The 7 Best Uniquely Themed Cafes Around Seoul

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If you’re tired of lattes in the same old setting then its high time you head along to one of the 10 best themed cafes in Seoul.

While Korea’s oddities are sometimes overshadowed by its more overtly bizarre neighbors, the place can certainly hold its own when it comes to weird.

Case in point: the number of bizarre themed cafes that dot the city of Seoul. From dining with raccoons to drinking coffee at a poop themed cafe, Seoul has plenty of oddball offerings out there!

Themed Cafes in Seoul

Meerkat Friends | Mapo-gu, Seoul

Hongdae is known for all things hip and lively, and a meerkat cafe is the perfect addition to its reputation. Just a few blocks from Hongdae Park, Meerkat Cafe is home to twelve cute, curious meerkats, one South African genet, one raccoon, and one Arctic fox.

Before basking in the company of these precious animals, be sure to take off your shoes. Entrance for the cafe ranges between 8,000-10,000 won. This includes drink price and entrance fee.

Once you’ve gotten your drink and seat, the animals are ready to play all day long. The meerkats will explore every inch of you while the raccoon pesters the Arctic Fox to no end.

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Hongdae’s Meerkat Cafe is exciting and therapeutic.

Thanks Nature Cafe | Mapo-gu, Seoul

If dogs, cats, and even raccoons aren’t your cup of tea, then head along to Thanks Nature Cafe! A unique cafe experience in Hongdae, Thanks Nature has a couple of furry and adorable friends to cuddle up to as well: two sheep. The sheep aren’t the only attraction the cafe has, as they also serve coffee and delicious waffles.

The sheep hang out just outside the cafe, where you can feed them, have some coffee and snacks next to them, pet them, and fall in love with them. Thanks to Thanks Nature Cafe, you can get meet a furry friend in the middle of the city. This one’s definitely a favorite of ours out of the 10 Best Themed Cafes Seoul!

221B | Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Although not located on Baker Street, 221B is a cafe in Gangnam in the theme of Sherlock Holmes! Their menu boasts the regular coffee shop fare: coffee, tea, and lattes. They even serve a special Sherlock Coffee that looks like Guinness beer! In addition to caffeinated beverages, they serve beer, wine, ice cream, affogatos, sandwiches and paninis, and even snow cones!

Complete with a TV that plays episodes of BBC’s Sherlock all day, you can sit down with a cuppa while watching Benedict Cumberbatch as the brilliant and iconic Sherlock Holmes.

Line Friends Cafe & Store | Jung-gu, Seoul

Did you know that you can meet your favorite emoticon characters from Line in Seoul? Located in Myeongdong, Hongdae, and also Gangnam, Line Friends Flagship stores display rooms decorated with specially themed furniture, kitchen supplies, clothes, school supplies and more.

At the cafe, you can taste colorful macarons that are in the shape of Brown the bear, Coni the rabbit, Sally the duckling and Leonard the frog with a cup of coffee. Visit the store and take a picture with your favorite characters from Line!

Coffeegraphy | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Tucked away in the streets of Itaewon, Coffeegraphy lives true to its name as an intersection between coffee and photography! Half cafe and half photo studio, Coffeegraphy’s walls are plastered with pictures from past photoshoots.

Along with a variety of drink options, Coffeegraphy also offers photos to be printed in many different styles and sizes, some of which include, but are not limited to, polaroid and visa pictures. Groups of friends can also come in and participate in fun and wacky photoshoots, as some props and costumes are available for use.

themed cafes in seoul

Whether you’re craving a caffeinated fix or wanting to do a photoshop with your special someone, Coffeegraphy is the perfect place to go. Walk ins are welcome, no reservation necessary!

Ddo-Ong Cafe | Jongno-gu, Seoul

You may have heard about Ddo-Ong Cafe, the infamous “poop cafe” in Seoul. Now’s your perfect chance to visit and share pictures on Instagram and Facebook that will surely catch the attention of your newsfeed.

Here, you can get a latte in a mug shaped like a toilet, complete with latte art in the shape of, well… you guessed it, poop! Hungry and want a bite to eat with your toilet latte? Ddo-Ong cafe also offers poop-shaped scones and jam, as well as other food.

For all those boong-oh-bbang lovers out there, Ddo-Ong cafe offers their version of the red-bean filled waffles. Of course, you won’t be finding any fish shapes here, as their boong-oh-bbangs fit right along with their poop theme. It’s certainly one of the wackier entries on our list of 10 best-themed cafes Seoul!

[Temporarily Closed] Blind Alley | Yongsan-gu, Seoul

Not a dog person? Over cat cafes? Try something new by checking out Blind Alley, the premier (and only) raccoon cafe in Seoul, home to two very cuddly and sweet raccoons. Located near Sookmyung Women’s university, at Blind Alley you can sip on a coffee while locking eyes with a mischievously cute raccoon. The food/drink and play/pet sections are separated, so put aside your worries of stolen pastries or spilt coffee.

Is there any place we missed? Leave a comment below! You can also check out our top Unique Things to do in Seoul.