20 Great Spots Around Seoul for Date Inspiration

Seoul is the City of Love; there are couples everywhere. That is why there are so many cute shops and places catered for couples to go on dates in and within close proximity to Seoul. Scroll down to learn about the top 20 spots (in no specific order) for date night inspiration.

1. Yeouido Hangang Park

This large recreational area is situated in the central part of Seoul, which offers various activities to keep you occupied for the entire day. Yeouido Hangang Park can be easily accessed through Subway Line 5: Yeouinaru Station (여의나루역) Exit 2.

Bike Riding: During the afternoon, you can take your date to Yeouido Hangang Park and bike along the Han River. The park offers large cycling trails, great scenic views, and cheap bike rentals that are opened all year round. 

Price: 3,000 won for the single-rider option, and 6,000 won for the double-rider option, paid hourly. 

Mapo Bridge: At night, hang around Mapo Bridge, watch street performances, and enjoy a bowl of hot ramen and other popular street foods such as spicy rice cakes (tteokbokki – 떡볶이) and fried tempura (twigim – 튀김) that can be easily purchased at a local convenience store or food mart. Perhaps this would be the perfect time to enjoy the night views of the Han River, share foods, and get to know each other a bit more. 

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2. Themed Cafes 

Seoul is home to millions of cafes, making it impossible to visit them all, even as a cafe-crawler! They are exciting, extraordinary, and Instagram-worthy, it’s a reason why you should go with your date. 

Animal CafesRaccoon Cafe, Thanks Nature
Instagrammable CafesMr. Holmes Bakehouse, Urban Source, StyleNanda Pink Pool Cafe
Specific-Themed CafesPoop CafeOne Piece Cafe

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3. Ihwa Mural Village

Ihwa Mural Village is a small neighborhood located north of Seoul and can be easily accessed by Subway Line 4: Hyewha Station (혜화역) Exit 2. You can take your date here for a day to capture some of the most spectacular art pieces painted by various creative artists around the world.  You’ll most likely come across some of the more well-known pieces in the past either in a Korean drama or your Instagram newsfeed. Make sure to bring appropriate shoes for the hike! 

Price: It is free admission! 

4. Rooftop Restaurants

A restaurant with a beautiful rooftop view is always a bonus. Bring your date to a restaurant that has a spectacular view, overlooking the entire city in a glance!

NSeoul Tower (first pic): Perhaps it may be too early to lock up your hearts on the first date, but it is nice to visit a local restaurant by the Namsan Tower for the great view and food. A popular Korean drama “My Love from Another Star” was also filmed here! 

Sky Rose Garden (second pic): The Sky Rose Garden is more of a cafe atop the Daehan Cinema Multiplex in Chungmuro. 

Square 63: There are various restaurants located in the Square 63 building that captures the beautiful skyline of Seoul.

5. Historical Sites

Seoul has a rich history of settlement dated over the past 2000 years, and what’s great about these historical sites is that they are all opened to the public annually at a low-entry price. They serve as cultural assets for people to deepen their understanding of Korea as a whole.

Hwaseong (Suwon) Fortress (first pic): Labeled under the UNESCO World Heritage list, this historical structure was built as a display of King Jeongjo’s filial piety towards his father. It also acts as a “fortress” to serve the pioneer city; a structure of “economy” and “power.” This fortress is located in the Suwon district, south of Seoul. Price: The admission fee is 3,000 won per adult. 

Korean Folk Village (second pic): Korean Folk Village is another historical site that is not located within Seoul but proximity to the Suwon district. This village is a living museum that holds rich history and traditional culture, dated back to the Joseon period. If you’re lucky, you might also catch a traditional wedding taking place here! Price: The admission fee is 18,000 won per adult. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace (last pic): The largest of the five palaces in Seoul, the Gyeongbokgung was the main royal palace in the Joseon dynasty. The Japanese once destroyed the Gyeongbokgung Palace during the Imjin War that took place in 1592 but was rebuilt as a significant icon in 1868. Price: The admission fee is 3,000 won per adult. 

6. Botanical Gardens 

Did you know that about 64% of South Korea is covered in forest and natural landscape? There’s so much to discover, and a botanical garden is an option!

Garden of the Morning Calm (first pic): The Garden of the Morning Calm is the oldest botanical garden of South Korea that was opened since 1996. This 30,000 square-meter garden is currently located about 50km northeast of Seoul. The garden is opened year-long, with roses, irises, and hydrangeas blooming in the summer to chrysanthemums and a vibrant blaze of leaf colors in the autumn. The “Lightning Festival” is also held here annually during the wintertime from the beginning of December to end of March, where you’ll see trees and bushes decorated with neon lights. Price: The admission fee is 9,000 won per adult. 

Boseong Green Tea Field (second pic): Boseong (보성) is a county located on the south side of South Korea in the South Jeolla Province. There are other green tea fields in South Korea such as the Hadong which is located close to Busan, and the O’Sulloc that is located in Jeju Island. However, the Boseong Green Tea Field is the largest, and because of its beautiful tiered structure, it’s clear to why this place stands out the most from the rest. “The Legend of the Blue Sea” was also filmed here! Price: The admission fee is 3,000 won per adult. 

7. Amusement Parks 

You can never go wrong with spending a day at an amusement park; it’s simple, magical and especially romantic in Seoul! With various activities offered, you can ride some of the scariest rides at the park, enjoy a relaxing swing on the carousel and even taking cute pictures with great scenic views offered. If you’re a last minute person, this might be your best last-minute getaway.

Lotte World (first & second pic): Lotte World is a popular date destination located in Seoul, Jamsil which can be easily accessed through Subway Line 2: Jamsil Station (잠실역) Exit 1. The unique part of this amusement park is that it consists of an indoor and outdoor compartment, stacked with various rides and activities that you can both try. Remember to go on a romantic hot air balloon tour and some of the scariest rides such as the Gyro Swing, Viking, Atlantis, and the French Revolution! 

Everland (last pic): Everland is another amusement park in South Korea located south of Seoul, in the Gyeonggi-do district. This park is a lot larger in scale and has its very own animal kingdom! 

Price: The park admission fee is typically 55,000~ per adult. However, there are ways to purchase your tickets at a discounted price:
>>> if you’re a student (must show Student ID card)
>>> entering the park after 4:00 pm
>>> purchasing the tickets online prior to your trip 

8. Multi-Purpose Rooms

There are multi-purpose rooms everywhere in Seoul! By this, I mean a 노래방 on every street you pass by and a 아케이드 every other street you see. 

Karaoke / Noraebang (first pic): Also known as “노래방,” it is a Korean tradition to go to one of these and have a singing competition or perhaps a duet with your date. It’s fun, exciting and could help you both get out of your comfort zones!

Arcade / Gameroom (second pic): Also known as “오락실” or “아케이드,” they’re everywhere and can keep you busy for a few hours after dinner. You can race each other through Mario Kart / Initial D or also play with one of Korea’s favorite, the claw machine. Win her something cute, and perhaps that could be your winning token to your next date! 

Virtual Reality / VR (last pic): South Korea is heaven for tech junkies. There are a variety of virtual reality devices that you can experience with and would keep you busy for a while. Click here for more info.

9. Ghost Tour at Gahoe-Dong

The Gahoe-Dong district is part of the Bukchon Hanok Village, known as the “Northern Village” and is close to the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Decades ago, Bukchon was home to many nobles and scholars attached to the Royal Court at Gyeongbokgung, which brings out the understanding of values that were once part of the foundation of Korean life. It would be interesting to take a tour down the dark alleys of Gahoe-Dong, with a 600-year history of bloody massacres, seedy hideaways, and mourning ghosts. Since this is one of the more popular tours offered, many online sites have packages that you can purchase. Hosts will also provide an online map pinpointing the haunts, murder sites, and torture chambers during the tour. 

Price: The admission fee varies, starting from 37,000 won per adult. 

10. Baseball Game at Jamsil 

Did you know that baseball is the next big thing following chicken and beer (치맥) in all of South Korea? Well, you can experience two of the best things in one venue here at the Jamsil Baseball Stadium. Grab your date with 치맥 and experience one of the loudest crowds you’ll ever hear, all in one stadium. The atmosphere here is just crazy; it’ll be a fun experience for both you and your date. 

Price: The admission fee varies, starting from 11,000 won per adult. 

11. Ice Skating

Grab your partner and go ice-skating for a day during the wintertime! There are so many places where you can go ice-skating with your date, and it’ll keep you both busy for 1-2 hours. The best thing yet, you don’t have to come prepared because they provide rental skates and gloves at the venue too!

Lotte World Ice Skating (first pic): Lotte World operates an indoor ice-skating service at the lower level of the amusement park that is opened all-year round! They have beautifully decorated lights that surrounds the entire park during special occasions such as Christmas or Halloween; it’s a beautiful atmosphere here! Price: The Rental & Skate fee is 16,000 won total per adult. 

City Hall Ice Skating (second pic) Since ice-skating is outdoors here; the skating rink is only opened for the public during the winter time starting mid-December. It is the cheaper option here than compared to Lotte World, where you can skate beside the beautifully decorated Christmas tree that they hang beside City Hall annually. Price: The Skate Rental fee is 1,000 won per adult that includes rink usage. Note: Gloves is mandatory, and you must bring gloves to the venue, or you will have to purchase them at the front desk for 1,000 won.

Click here to discover more skating rinks available in Seoul.

12. COEX 

COEX stands for COnvention centers and EXhibition halls and is an underground shopping mall located in the Gangnam-gu District in Seoul. COEX can be easily accessed through Subway Line 2: Gangnam Station (강남역) near Exit 5/6. Unlike most malls in South Korea, COEX has a variety of amenities to offer such as the iconic library with bookshelves reaching high up to the building ceiling, a shopping center that is close to three of the major department stores (Shinsegae, Lotte, and Hyundai) and a huge aquarium!

13. Seoul Forest

Located on the banks of the Han River on Ttuk Island “뚝섬,” Seoul Forest is a large multi-purpose park that is separated into five unique areas. Specifically, the five areas consist of a Cultural Art Park, an Ecological Forest, a Nature Experience Study Field, a Wetlands Ecological Field, and the Han River Waterside Park. Each area is connected by large pathways that are planted by over 100,000 trees. The park also features a golf course and racetrack; it’s so large that some say its comparable to New York’s Central Park or London’s Hyde Park! Spend an entire day here with your date and go on a picnic, scout for deer and admire gardens through the major pathways.

14. Unique Shopping Boutiques

You would think that it is rather dull and lame to bring your date to a shopping mall yes, but South Korea has some of the most unique shopping destinations around that are actually suitable for couples.

Common Ground (first pic): You may have come across these blue metal containers on your Instagram feed a few times. In fact, Common Ground is South Korea’s first pop-up shopping center built with shipping containers. This spot has various unique shops, food trucks and weekend performances that will entertain both you and your date.

Hongdae Shopping Street (second & last pic): Located beside an arts university, it’s no surprise that you’ll come across street performances by the major shopping street of Hongdae. Enjoy some entertaining performances, varying from k-pop influenced choreography to instrumental covers with your date here.

15. Museums 

South Korea has so many unique museums around and below are just a few options. 

Trick Eye Museum (first pic): Originated from South Korea, and now opens in several parts of Asia, this museum is one of a kind. You will be mesmerized by the transformation of 2D paintings to 3D optical illusions. Price: The admission fee starts from 11,000 won per adult. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza DDP (second pic): Designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid, DDP is an ultramodern structure designed to host fashion, cultural and design exhibitions. Price: There is no entrance fee, but exhibition spaces vary in price starting from 10,000 won. 

Dialogue In The Dark (last pic): One of the most exciting life-changing experiences where visually impaired employees guide visitors through the whole museum in pitch black. Dialogue in the Dark is unlike any ordinary museums where you admire art pieces through visuals. Rather, it is a unique museum where you get to experience life from a different perspective, using other senses to help us visualize and admire art such as hear, touch and smell. 

16. Go on an Adrenaline Adventure

Tired of going on generic dates and looking to try something different? Perhaps going on an adrenaline adventure could be the unordinary date you’re looking for! Jumping off a 62-meter high tower or fly-boarding to the sky in high-speed, you can choose.

Bungee Jumping (first pic): There are a few locations to go bungee jumping in South Korea. However, I recommend visiting River Land, which is located on the banks of the Cheongpyeongho Lake (청평호반) since they offer the couple bungee-jumping services for 100,000 won. If you ever watched a popular tv show called “We Got Married,” you may come across couples doing the “couple bungee jump” here!

Flyboarding / Hoverboarding (second pic): If you have watched the “Visit Seoul w/ BTS” video on Youtube, you will come across this one activity where BTS are flyboarding to the sky on the Han River. There are many packages available online to book this adrenaline activity, and the central meet-up location is at the Jamsil Cruise Ferry Terminal which can be easily accessed through the Subway Line 2: Jamsilsaenae Station (짐실새내역).

Snowboarding / Skiing (third pic): There are surprisingly various locations to do winter activities in South Korea. However, the most well-known and largest resort is the Yongpyeong Resort (용평리조트) located in Gangwon-do, east of Seoul. This resort was also where the PyeongChang Winter Olympics took place during early 2018! 

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17. Nami Island

Namiseom is an island, located just northeast of Seoul that can be easily accessed by the ITX to Gapyeong Station. It takes around 95 minutes from Yongsan Station in Seoul for about 2,350 won per adult.

Tour Nami Island: You can easily get to Nami Island by taking a ferry from Gapyeong Ferry Wharf or zip-lining from the shore. Upon arrival, you’ll notice that a popular Korean drama was once filmed here, called “Winter Sonata”! Tour around Nami Island and also visit their iconic forest trail, created by a uniformed line of redwood and Korean pine trees. Nami Island is exceptionally photogenic during autumn where you’ll see leaves turning into a red-orange color. 

Visit Petite France: Petite France is an hour bus ride away from Namiseom. It is a French-influenced cultural village that expresses a “vintage European” environment with century-old dolls and puppets, antiquities and furniture! “My Love From the Star” was also filmed here. 

18. Pocheon Village

Also located north-east of Seoul, the Pocheon Village is the northeastern region of the Gyeonggi province in South Korea. The attractions provided below are all 1-hour apart from public transportation.

Pocheon Herb Island (first pic): Also labeled as the “most random themed park” of South Korea, this park focuses on growing Mediterranean herbs. Many of the attractions here are herb-related such as their very own herb crafting workshop, museum, and restaurant! Price: The admission fee is 6,000 won per adult. 

Pocheon Art Valley (second pic): The Art Valley is a great place to spend the rest of your afternoon after studying herbs at the Herb Island. Here, you can enjoy popular culture, art complex, special exhibitions, and special weekend performances. A popular Korean drama called “Ryeo Scarlet Heart” was also filmed here! Price: The admission fee is 4,500 won per adult. 

Jajaeam Temple “자재암” (last pic): Jajaeam is a historic temple in Dongducheon that has a lot of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities here. Price: The admission fee to get in is 1,000 won per adult. 

19. Experience the Wine Train

Are you interested in tasting various wines with your date, with a unique feature in setting the environment on the particular Wine & Cinema Train? Well as part of the “Wine Korea” program, you and your date can tour their vineyard winery, taste-test various wines, and even enjoy a footbath! Price: The admission fee is 30,000 won per adult for this 2-hour long program.

20. Street-Food Markets

South Korea is famous for their unique and delicious street foods. They can be found everywhere, but make sure to stop by Myeongdong or Gwangjang Market for a wide variety of selection to try with your date! 

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