7 of Seoul’s Most Instagram Worthy Staircases

No trip to Seoul is complete without adding a few jaw-dropping photos to your Instagram feed. South Korea is a hub of innovative design and architecture, and this is reflected in some of Seoul’s visually striking staircases. If you want to jazz up your Instagram feed with some of Seoul’s best design gems- here are 7 of Seoul’s most Instagram-worthy staircases.

Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art | Yongsan

Leeum museum caters to the lovers of both modern and traditional art. Leeum offers a quiet afternoon away from the often hectic pace of Seoul.

While the museum does not allow photography inside the exhibits, the winding staircase in Museum 1 and an otherworldly neon staircase in Museum 2 make for vibrant additions to your Instagram feed.

Canonplex Gallery | Apgujeong

This gallery is tucked away in the Apgujeong district, and boasts a striking timber and white staircase. Take a few photos to impress your friends – and then explore Apgujeong for some shopping and food afterwards.


Book Park in Blue Square | Itaewon

A stone’s throw away from central Itaewon, Blue Square is a performance theatre that also showcases a magnificent staircase. Surrounded by towering bookshelves and tall windows, it’s the ideal place for any book lover to gather their thoughts and take an inspiring photo.

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Sulwhasoo Flagship Store | Gangnam

Cross the river and stop by the six storey Sulwhasoo flagship store located in Sinsa Gangnam. The store’s interior is as beautiful as its exterior, featuring delicately structured brass architecture and a rooftop terrace.

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Samcheongdong | Jongno

This charming and traditional Seoul neighborhood is a must visit. Scattered with beautiful Hanok buildings and trendy cafes and galleries, pick a stairway and enjoy a view of the Hanok rooftops. Rent a hanbok for the day, peruse through the shops, and take as many photos as your heart desires.


Koi Staircase | Ihwa Mural Village

After a fun and unique experience? Look no further than the Koi stairs in Ihwa Mural village. This small village showcases the best of Seoul’s street art. Spend the day wandering around the streets of Ihwa, grab some jjimdak for lunch and take as many photos as your heart desires.


Dongdaemun Design Plaza | Dongdaemun

Designed by prominent female architect Zara Hadid, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza is a celebration of Seoul’s entry into modernity. This sleek cultural playground is the perfect place to snap a photo (or ten!).



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