Live Club Day In Hongdae Supports Local Bands

live club day event

Live Club Day is an event that takes place every month in the heart of the trendiest location in Seoul: Hongdae. Every last Friday of the month, indie Korean artists will perform at different designated concert halls, clubs, or music lounges. There is a different theme every month and some of the recent themes include; New Indie Acoustic Pop, No.1 Indie Experience, or Korea Jazz All-Star.

The clubs and lounges that participate are usually Gogos2, Evans lounge, Club Evans, The Convent, Club FF or Hanatour V-Hall, KT&G Sangsangmadang, Prism+, CJ Cultural Foundation, VELOSO, and West Bridge. Although the venues are scattered around Hongdae, they are still within walking proximity of one another, which makes it easy for the passing crowds to enjoy multiple live performances in one night.

Online tickets are sold via Interpark, although you need to be an Interpark member. Also, you need to be able to read Korean, since the website is all in Korean. If your Korean is not up-to-date yet, do not worry! Offline tickets are conveniently available at the Xindie Ticket Lounge, an exotic, edgy looking building located across from Hongdae Sangsangmadang. Ticket prices range from ₩10,000 up to ₩30,000. For our more spontaneous readers, you can also buy the tickets right in front of each venue but make sure to have enough cash on you as they don’t accept cards. Even if the staff does not speak English, mentioning Live Club Day should get you through the night smoothly.

xindie ticket lounge
Xindie Ticket Lounge

10 Magazine staff received the opportunity to attend one of the Live Club Day events and it was indeed a great experience and opportunity to discover new artists! We wrote a small step-by-step walk-through on what to do on the day of the event, so you can attend this event in ease. We went over to Xindie Ticket Lounge two hours before the event was supposed to start to retrieve our ticket. There is a special tent just for Live Club Day where you can receive your tickets.

live club day ticket
Live Club tickets

The ticket is a wrist band with the event name written on it. This wrist band will get you into every venue for the whole night. The event we attended was New Indie Acoustic Live Pop and we could pick which venue we wanted to go and which artists we wanted to see. This time there were only 4 venues, but normally there are more venues, more artists and the concerts last until much later.

live club day schedule
Here is an example of the event’s schedule and line up

We went with the West Bridge hall because we were told that there will be live broadcasting of this particular show as well. The staffs were very professional and there was no problem with communication because all we had to do was show the wrist bands to get in.

The concert venue was rather small, it could probably fit no more than 80 to 100 people. So if there is an artist you really want to see, we would suggest you go early to secure your spot! Since we were there just a few minutes before the show started, the hall was already nearly filled, but there were no problems finding a spot for two.

live club day hongdae opening performance
Opening performance by an indie K-Artist Park Han-eol

Despite the venue being small, the atmosphere was bright, cozy and welcoming. The artists, some of which are new to the stage and spotlights, were well received by the friendly audience. The enthusiasm of both the performers and the audience made the concert memorable. That’s what we call a Friday well-spent!

All in all, Live Club Day is a great experience for those who love to participate in music events, for those who would like to broaden their knowledge about the k-indie world, or just for anyone who enjoys music in general. A great chance for couples to hold hands and enjoy a show, for friends to hang out or even for a family to enjoy some time together. Music has no limit, and the same goes for this event.

The upcoming Live Club Day is to celebrate their 4 year anniversary, so the line-up is going to be crazy! Over 30 artists will be participating, so check out their Facebook or Instagram page for the names and for more info.