10 Exciting Indoor Things To Do in Seoul

Exciting indoor activities Seoul
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Do you want to have fun but worried about the rain or cold weather or you’re simply not in the mood for outdoor activities? Luckily, Seoul is home to lots of indoor activities to keep you out of bed. Here is a list of exciting indoor things to do in Seoul that you can do with your date, family, friends, alone, or almost anywhere in South Korea.


archery in seoul

There are many indoor archery ranges/cafes in Seoul where you can go shoot some arrows to relieve stress or get a bit competitive by playing with friends. You can take a lesson if you are a complete beginner and by the time you start shooting, you’ll feel like a pro. When tired, you can simply relax and sip on some tea or coffee to recharge your energy.

Below is a list of archery ranges/cafes in Seoul:

Robin Hood Archery Cafe

Robin Hood archery is a cafe where you can shoot arrows and order coffee or tea to enjoy when taking a break to relax. They provide lessons for beginners so you don’t have to worry about your shooting skills and they provide safety equipment and guide you through the etiquette of archery.

YoungHakJeong (Mokdong) Archery Club

YoungHakJeong is an archery range which was once a military training ground and is now known as the Mokdong archery club. It is open to members only but visitors can reserve a one-off lesson in advance which allows them to practice at the center.

Real Shot

Real shot is equipped with a shooting and archery range where you can get access to handguns, rifles, machine guns, bow, and arrows. Visitors are given a chance to practice so you do not have to worry if you have zero experience in handling a bow and arrow.


bowling in seoul
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Bowling is a popular game in South Korea among couples, friends, and family. There are different types of bowling alleys in Seoul from regular bowling, kids bowling, and even bowling alleys with glowing balls, neon lights, and pop music to let loose and dance it out when you hit a strike.

Here are some of the bowling alleys you can visit in Seoul:

Smashing Bowl

Smashing Bowl is located in all the hot spots in Seoul like Hongdae and Gangnam, and they even have a branch in Busan. 

Taehwa Bowling Center

Taehwa Bowling Center is located in Hongdae and offers alcohol, coffee, juice, chicken wings, and more to make sure visitors have a wholesome hangout experience.

Hannam Bowling Center

This bowling alley located in Yongsan-gu is one of the oldest bowling alleys in Seoul and offers drinks, snacks, and is equipped with table tennis, billiards, and various game machines.

Escape Room

seoul escape room

If you’re in for some adventure, then you should check out an escape room in Seoul. You will have the chance to build on your teamwork skills while racking your brain to solve puzzles and accomplish tasks.

Here are some English-speaker friendly escape rooms you can visit in Seoul:

Seoul Escape Room

Seoul Escape Room has two branches in Hongdae, two in Gangnam, one in Seo-myeon, and another in Bupyeong. They provide both Korean and English services.

Key Escape

Key escape has branches in Seoul, Busan, and Jeonju. The branches in Seoul can be located in Hongdae, Gangnam, Myeongdong, and Hyehwa.

Real Escape Challenge

Real Escape Challenge is located in Hongdae and provides both Korean and English services. For more information on their escape rooms and offers, check out our directory listing here.


soju quiz noraebang karaoke

Singing in a karaoke room (noraebang) is one of the most popular indoor activities in Korea. Noraebangs are so ubiquitous in Seoul that it’s hard to go more than a few blocks without seeing one. Some are coin operated so you can just enter, put in your money and start singing without interacting with anyone. So, whenever you want to impress your date with your singing abilities, have fun with friends, or simply scream your lungs out to relieve stress, check out the nearest noraebang.

Virtual Reality (VR) Center

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If you’re in for an out of the world experience, check out a VR game center in Seoul. You can have the pleasure of experiencing driving, climbing skyscrapers, flying, or engaging in an intense battle which feels so real that you might end up believing that you’ve been summoned into another dimension and literally saving the world. This is a great way to spend time with friends or bond with family through gaming.

For more information on VR game centers, check out Virtual Reality Cafes in Seoul.

Sauna (Jjimjilbang)

sauna in korea
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There are several saunas (jjimjilbang) located around Seoul where you can visit to beat a cold or rainy day or when you just want to relax with family, friends, or alone. There are showers and bathing facilities as well as saunas, restaurants, and resting areas. Most have spa services available and some even have hair and nail salons, arcades, and movie theaters. They are usually quite big and spacious and can accommodate many people and there are mats available so you can also spend the night there. You can experience the tradition of Koreans by partaking in the feast of sikhye (rice drink) and boiled eggs while playing card games with your date, friends, or family.

You can find more information about Korean saunas at What to Expect at a Korean Jjimjilbang in Seoul.

PC Room/Café (PC Bang)

PC room korea
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For game lovers, a visit to the PC bang is the best indoor activity for you. PC bangs are known for their high-speed internet and delicious ramen. It generally costs 1,000 Won per hour and you can order snacks and ramen to munch on while playing games. So, if you want to have a fun and relaxing day alone or with your friends, you can visit any PC bang nearby and challenge each other to any of your favorite video games.


arcade bar korea
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A visit to an arcade can be a fun indoor activity for you and your friends to compete in a car race, shooting game, darts, set a new record for a punching game, or win a gift for your date at the claw machine. There are also arcade pubs/bars which are a little different from the regular ones with a more laid-back atmosphere where you can relax while playing games, drinking, and groove to good music.

Check out some of Seoul’s popular arcade bars:

Arcade Bar

Arcade bar is a unique cafe located in Seoul and in addition to getting access to a wide range of arcade games, you can also get yourself coffee, snacks, and craft beer.

Rabbithole Arcade Pub

Rabbithole Arcade pub is a gaming bar that provides beer, spirits, as well as signature cocktails at an affordable price. They also host a free karaoke night for participants to have fun singing their favorite songs

Themed Cafe

themed cafe
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Themed cafes are a trend in South Korea with concepts ranging from animation  to animal themes such as cat, dog, racoon and even sheep cafes. You will not only be drinking coffee or tea, but you can also pet animals, enjoy themed desserts, take pictures at uniquely decorated areas and more.

For more information on themed cafes, check out Themed Cafes in Seoul.

Sports Center

sports center basketball
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If you’re a fan of sports or exercising in general, there’s no reason to let the cold or rain keep you from being active and staying healthy. Whether you’re into rigorous exercising or light and more fun sports, you need to visit a sports center in Seoul. Depending on the sports center you visit, they usually have indoor rock climbing, LED sports court, trampolines, bike racing, ball games such as basketball, volleyball and more. You can sign up for a membership deal to maintain your exercise routine rain or shine.

Here are some of Seoul’s best sports centers:

Sports Monster

Sports Monster has branches in Hanam-si and Goyang-si. They have top class facilities for sports lovers and a wide range of high quality equipment available.

Samsung Lesports Center

They are located in Seocho and offer gold and premium memberships which will give you access to every feature of the fitness center, cheaper packages, and family packages that provide memberships at a discounted price.

B.Bloc Urban Climbing Gym

B.Bloc is located in Gangnam and is an indoor rock climbing gym with levels from easy to difficult boulders to conquer.