Make Meerkat Friends In Seoul

Meerkat cafe in seoul hongdae

If you’ve been in Korea for even just a day or two, you’ve likely come across a dog, cat, or even sheep cafe. One new cafe, Meerkat Friends, is raising the bar to a new level of adorable with its insanely cute group of exotic animals. At this Seoul cafe, you can meet meerkats named after the Do-Re-Mi musical scale, a wallaby who loves munching snacks from your hand, and a genet….whatever that is.

With the meerkats’ high energy and curiosity, there is no need to worry that they might not venture your way. They love pockets and socks, so we don’t recommend wearing your favorite pair. However, staff will provide you with a blanket to help protect the cleanliness of your clothing. Time in the meerkat pin is limited to 10 min intervals.

But, don’t worry, you can visit them again after a short break. In the meantime, you can enjoy one of the many bottled drinks available or spend time with the other animals. In total, entry and a drink will set you back 10,000 won. It’s 100% worth it! It may well be the once in a lifetime chance to play with a meerkat that you’ve been dreaming of…or didn’t even know you needed.


19-12 Wausan-ro 21-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul