14 Places For The Best Ice Skating In Seoul This Winter

If anything can persuade you to venture outside during this harsh Korean winter, it will be the opportunity to take advantage of the variety of ice skating rinks available. With the options ranging from indoor rinks open all year round to outdoor surfaces that are only frozen in the cold weather months, you will be spoilt for choice.

Korea University Ice Rink | Seongbuk-gu

An indoor rink situated in Korea University which is open to skaters all year round.

Price: Entrance fee W5,000 – W6,000. Skate rental W3,000.
Hours: Mon – Sun 2 – 6 pm. Vacation: Mon – Sat 1 – 6 pm. Sun 2 – 6 pm.


On the Korea University campus near the Tiger Dome. (line 6, ex. 2). After leaving the station from exit 2, take a left from the subway exit and turn right from the intersection crossing. You will continue up the hill from the intersection for about 15 minutes. Once you pass CJ International House dormitory at the top of the hill, you will turn right at the main road and then turn left at the next small road right before reaching the intersection. Go straight down this road for a few minutes and you will arrive.

Yeouido Ice Park | Yeongdeungpo-gu

This rink is an ideal spot for families, with a sledding slope and winter-themed play area for all to enjoy.

Price: Entrance fee W1,000-W2,000. Skate rental W1,000
Hours: 10am – 9.30pm


Yeouido Station (lines 5, 9, exit 2). After leaving the station, go straight for about 12 minutes and you will see a large park. The ice rink will be straight inside the park near the basketball courts.

Lotte World Indoor Ice Skating Rink | Songpa-gu

Open all year round, this rink radiates the enchanting atmosphere Lotte World is well loved for.

Price: Adults W8,500. Skate rental W4,500.
Weekdays 11 am – 10:30 pm. Weekends 10 am – 10:30 pm.


Jamsil Station. (lines 2, 8, ex. 3, 4). Take one of the exits and follow the subway/mall signs to Lotte World theme park. The subway is connected to the theme park entrance so there is no need to go outside. Once you arrive at the main entrance to Lotte World, take the stairs or elevator down by one level. The ice rink is located on level B2 and is impossible to miss.

Mokdong Ice Rink | Yangcheon-gu

The biggest indoor skating rink in Korea, originally built for international competitions, but regularly enjoyed by both athletes and the public alike. 

Price: Entrance fee W3,000 – W4,000.
Hours: Skate rental W3,000 for the first 2 hours. W1,000 for every additional hour.
Mon – Sat: 2 – 6 pm. Sun & holidays 12 pm – 6 pm. Vacation: 10 am – 6 pm.


Near Omokgyo Station. (line 5, ex. 5). After arriving at Mokdong Station, take exit 5 and go straight to the Mokdong station bus stop outside of the exit. Board bus #603 and ride the bus for three stops. You will exit at the third stop, the south gate of Mokdong Stadium/ice rink stop. Once you leave the bus, you will exit and continue straight in the direction of the bus towards the three-way intersection. At the intersection, turn right and continue straight to the crosswalk in front of the stadium. After crossing, turn right and continue for two minutes then turn left to the Mokdong stadium and ice rink entrance. You will then see the ice rink stadium area.

Grand Hyatt Seoul Ice Rink | Yongsan-gu

The Hotel’s outdoor swimming pool is transformed into a romantic and magical ice skating rink for the winter months and has been used in several dramas and movies.

Price: Entrance fee W26,000- W32,000. Skate rental W20,000
Hours: Mon – Fri: 12 – 9 pm. Weekends and holidays 10 am – 9pm


The Grand Hyatt Seoul is located up the hill from Hangangjin Station. (line 6, ex. 1). You will go straight out of the exit and then turn right once you are able to see a path next to the school outside that station. You will continue to follow the path going alongside the school until you reach the top of the hill across the street from Namsan Park. The a left at the road at the top of the hill, go straight, and you will see the entrance for the Grand Hyatt Seoul. The ice rink will have directions on where to go from the main hotel area.

Olympic Park Ice Rink | Songpa-gu

A must visit for tourists in Seoul, this rink is surrounded by museums and fortresses which are almost as impressive as the rink itself.

Price: W2,000 admission, with skate rental W1,000.
Hours: 9 am – 8:30 pm


Mongchontoseong Station. (line 8, ex.1) Go for about 300m towards the Peace Gate to arrive right next to the ice rink.

Seoul Plaza Ice Rink | Jung-gu

All skaters are welcomed here with its free entry and exciting winter activities- but don’t forget your gloves as you may be denied entry without them!

Price: Entrance fee + skate rental W1,000 
10 am – 9:30 pm Sun-Thurs, 10 am – 11 pm on Fri, Sat and holidays


City Hall Station. (lines 1, 2, ex. 5). If you go out from this exit you will be right in front of the Seoul Plaza ice rink.

One Mount Snow Park | Ilsanseo-gu

The first winter themed indoor park in Korea. This rink is a favourite to many for its mystical atmosphere and the abundance of activities available.

Price: Entrance fee weekdays W25,000, weekends W30,000. Skate rental W5,000
Hours: Weekdays 10 am-7 pm, weekends 10 am – 8 pm


Juyeop Station (line 3, ex. 2, 7). After exiting from the station, make your way to the bus stop in the middle of the road right next to the station. Juyeop Station bus stop. You will take bus #80 for five stops, approx. eight minutes. You will then get off at One Mount Snow Park bus stop. After getting off continue straight towards the intersection and cross the street towards the large mall area. Go straight until you see the entrance to the mall and you will be able to walk to the park inside.

Seoul Arts Center Ice Rink: Ice Dream | Seocho-gu

This outdoor rink is only open during the winter season and can be enjoyed alongside a variety of themed performances and exhibitions.

Price: Entrance fee W8,000. Skate rental included
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm


Nambu Termnial Station (line 3, ex. 5). Walk straight from the exit for about five minutes towards the first big intersection you will see. Take a left at this intersection and walk straight for about another five minutes towards the next large intersection you will see. Cross the street and you will arrive at the Seoul Arts Center. There will be more information on how to access the ice rink once you arrive.

Taereung International Skating Rink | Nowon-gu

Another year-round skating rink, popular among competitive skaters but open for the public to enjoy too.

Price: Entrance fee W3,000 – W4,000. Skate rental W3,000.
Hours: 10 am – 7 pm.


Hwarangdae Station (line 6, ex. 1). After exiting from the station, walk straight to the bus stop outside of exit 1 next to the station, Hwarangdae Station exit 1 stop. You can take the following buses to arrive in front of the Taereung Sports Training Center: #202, #1155, #1156, #73. You will ride the bus for about nine minutes and seven stops. Get off of the bus at the Korea Institute of Sports Science bus stop. You will then walk backwards towards the crosswalk and cross to the Taereung Sports Training Center. Continue on the path straight through the facilities for about 10 minutes and you will see the ice skating center.

Kwang Woon University Ice Rink | Nowon-gu

This rink offers daily usage, all year round, as well as lessons for more enthusiastic skaters.

Price: Entrance fee W4,000 – W4,500. Skate rental W2,500 – W3,000.
Weekdays 2 – 5 pm. Weekends 12 – 5 pm.


Kwang Woon University Station in Nowon-gu (line 1, ex. 3). After exiting the station, turn left and walk straight towards the Kwang Woon University bus stop right outside of the exit. Get on bus #261 and ride for only two stops. You will get off at the Kwang Woon University bus stop. After leaving the bus stop, enter the building right behind it and you will arrive at the ice rink.

Sheraton Walkerhill Ice Rink | Gwangjin-gu

Situated atop the slopes of Mount Acha, the rink is notable for its beautiful view overlooking the Han River.

Price: Entrance fee + Skate rental weekdays W32,000, weekends W42,000.
Hours: Weekdays 12 pm – 9 pm, weekends 12 pm -10 pm.


Take the hotel shuttle at Gwangnaru Stationn (line 5, ex. 2). The shuttle bus will be right outside the exit and comes in twenty-minute intervals. The shuttle bus operates from 10 am – 7:10 pm.

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