6 Ways to Enjoy Spring in Korea


Korea is known for its gorgeous springs. However, with frigid winters and stifling summers sandwiching this season, one might miss the opportunity to take advantage of the short-lived but beautiful springtime weather. That being said, there are several things that should be on one’s bucket list after the cold leaves and before the heat waves of summer come rolling in.

Cherry Blossoms

With spring comes the beautiful flowers and plants that finally come to light after a cold winter. During this time, Seoul and other cities come with the most delicate and elegant cherry blossoms.

Some of the most famous locations to see these gorgeous buds are at Yeouido and at Jamsil, which host annual cherry blossom festivals. Because the life-span of these flowers are quite short, it’s best to visit these locations as soon as the trees go into full bloom.

Biking along the Han River

If winter is far too cold and summer is way too hot for biking outside, spring is the perfect time to go for a ride along the Han River. The course runs from Nanji Hangang Park all the way to Gwangnaru Hangang Park and there are five stops along the way where one can rent or drop off a bike.

For 3,000 won an hour or 15,000 won for a day, biking along the Han provides the perfect outdoor activity in the springtime.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

For an educational and immersive experience on an important part Korea’s history, Gyeongbokgung Palace is the perfect place to visit in the spring. During the day, one can visit to view the intricate details of the remains of the palace. Entrance for the general public is 3,000 won.

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Everland Rose Garden

Known for its thrilling and exciting rides, Everland also is home to a beautiful rose garden that comes to life with color during the spring and summer seasons. During the daytime, the vibrant colors of the flowers make for a picturesque and elegant visit while at nighttime, the garden makes perfect for a romantic and memorable evening date with its with intricate and romantic lights.

Along with the rows and rows of roses, the garden also comes with impressive fountains and various works of art including sculptures and paintings. The garden’s adjacent placement next to the amusement park makes the far trip out to YongIn even more worthwhile.

Reliving the Nation’s Favorite K-Dramas

K-dramas have been a large part of Korea’s entertainment business as well as the Hallyu Wave. Some of the most popular K-dramas over the past few years include Boys Over Flowers, You Who Came From the Stars, City Hunter, and Reply 1997/Reply 1994. 

The unfortunate truth about any television series is that once it ends, there’s nothing more you can do except to watch re-runs of the episodes. However, this spring, visiting filming sites of your favorite K-dramas could be a way to cure that post-drama depression as well as enjoy the spring weather.

One could visit Jayu Park, located in Incheon. This park is from Goblin and includes gorgeous views of Incheon’s coast and its surrounding mountains.
Another possible location is Taebaek Coal Museum located in Gangwon-do. This coal mind was a central filming location in Descendants of the Sun as a military base.

Bungee Jumping in Bundang

For those with a penchant for adventure, bungee jumping could be a fail proof way to make that adrenaline run through your body. Yuldong Park in Bundang includes a 45 meter jump above a water reservoir. To get to the bungee jump, one must take a scenic walk through the park, adding to the anticipation and excitement for the 13-story free fall.

Apart from the bungee jumping facilities, the park also provides artificial rock-climbing, and has several cafés located all over, allowing for a peaceful cup of coffee or tea in the middle of a beautiful outdoor park.

The 45 meter bungee jump is located right in the middle of Yuldong Park in Bundang.

There are countless other activities that one could do to enjoy the beautiful weather in the upcoming few months such as food tours and hiking up Korea’s many nature trails. Hopefully everybody finds a way to take advantage of the short but sweet upcoming spring season.