22 Best Craigslist Seoul Alternatives | A Complete Guide

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Looking for a job, an apartment, services, and more in Seoul? We have put together a list of alternative websites to Craigslist Seoul to help make living in Korea easier.

List of Craigslist Seoul Alternatives To Find Jobs in Korea

Teaching Jobs in Seoul

English teaching is one of the most popular jobs for native English speakers in South Korea. Below is a list of craigslist Seoul alternative websites to use when searching for an English teaching job in Seoul or anywhere in Korea.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Dave's ESL cafe

When searching for an English teaching job, Dave’s ESL Cafe is a great place to start. The site has a job board where recruiters and schools advertise jobs and you can also upload your resume to be discovered and recruited. In addition, there is an online forum where you can ask for advice if you have any questions or concerns and a learning board to obtain teaching materials.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives EPIK

English Program in Korea (EPIK) features English teaching opportunities in Korean public schools. You can apply through the EPIK office in Korea by submitting an application online, through an official MOU/MOA organization, or by using a recruiter.

For more information on the application process and what to expect when teaching English in Korea, check out our article on Teaching English in South Korea: Public vs Private School English Teachers.

Non-Teaching Jobs in Seoul

For both native and non-native English speakers, below is a list of craigslist Seoul alternative websites to find non-teaching jobs in Korea. For more information on the types of non-teaching jobs in Korea, visit our article on 5 non-teaching jobs in Korea for foreigners.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Seoul Global Center

The Seoul Global Center posts part-time and full-time jobs as well as internship opportunities on their business & jobs board for foreign residents in Korea. Depending on the job, requirements and application procedures will differ. Listings will usually include a detailed job description along with contact information for easy access if you have any inquiries.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is an employment-oriented service, you can easily search their job board for job opportunities in South Korea and elsewhere abroad. With a LinkedIn account, you can browse jobs offered by various public and private organizations.

Depending on the listing, you can either apply directly through LinkedIn or via the contact information stated in the job description.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Korea Glassdoor

Glassdoor is a job and recruiting website that helps both recruiters and job seekers by providing valuable insight, such as salary information, interview questions, and reviews. You can search and apply for various part-time or full-time positions that are posted on its job board.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Korea JobKorea

JobKorea is one of the most popular employment sites in South Korea. With an average of over 10,000 job openings daily, JobKorea not only provides job opportunities in Korea, but also seeks to provide opportunities for global employment through the global online recruiting site Monster Worldwide. Job Korea is mostly in Korean, although some recruiters post job descriptions in English, but you can find more English listings on Monster Worldwide.

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Korea Saramin

Saramin (사람인) is one of the largest recruitment websites in South Korea. You can explore job opportunities from major Korean companies, including, Samsung, Coupang, Hyundai, SK Telecom, etc. However, most of the listings are in Korean, so you might need help from a native speaker when searching and applying for a job.

Facebook Groups for Finding Jobs in Seoul

With 23.1K  members, Teaching JOBS Korea was created for anyone seeking or providing new job opportunities in Korea.

Jobs in (and near) Seoul, Korea: Teaching and Non-Teaching Jobs is a private group with 15.1K members. You can explore the latest full-time or part-time teaching and non-teaching jobs in Korea.

Jobseekers in Korea (KINSA Jobs)

KINSA is a non-profit organization for international students living in Korea with the goal of setting the stage for exchanges between Koreans and international students and promoting Korean culture. They have about 8.2K members and promote events and job opportunities for international students all around South Korea.

List of Craigslist Seoul Alternatives For Shopping in Seoul

Online Platforms for Buying or Selling in Seoul

Craigslist Seoul Alternatives Korea Karrot

Karrot Market is a free online marketing platform for local buying and selling. Users can buy or sell electronics, furniture, baby products, home appliances, sports equipment, clothing, cosmetics, books, etc. You can also find numerous items listed for FREE!

Download the Karrot app on Google Play or the Apple Store.

Joonggonara is one of the largest online communities on Naver Cafe to buy or sell used products. With over 21.3 million users, its products range from beauty, home appliances, furniture, and electronics. Joonggonara is a trust-based private marketplace that verifies the identities of sellers and that they do not conduct fraudulent transactions.

You can download the Joonggonara app on Google Play or the Apple store

For more information on how to create a Naver account and use it for Joonggonara, see our article ”How to create a Naver Account and Ways to Use It”.

Facebook Groups for Buying or Selling

With about 51K members, Seoul Buy & Sell is a budget-friendly group for foreigners living in or traveling through Korea. This is one of the largest Facebook groups of its type where one can find used and new products, including furniture, clothing, electronics, home appliances, cosmetics, and many others that you can also put up for sale. 

Buy and Sell in Seoul has about 28K members and provides space to advertise your products for free. You can also buy used and new items without restrictions. 

With about 3.7K members, Seoul Bike Buy n Sell is a public group that is specifically for bicycle related items. If you are looking for a new or used bike and parts, this is the place for you.

For more information on online platforms to shop in Korea, see our article on English websites for online shopping in Korea.

Facebook Groups for Free Things and Exchange in Seoul

Really Really Free Things in Korea is a private group with 12K members. The group is not for buying or selling but is instead meant for items to be given away at no cost. You can also request items, but only on Fridays, by leaving comments left on posts to arrange for pickup. The reselling of items is strictly prohibited and can lead one to be removed from the group.

With 4.1K members, Free Things and Giveaway Korea is also not for buying or selling but instead caters to unneeded items intended for giveaway anywhere in Korea. You can request items on Fridays or comment on posts made by others to arrange for pickup. Reselling is discouraged, but not prohibited. As for reselling, permission must be sought from the original owner.

List of Craigslist Seoul Alternatives To Find Apartments in Seoul

Online Platforms for Finding Apartments in Seoul

Dabang is a popular online platform to search for apartments in Seoul. You can browse numerous options, compare prices, and contact realtors when you find something attractive. If your choice is unavailable, realtors can help you find an alternative. 

Note that this app is in Korean and not all realtors will speak English, so you may need a native speaker’s help. Nonetheless, this site is easy to navigate and a good option to familiarize yourself with local housing prices.

You can download the Dabang app on Google Play store or Apple store.

Zigbang is another popular platform to search for apartments, officetels, office spaces, one-room studio apartments, etc. Like Dabang, Zigbang is easy to navigate, but the site is also entirely in Korean, so you might need assistance if you are not fluent in Korean.

You can download the zigbang app on Google Play or the Apple store.

Facebook Groups for Finding Apartments in Seoul

This Facebook group has 23K members who share information on finding apartments in Seoul.

Seoul Housing is a public group for finding accommodations with about 15K members providing offers on shared housing, studio apartments, lofts, etc.

With about 4.3K members, this is a public group for finding apartments, shared housing, and other accommodations in Seoul. You can also post ads if you want to sell your space.

For more information on housing in Korea, check out 3 Things to Keep in Mind When Renting an Apartment in Korea and On Finding Home in Korea.

List of Craigslist Seoul Alternatives For The Online Community

Online communities are great platforms to seek support and exchanges and to connect with other expats in Seoul. To find online communities in Korea, check out our article on the top online communities for expats in Korea

Do you have more recommendations for our craigslist Seoul alternative list? Leave a comment below!