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Do you want more than just a place to stay? We do, too. For an all-inclusive experience, check out these picks for Korea’s 10 best resorts. Sports, sightseeing, spas, and more are rolled into one at these luxurious destinations.

1. Ananti Cove | Busan

Best Resort in Busan

If a true escape from the hassles of daily life is what you want to find, this is the place for you. It doesn’t get much more relaxing than this. No itinerary needed.

2. Alpensia Resort | Gangwon-do

Recreational Ski Resort

resorts in korea alpensia resort olympicsAlpensia is a recreational resort surrounded by the Baekdusan Mountain. Open all year round, people can relax and participate leisure activities while enjoying the natural scenery. The resort offers shopping and dining experiences as well as cultural and artistic events.

3. Konjiam Resort | Gyeonggi-do

Scenic Getaway

resorts in korea Konjiam resort and spaSurrounded by beautiful natural landscape, the Konjiam Resort is a renowned ski resort in Korea. The resort features 476 guest rooms and suites, along with spa treatments, botanical garden, a golf course, and ski slopes.

4. Hanwha Seorak Sorano Resort | Gangwon-do

Little Italy in South Korea

resorts in korea hanwha-resort-sorano koreaWith the stunning scenery of Mt. Seork and the East Sea, Hanwha Resort provides a the experience of regal antiquity. Inspired by a small village in Italy, the resort recreates the essence of a European holiday spot. Guests can enjoy leisure facilities such as the water park, film and drama locations, and golf courses.

5. Pine Ridge Resort & Villas | Gangwon-do

Best Resort for Golfers

resorts in korea pineridge resort spa koreaPine Ridge Resort is a resort dedicated to golfers. Built on a golf course, the resort offers exclusive facilities in natural environment to provide guests with the relaxing experience. Golfers can also enjoy the spa after their time here.

6. High1 and Kangwon Land | Gangwon-do

Casino in Gangwon Province

resorts in korea high1 skiLocated in Gangwon Province, High1 Resorts offers a variety of pleasurable pursuits. With golf courses, ski slopes, a casino, and hiking trails, the resort boasts a variety of activities. If you want to create new memories, then this is the place to go.

7. Banyan Tree Club & Spa | Seoul

Luxury Club and Spa

resorts in korea banyan tree resort and spaFor a more low-key stay, make the most out of your hotel room by relaxing in the tub or the relaxation pool that’s available in every room. If that’s not relaxing enough, head to the spa for one of their 100% chemical-free treatments. Banyantree is truly an escape from the city within the city.

8. El Dorado Resort | Jeollanam-do

European Beach Vacation in South Korea

resorts in korea jeolla beach resortIt’s easy to forget you’re not somewhere on the coast of Spain while staying here. Let yourself be transported by the atmosphere, sunshine, and seabreeze. Visit the nearby salt museum and salt farm observatory to experience a little something different. And hey, don’t be salty if you don’t get a room in time before it’s fully booked.

9. Jungmun Resort Complex | Jeju-do

Family-friendly Resort

resorts in korea best resorts in jeju, koreaThe array of activities they offer is perfect for everyone in the family to enjoy the stay here. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or want to unwind, you’ll be able to fulfill your desires with just a hop away.

10. Hilton Namhae Golf and Spa Resort | Namhae Island

Luxury Golf and Spa

ananti-cove-busan-exteriorHilton Namhae Golf and Resort Spa is perfect for couples or families with members who enjoy golfing and relaxing. The location is their main attraction with spacious rooms overlooking the beauty of the island. Home away from home, but better.

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