Travels in Tea: Boseong Green Tea Plantation

Boseong green tea

Popular Western cafes are still getting the hang of something the Orient has known for centuries: green tea, the natural wonder for your body. The stuff was originally introduced to Korea in the 7th century, and there is still plenty of it in Korea today.

The most famous spot to find green tea in all its glory is the Boseong Green Tea Plantation. Boseong is a village of picturesque green tea fields located near Gwangju in South Jeolla Province. Forty percent of Korea’s green tea is produced there, and it is considered some of the country’s finest. In fact, Boseong green tea was officially recognized as a beverage suitable for an astronaut’s diet by the Russian Medical Biology Lab.

Boseong green tea

The Boseong Dawon Tea Plantation is the main attraction. Here is where you will find everything green tea; plants, soft-serve ice cream, and chocolates and powders made of the same are peddled between the towering cedar trees leading to the entrance. At the main hill, a lush sea of neatly carved rows of tea will make you forget about every color except for green, green, and more green. Ascend the hill and feel free to jump between the rows for plenty of candid photos. Once you get to the very top, you can gaze out as far as the Yulpo seaside over 5 km away.

Stop by the souvenir shop to buy green tea candy, extracts, and as much freshly harvested green tea as you can carry home. Enter the pavilion diner above and tickle your tongue with green tea noodles. Finally, enjoy a steaming cup of green tea at the teahouse before your departure.

Spring is promoted as the best time to visit, likely to complement the Green Tea Festival in May. However, autumn provides an incredible explosion of changing colors to contrast the lush green of the fields. For a bonus trip experience, take a 10-minute bus to Yulpo beach for a sunset walk along the shore.

Getting There

There are Express buses from Seoul twice a day or take an intercity bus to Boseong from Gwangju. From the Boseong bus terminal, hop on a local bus to the tea fields. 


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