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Calling all beauty gurus! Whether you’re living or traveling through Korea, one thing is certain: you have an abundance of K-beauty cosmetics at your fingertips, ripe for the picking. The real challenge isn’t finding cosmetics, it’s deciphering which cosmetics work for you. Stop and think. Is your favorite shade of pink really doing you the justice you deserve?

Lucky for you, there is a science behind the madness. The Etude House Color Factory offers one on one color matching services, alongside the opportunity to create customized, engraved lipsticks. The lipsticks are created by hand at the factory and are not sold on the market, deeming your lipstick one of a kind. The Color Factory offers a range of 240 shades to choose from, guaranteeing you will find a color that is right for your skin tone and taste. The locations centrally located in Myeongdong and on Garosugil Street.

It’s important to note that the Color Factory is not only for women, but men as well. The color artists see many men who are interested in color consulting for clothing and hairstyle choices. Individuals are typically drawn to colors that they find appealing. However, often times, the shades we like may not be the most flattering for our skin tone. For example, warm skin tones typically look good in warm colors and cool tones look good in, you guessed it, cool colors!

Therefore, you will leave the Color Factory armed with information, allowing you to be a smarter shopper by making color conscious choices.

The Process

Step 1:

You will work with a trained color artist to discover how your skin reacts to different hues of color. They will use the “My Colour Finder” device to accurately identify if your skin is a warm, neutral or a cool tone. This will be the deciding factor for what colors compliment your skin tone and overall appearance. Next, they will lead you to a mirror for a “drape test”. The artist will proceed to show you your most agreeable and disagreeable clothing color options.  You may just find you’ve been wearing the wrong colors for your skin tone all along.

etude house color factory

Step 2:

Choose your color. The color artist will allow you to choose four colors from your approved set of lipstick shades. After applying each shade, you will select your favorite. This may be the trickiest part, simply because there are many beautiful shades to choose from.

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Step 3:

etude house color factory packages

Pick out your case. The Color Factory has nearly 20 different lipstick cases to choose from. The key is to find one that suits your personality.

Step 4:

Settle on an engravement.  You are allowed to have up to 12 characters in English and 7 in Korean. Some people opt for a simple saying, while others prefer initials or their full name.

Step 5:

Wait. The waiting period for your lipstick should be around 30 minutes. The Color Factory uses a mixture of heating and cooling techniques to create your color. You can use this time to shop for new products in the flagship store or grab some street food. You will receive a twenty percent discount voucher for Etude House after paying, so make sure to take advantage of your discount. It will be valid for one day only.

Time and Price

The consultation process will take anywhere from 30-50 minutes depending on what service option you choose. The pricing ranges from 25,000 won to 40,000 won depending on your preferences.

1 Lipstick Color (25,000 won, 30 minutes)

  • Color consultation + Lipstick + Personalized Case + Engravement

2 Lipstick Color (40,00 won, 50 minuets)

  • Color consultation + Lipsticks + Personalized Cases + Engravements

1 Lipstick Color + Double Lasting Foundation (40,000 won, 50 minutes)

  • Color consultation + Lipsticks + Personalized Cases + Engravements + Double Lasting Foundation

To get started with the Color Factory, you must make an appointment. You can do this by calling the store or by making a reservation online, here. While the Color Factory employs many workers, who are bilingual it is not guaranteed that you can receive the service in your native language. However, the process is rather simple and straightforward. The Color Factory is typically very welcoming towards tourists and foreigners, so this shouldn’t be a reason to shy away. In conclusion, if you are looking to vamp up your look or simply be a more informed shopper, the Etude House Color Factory is a great option and experience.

Locations and Contact for Reservations

Myeongdong Flagship Store / Color Factory


Garosugil Color Factory