5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer Nights

While most guide books will tell you to hop on the crowded bus up to Namsan and leave your lock of love on the N Tower, we’d like to suggest some less crowded spots for a romantic date night in Seoul. Take advantage of the weather and visit these five spots for a night of fun!

1. Stroll Along the Cheonggyecheon

Head to Cone & Cups for ice cream, macarons, and coffee, before taking a stroll down by the stream. The walkway is scattered with bridges and benches, along with art installations and street musicians. It is also totally acceptable to put your feet in the water! The further you are from City Hall, the more private your date will be.

5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer Nightsvia: Foursquare

2. Picnic at Hongdae Stream (연트럴 파크)

While Hongdae’s playground is a great spot to start or end a night of partying, there is a small oasis waiting for you just on the other side of the neighborhood. A recently completed “Yeon-teu-reol Park” is like a mini-Cheonggyecheon with wide grassy areas for picnic blankets, streams with fountains, and small bars and eateries lining the streets. Grab a beer at any of the pubs and relax next to one of the many street performances.

*Take exit 3 and walk straight for 7 minutes

5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer NightsVia: Andrew Meany

3. Walk Naksan Park

This park overlooks the entire city, and is part of the traditional wall that marked Seoul’s boundaries. From any of the lookout points you can see Namsan, Namdaemun, and the mountains extending north of Seoul. If you follow the centuries-old wall through the park, you will find yourself back in modern Seoul, right in the heart of Dongdaemun.

5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer Nightsvia: Foursquare

4. Explore Seochon

This neighborhood is often overlooked by tourists who head to the east of Gyeongbok to see Samcheongdong, or Bukchon Hanok Village. Instead, wander the winding streets of Seochon where you can peruse the traditional Tongin market or pop into any of the cafes and restaurants that offer an intimate, local taste of Seoul.

5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer Nightsvia: Foursquare

5. Discover Hangang Park

It just wouldn’t be summer without a romantic date at the Han River. Whether it is a picnic, basketball game, or bike ride, the Hanging Park is full of opportunities to make your night special. For a stunning end to the night, make sure you’re near Banpo Bridge to see the rainbow fountain with Namsan Tower shining brightly in the distance.

5 Quiet Spots for Romantic Summer Nightsvia: Foursquare