The New Zealand Wine Festival Returns to Seoul & Busan for 2023

New Zealand Wine Festival 2023 in Seoul
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The much awaited New Zealand Wine Festival is back!

As in past years, events will be organized in both Seoul and Busan. These events aim to showcase some of New Zealand’s finest wines from wine regions around the country.

Since 2009, The New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Korea, also known as “The Kiwi Chamber,” has been organizing successful wine festivals. This year, they will once again present a variety of premium wines from over 25 New Zealand wineries.

There will be two separate events that promise to deliver unique experiences. The first, “Sunshine by the Pool,” will take place at the luxurious Grand Hyatt Seoul’s Waterfall Garden and swimming pool area on what promises to be a sunny May 20th, 2023 from 4 pm – 8 pm.

The Busan New Zealand Wine Festival, showcasing “Sunset by the Beach,” will occur at the stunning Signiel Hotel in Haeundae on Saturday, June 10th, 2023 from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The 2023 New Zealand Wine Festival Theme: Sustainability

This year’s theme, “Sustainability in a Glass,” will allow wine enthusiasts to experience a remarkable selection of Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs and Central Otago Pinot Noirs, among others, certified as sustainable through the world-leading Sustainable Wine Growing New Zealand program.

New Zealand Wine Festival 2023 in Seoul

New Zealand Wine in Korea

Dr. Tony Garrett, Chairman of The Kiwi Chamber, stated that Wine Intelligence has ranked South Korea as the second-most attractive wine market globally for two consecutive years. He added that the country presents a significant market opportunity due to the growing consumer interest.

In 2022, New Zealand’s wine exports to South Korea remained robust, totaling USD 15.5 million. Over the past five years, South Korea’s total wine imports have more than doubled, with red wine being the most popular category, while white wine, driven by New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, continues to gain traction.

The New Zealand Wine Festival Experience for 2023

Both New Zealand Wine Festival locations in Korea will offer outstanding Kiwi-themed culinary experiences along with five-star service, including a relaxed outdoor BBQ-style buffet in Seoul and a gourmet buffet in Busan. Each event will showcase artisanal New Zealand cheeses, charcuterie, fresh fruits, and desserts carefully chosen to pair with the wines.

The events will also feature DJs providing music and lucky draws for valuable prizes such as hotel packages, gift sets, and airline tickets to select destinations.

Ticket Prices for the 2023 New Zealand Wine Festival in Seoul & Busan

  • 150,000 won for Kiwi Chamber members
  • 170,000 won for non-members
  • 150,000 won for prepaid groups of 8+ people
  • 180,000 won for same-day purchase

For more information and registration, please visit the Kiwi Chamber Events Calendar.