place at multiple beaches around Busan, choose your location based on which events seem most enticing that evening!

Songdo Beach | Seo-gu, Busan

Warm, shallow waters make this beach perfect for swimmers of any level. Surrounded by pine tree forests, the scents of the ocean and fresh pine combine to create a calming aroma.

Specialty: Campgrounds available, free of charge! Simple changing rooms and shower facilities available for all visitors.

Are there any beaches in Korea we missed? Leave a comment below!