Easy Ways To Find Internships in Seoul For Foreigners

internships in Korea
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Searching for internships in Seoul can seem like a daunting task, but the Korean Government, private organizations, and several universities have fortunately made it easy to search and apply for internships in the capital city. Below is a list of non-paid and paid internships that are available in Seoul for foreigners.

Organizations | Government Internship Programs in Seoul

10 Magazine

10 Magazine

Whether you’re looking to get some experience while abroad or want something productive to do during summer break, consider interning with 10 Magazine. 10 Magazine offers an opportunity to gain experience across all platforms of journalism whilst sculpting your skills for an increasingly digital marketplace in areas such as content creation, search engine optimization, and social media management — all necessary additions to your toolbox of talent in today’s media landscape!

* 10 Magazine only offers unpaid internships.

Internship Application Guide

As a magazine known for sharing knowledge about all things Korea, 10 Magazine prefers applicants who have stayed at least six months in Korea. Bilingual applicants are encouraged to apply, as well as amazing English writers with little Korean skills. As an equal opportunity employer, 10 Magazine encourages people of all genders, ages, races, cultural backgrounds, and sexual orientations to apply.

To apply, please send your resume or portfolio to me@10mag.com

Seoul Metropolitan Government

internships in seoul

The Seoul Metropolitan Government recruits international students for the Seoul Metropolitan Government Global Internship program during the winter and summer vacation yearly. Foreign undergraduate and graduate full-time or exchange students in universities located in Seoul are given the chance to apply for an internship at both private enterprises and public divisions or departments to perform various tasks. 

Digital Marketing Agency

Training support, including stipends for transportation, food, etc., are provided to participants at the end of their internship period. If you are interested in paid internships for international students, this is an opportunity you cannot miss, but bear in mind that it is extremely competitive.

Internship Application Guide

Application forms can be downloaded on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website and should be submitted along with a copy of your alien registration card, certificate of enrollment, academic transcript from current university, and TOPIK score.

After the document screening process, qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview and a final announcement will be sent to finalists via text message or email.

For more information on requirements, visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government website.

The Asia Foundation

The Asia Foundation in Korea offers internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate foreign students to help conduct research, assist in event planning and organization, assist with reports, and others. Internships can be done on a full time basis for two or six months with an allowance provided for lunch and transportation. A certificate of completion is also provided to participants, so you can either take it for credits or to boost your CV.

Internship Application Guide

Application date varies so make sure to frequently check the Asia Foundation website to not miss out. Applicants will go through a document screening process and an interview before the finalists are announced.

University Internship Programs in Seoul

Students can find information about internships in Seoul or anywhere in Korea on their respective university or department websites. Make sure to check frequently or contact your department office for assistance. 

Yonsei University

Yonsei GSIS Career announces internship opportunities in South Korea and overseas on their Facebook page and website. However, applications for these opportunities can be accessed by only students who attend Yonsei University. Not only internship opportunities are announced but full-time job opportunities and job fairs are also announced to help international students get access to the Korean job market and build on their career.

Yonsei International Summer School(YISS) also offers the Korea Summer internship program exclusively for YISS students. Through this program, students can get the opportunity to intern with various companies in Seoul, research centers or organizations at Yonsei University.

For more information, visit the Yonsei University website or send an email to career@yonsei.ac.kr

Websites for Internships in Seoul

Seoul Global Center

seoul global center

The Seoul Global Center posts internship opportunities as well as part- and full-time job opportunities on their business & jobs board for both students and foreign residents in Korea. They also have a volunteering program where applicants can register on their website and have the chance to assist in the events they host and other programs targeted towards foreigners living in Seoul. 

For more information on volunteering opportunities, see our article on 9 volunteer opportunities for foreigners in Seoul.

Internship Application Guide

Depending on the listing, requirements and application procedures can differ. Job listings usually include a detailed job description with contact information for easy access if you have inquiries.

Volunteer applications can also be filled out on the Seoul Global Center website



Since LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service, you can easily search their job board for several internship opportunities in South Korea and overseas. With a LinkedIn account, you can browse through both paid and unpaid internships in Seoul by various public and private organizations.

Depending on the job listing, you can apply directly through LinkedIn or through the contact information stated in the job description.

Below is a list of more websites for internships in Seoul:


Seoul Professionals


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