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Warmer weather calls for the tastiest of spring treats, and Koreans know how to do desserts properly. These Korean street desserts have just enough sweetness to make mouths water. From ice cream to salty there’s a bit of everything for everyone.

Chapssaltteok | Gangnam

This Korean dessert is perfect for Spring. It’s light, chewy and available in white, green and pink. Chapssalttoek is filled with red bean paste, and the Korean version of mochi.

Bungeo-ppang |Hongdae

There are many variations of Bungeoppang. The traditional version is widely popular in the winter. During the summer, you can it filled with ice cream making it a true delicacy for those dog days.

Ice cream filled bungeoppang are yummy and will make all of your followers envious on Instagram.

Walnut Cakes | Myeongdong

Red beans is a common theme when it comes to Korean desserts, but each dessert reinvents red bean flavors. Walnut cakes are no exception. The dough is made of pounded walnuts and wheat flour.

Ice Cream Filled Waffle | Itaewon

Ice Cream waffles are a favorite in the West and in Korea. Fresh waffles are topped with three scoops of one’s favorite ice cream flavor and served within minutes.  Vendors across Seoul sell them, but Itaewon is the best place to go.

They are the perfect combination of sweet and savory. Head out to a local vendor and beat the heat with an ice cream filled waffle.

Cotton Candy | Hyewha

What would Summer be without Cotton candy? Not truly Summer. Cotton candy is a summer favorite, and Koreans know how to do it right. Vendors form the clouds so big, you won’t be able to see around it. You can even get cotton candy in various animal shapes!

Unlike American cotton candy, Korean cotton candy won’t leave you with a cavity after two bites.

Sugar Lollipops | Myeongdong

This street dessert is a league of its own. It is made by adding baking soda to melted sugar. Then, it is pressed into different shaped while it cooks.

This dessert is also vegetarian-friendly, so everyone can enjoy!

Sweet Bread | Myeongdong

Sweet bread can be found at vendors all across Korea. They come in various shapes and can be filled with creams, red bean paste, or plain.

Caramelized Sweet Potatoes | Hyehwa

The only thing better than sweet potatoes is caramelized sweet potatoes. Vendors fry up cut and fry sweet potatoes, and then coat them generously with a caramel sauce.

You can also make them at home if you are feeling adventurous.

Potato Tornado | Myeongdong

Potato Tornadoes are the perfect contrast to all of the summer sweets. Not everyone has a sweet tooth. This street snack is every chip lovers dream. After carefully inserting a skewer into a potato, the vendor then precisely cuts the potato in opposite directions. Then, it is fanned down the skewer making an even spiral. The potato is placed in hot grease for minutes and then served to awaiting customers.

They are a fantastic greasy snack!

These Korean street desserts and snacks are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a plethora of sweet street foods to try this upcoming summer, so get ready for an epic summer filled with Korea’s best street desserts!


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