The 7 Seoul Taxi Drivers You’ve Experienced

Whether you’ve been in Seoul for 5 days or 5 years, chances are you’ve encountered one (if not all) of these stereotypical Seoul taxi drivers.

The taxi driver that….

1. Takes the long way.

You know that driver that drives three sides of the square, just to make an extra W100.

2. Takes a phone call.

Especially embarrassing when you think he’s talking to you…

3. Talks to you.

In Konglish you both communicate, until you run out of Korean and he runs out of English…

4. Pretends he’s driving a race car.

And you’re in the back like:

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5. Rips you off.

Whether he “forgets” to turn on the meter or ask for a flat rate, we’ve all left a taxi with a driver doing this:

6. Refuses to take you.

Because your destination does not match his agenda.

7. Clearly sees you but drives right past you.

You have no one in your car!

There are some gems out there and we love you for taking us on the proper route to where we’re going. Good luck out there everyone, sometimes you should need to catch that first subway instead..