Work on your language skills with Korean Drama!

Whether you’re looking to improve your Korean language skills or just see what all the buzz is about, K-dramas and movies are a great, albeit addictive way, to immerse yourself in all things Korean! For those of us who haven’t mastered the language yet, here’s a quick review on the best places to find your Korean dramas online with English subtitles.

US Residents



how to watch korean dramas in english

For the US residents or those with access to a US server or someone who knows how to use a VPN, Dramafever is a popular choice. With quick updates and rarely more than a 24 hour delay from an episode airs till its upload, fully subtitled, it is certainly good enough for most users. The episodes are HD, the design and layout is easy to navigate. It also has a “recommended” section, similar to Netflix which is based off the shows you’ve already shown interest in.

Its only negative point might be the archives. Unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, navigating the archives might prove confusing task.


Netlifx recently launched in Korea, and offers K-dramas and movies with English subtitles. Unfortunately many of the highly rated or newer shows are still pending when it comes language assistance, so for now you’ll have to make do with slightly older classics.


how to watch korean drama in english

Dramafire is my personal go-to when catching up on my favorite shows. Much like Dramafever, the simple design is easy to navigate, and the archives are organized and continuously updated. This is nothing more than a website to stream videos. The videos are full length, HD episodes, and provide more than one alternative to each episode, in case one link should work.


how to watch korean dramas in english

Viki is another popular choice for many international drama followers. While it earns its revenue using adds which pop up during the video, it is more versatile and allows users to comment in the videos, adding another level of entertainment. Another plus point to Viki is the fact that they pay for their licenses, which may lessen the guilt of not adding to ratings and sales of dramas as they air. However, Viki also have limitations on certain shows, which are not available in some regions.


Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 12.06.34

A new and upcoming option is Dramacool. A stylish design gives a welcoming look to this website. It is easy to use and is quickly gaining followers. With a few dead links, an overall excellent option for your everyday drama needs.

Thank you Rashawn Snow for the tips on Viki and Dramacool.

When All Else Fails


how to watch korean dramas in english

Mysoju was my first online streaming website for Korean dramas. But in the years since, it has fallen to over commercialization, and other streaming websites have surpassed it. Because Mysoju is not in control of its own content, but embeds videos from other streaming sites, problems arise when these videos are deleted. In addition, some are only available for streaming in the US. None the less, when all else fails, Mysoju sometimes comes in handy.

If all of the above fail, here are some other alternatives:

Han Cinema

how to watch korean drama in english

Watch Korean dramas with english subtitles

Good Drama

how to watch korean drama in english

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