11 Unique Things Tourists In Korea Can Do

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Korea has become a top destination for many worldwide. With exotic food to sample and an array of activities to enjoy, it’s no wonder Korea has become such a hotspot for avid tourists. Given the number of attractions Korea has to offer, we’ve put together a listing of some of the top 10 things only tourists in Korea can do. That’s right, as a tourist, you take precedence so read on and get traveling!

1. Safely cross the border into North Korea

It’s no wonder we would place this in the number one spot on our list! In the small town of Panmunjum, which borders both South and North Korea, it is possible for tourists to enter the Joint Security Area building. The JSA stands halfway on South Korea, and half on North Korea. Tourists in Korea wanting to enter North Korea without any issues can stand on the North Korean side of the building!

Visiting the JSA is possible when tourists take a Demilitarized Tour (DMZ) from Seoul, which also allows them to visit tunnels that the North had drilled underground towards the South. Needless to say, any tourist would be proud to say that they’ve had the chance to visit North Korea.

2. Traveling Around Korea With Tour Companies

Are you tired of boring sightseeing by yourself in Korea? Then travel with Korean locals! Tour services provide a tour matching service for foreigners visiting Korea and native Koreans. Tour matching platforms enables foreigners can enjoy the tour courses that native Koreans have planned.

There are many local trips in Seoul, Incheon, and Busan etc. Most of all tourmates seem to be very energetic and nice.

Since all of the local tours made by hours, tour schedule would be really flexible for tourists. If you see the tour, the price is pretty affordable including some free tours.


3. Visit the largest church in the world

Things Only Tourists Can do in Korea

Yeouido Full Gospel Church has close to 1 million church members, with individual Sunday services holding approximately 26,000 people. Whether you are religious or you are simply curious about the immensity of this church’s following, this is a must-see for any tourist passing through Korea.

4. Gamble!

Gambling activities are prohibited by Korean Law, but the Tourism Promotion Act permits qualified hotels to operate casinos which foreigners are allowed to enter. That means, tourists like you can enjoy some of the best gambling facilities in Korea. Additionally, all tourists can gamble safely online as there are no restrictions imposed on them in this case either.

5. Visit the one and only Kimchi museum in the world

Things only tourists can do in Korea

Located in the Coex Mall, the Kimchi museum takes foodies on a journey through the almost 200 different types of Kimchi available. Tourists can learn how to make kimchi, taste close to 10 different types of the fermented dish and, learn about the bacteria that makes it so healthy for us. Where else could one learn so much about kimchi?

6. Wrestle in mud and help your skin!

The Boryeong Mud Festival promotes local therapeutic mud primarily used for beautifying. Attracting more than 2 million people, the festival serves both as a celebratory event for the summer and a great way to enhance one’s skin. As a tourist, a 2 day stint at the 2 week event should suffice and be quite the experience.

7. Visit the largest underground mall in Asia

Things only tourists can do in Korea

Coex Mall houses hundreds of shops, two food courts, a movie theatre, aquarium and so much more. Any tourist wanting to shop, sight-see, eat and experience many outings at once can do so by simply visiting Coex Mall in one day!

8. Visit the world’s largest indoor theme park, Lotte World

Lotte World is open all year round and is the world’s largest indoor theme park. It receives close to 8 million visitors each year to its indoor theme park, outdoor amusement park, shopping mall, hotel, museum and more.

9. Book a stay in a traditional Korean house

Tourists can stay in one of the traditional homes of Sarangchae in Gyeongju, located just outside of Seoul. The surrounding area also offers visits to a beautiful tomb park with loads of amazing stonework, just a quick walk from Sarangchae.

10. Eat at one of Korea’s best hotels

The Shilla Hotel is one of the best known in Korea, having hosted Bill Gates and Michael Jackson. Travel and Leisure Magazine have named it one of the top 500 hotels in the world. The Shilla Hotel’s bar and lounge area serves up some delicious treats including Korea’s traditional dessert, Patbingsoo. The hotel’s unique spin on this dessert consisting of shaved ice and condensed milk is a must for all tourists looking to sample the country’s best foods.

11. Lock your love at Seoul’s Namsan Tower

Things only tourists can do in Korea

Seoul’s Namsan Tower welcomes thousands of couples each year who write romantic notes on a lock and place it among the growing number of sentimental locks. For those tourists looking for a romantic experience, Namsan Tower definitely serves up some romantic moments.

There’s no shortage of unique experiences for tourists heading to Korea. Pick from our list of top 10 to enjoy what this great country has to offer. Happy Travelling!