5 Thrilling Outdoor Things To Do In Seoul This Summer


Summer is here and that means heading out to soak up as much sun as you can. With the mountains looking full and green, you may, like to find yourself setting out for hike after hike. But, there are a variety of other ways you can enjoy being active outdoors in Seoul besides hiking. Here are five ideas to get you started on some outdoor things to do in Seoul.

*Be sure to follow the social distancing measures to ensure a safe trip!

1. Kayaking

Whether you just crossed over it while riding the train or had a chance to stroll alongside it, you’ve likely encountered the Han River at some point. You may have gotten close, but why not take the next step and just get into it? On a kayak that is.

Try a guided kayaking tour that will get you navigating through one of the longest rivers in the country, or feel free to just rent one yourself and venture out. There are a variety of places you can check out for water sports, but try Songkang Canoe School in Gangnam. If you’re keen to get in the water but not on a kayak, you can also head over to Ttukseom Hangang Park to try a variety of different water sports like windsurfing and waterskiing.

2. Hiking

One of the best things about being in Seoul is that you’re never too far away from the mountains. Go figure, since the whole city is essentially surrounded by them. From the short and easy, to the lengthier and more difficult, there are a variety of different routes that take you up to get a gorgeous bird’s eye view of Seoul.

You can easily do a quick hike after work to catch the sunset or devote your weekend to enjoying a longer trail. Check out this 10 Magazine Article for a list of hiking hotspots in Seoul as well other areas, for those that want to venture further out.


3. Climbing/Bouldering

Climbing and bouldering have become increasingly popular in Korea and there are a variety facilities where you can try your hand at either sport. Check out this website to see numerous locations for both indoor and outdoor climbing and bouldering.



If you’re totally new to this activity and are looking for lessons, try rock climbing school with Sanirang. On the other hand, if you’ve got experience and are looking for a partner ready to tackle the routes with you, try Seoul Climbers. This is a Facebook climbing group that is one of the largest and most frequented in the city. There, you can connect with a vast climbing community by organizing trips, getting information on gear, rentals, and purchases, as well as staying informed on news and other resources on climbing.

4. Bungee Jumping

If climbing to dizzying heights doesn’t cut it for you, try bungee jumping off of a 45-meter crane at Yuldong Park in Bundang. Open for most of the year, you can have a go at leaping off into a scenic lake enveloped by trees and footpaths below. Yuldong Park is also home to a 13-meter rock climbing wall, so you can try both climbing and bungee jumping in one day. Find out the details of the park here.

If you’ve already tried bungee jumping at Yuldong or don’t mind traveling roughly an hour outside the city, you can also try grazing the lake as you jump from 50 meters up at Cheongpyeong River Land. This bungee jump is known to be a bit more “special” as it facilitates duo jumps for you and a pal or that special someone.



5. Cycling

In terms of cycling, you can technically go anywhere you want in this city. However, there are routes that are specially designated for you to take in some of the best sights in Seoul and throughout the country.

The bike routes through Seoul hit the major points along the river such as Nanji Hangang Park, Seoul Forest, and Yeuido Park. So, you’ll be sure to soak in several scenic areas as you cruise through on two wheels.

The whole route takes about 10.5 hours in its entirety to complete. But, of course, you can choose where to start and end your trip. If you’re keen to give it a try, check out this article for a detailed description of how to use the Seoul citywide bike rental system.



If you feel like venturing further, you can take the 21 km Ara Bicycle Route to the next major city, Incheon. Or, if you’ve got the time, try devoting a weekend to conquering all four major river systems in the country. There are several routes that connect you from city to city allowing you to take in all the sights and try the local delicacies along the way. This website is great for details on all of the routes, attractions, and food you can delve into during your trip.

Did you find this list of outdoor things to do in Seoul helpful? Leave a comment below! You can also check out our article for some indoor things to do in Seoul.