10 Korean Drinking Games You Have to Try


Koreans like to drink, nothing new there, but they also have a variety of drinking games that you should definitely try. Pick any of the Korean drinking games in this list and let the fun begin!

If anyone loses in these games you can chant “MASYEORA MASYEORA! (마셔라! 마셔라!)” [Which means “Drink! Drink! in Korean]

The first player of whichever of these games is chosen by “Rock-Paper-Scissors”

Korean Drinking Games

Babo Game 바보 게임

Babo (바보) means “fool” in Korean. In this game one player starts saying a number from 1 to 5 while at the same time showing a different number with their hand. For example: The first player says 1 but has 3 fingers up in his hand, so he is safe and the next person has to say the number of fingers he has up while having a different amount in their hand and so on. People lose if they say the same number as fingers they have or they don’t say the number of the previous player hand.

Baskins Robbins 31 배스킨라빈스 31

This is pretty simple, and no, it has nothing to do with the brand. Basically all you have to do is each player say up to 3 numbers in succession until they get to 31, whoever says 31 has to do a shot.

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Sense Game 눈치

This is pretty popular among young drinkers, where you just have to say a number from 1 to the number of people there are playing. Players lose if two people say the same number  or whoever is the last.

The Bottle Cap 뚜껑 게임

This is pretty simple. Take the soju cap and twist the loose part until its straight (without breaking from the cap) and then you flick it with your finger. You only get one chance per turn and continue to pass the cap around until someone breaks it. Whoever breaks it makes everyone else drink.

High-Low 하이로우

After flicking the loose part you can then play a whole new game with just the cap! Whoever won the bottle cap game starts and takes the cap and says it’s a number between 1 – 50 and players start guessing what number it is, with the one with the cap hinting whether is higher or lower that number. Whoever guessed correctly is safe and the people to the left and right of the person who guessed right has to drink.

Mandoo 만두

This might sound a little bit complicated but once you get used to it, is actually pretty fun. Mandoo (만두) is dumpling in Korean.

Bunny Bunny바니바니

This doesn’t require a bunny, don’t worry. You put both of your hands like you are eating while chanting “Bunny Bunny” as many times as you want and then without stopping choose a random player to ‘Pass the bunny’. At the same time the immediate players to their left and right chant “dang-geun(당근)” (Which means carrot in Korean) to try to mess the chant up. Whoever mess the chant ends up drinking.


In this game each player says one number counting up, but for each number ending in 3, 6 or 9 you have to clap. For example, 1-2-Clap-4-5-Clap-7-8-Clap… and so on… if you get to 30~39, 60~69, 90~99 basically you clap to the whole thing, however if it’s two numbers (33,36,39,63,66,69,93,96,99) you clap two times. For example, (30)Clap-(31)Clap-(32)Clap-(33)ClapClap-(34)Clap….and so on…Whoever messes up, has to drink.

Image game 이미지 게임

This game is pretty simple and based around “VOTES”. Basically the first player starts saying something descriptive like “Most popular among girls/boys”. And then everyone points at whoever they think fits the “image” the most. The person who gets the most votes has to drink.

The Submarine 잠수함 게임

You will need a tall (deep) glass and a small (shot) glass, fill the tall glass with beer and put the small glass inside, players take turns to pouring amounts of soju in the small glass, you can put as little or as many as you want. Whoever makes the small glass sink, drinks the whole thing.

Have you played any of these Korean drinking games yet?

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