Thrilling Seoul Escape Room in Itaewon

Seoul escape room

Seoul Escape Room

Seoul Escape Room

Looking for a fun indoor activity in Itaewon? Seoul Escape Room is the place to go! Seoul Escape Room first started in Hongdae and opened a second location in Itaewon back in 2015.

Escape rooms are a physical adventure game where participants are locked in a themed room and given a set time limit to solve the clues necessary to escape.

You can choose from four different themed rooms. According to reviews, the rooms are well-decorated and the riddles are intriguing. You won’t know what it looks like until you get there because photographs are strictly prohibited. Find detailed information and more about the plot here. Sessions are between 60 – 75 minutes long and pricing starts at W18,000 per person.


Chapter 1. Murder at Apt. 404 (Itaewon)

You are being framed by a serial killer. You have 60 minutes to escape before the cops arrive. 4-10 players.

Chapter 2. Jailhouse (Gangnam)

You have been wrongly convicted and are being transported to a high security prison. You have 60 minutes to escape your fate. 6-10 players.

Chapter 3. Chairman’s office (Hongdae)

You’ve escaped from the police and are on the run. You call your boss for assistance. Will you be able to escape? 2-5 players.


Chapter 4. European Spy (Hongdae)

You have managed to flee abroad. Can you hunt down the serial killer and escape once and for all? 2-5 players.

If solving clues in a locked room isn’t exciting enough for you, you can also choose to play the game with strangers. Their website reads, “Have you ever fantasized about being locked up in a room with complete strangers?” Well.. not quite. But it does sound fun, so if you’re interested, give it a try!

You can make reservations through their website. For more information, call 02-333-6402. Everyone born in 1998 or earlier can participate. They also customize rooms for birthdays, parties, special dates, and even proposals. For more information, contact

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