5 Facebook Pages to Find the Hottest Restaurants & Bars In Seoul

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While Seoul’s streets are crowded with restaurants, too many choices can make it even harder to choose a decent place to eat. Koreans make it a priority to search out the hottest eats, but how do they know where to go and eat the best foods? The answer is fairly simple… Facebook.

The new trend is Facebook food pages which are dedicated to posting drool-worthy pictures and videos right on your News Feed. When you like these pages, food pictures pop up while you are mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. If a cafe or restaurant catches your eye, you can tag yourself and your friends to make sure you check it out later.

For those of you who make it a priority to try the hottest restaurants and bars in Seoul, check out the Facebook pages below and like away!

Pie in the Sky (서울 맛집)

This Facebook page has 500,000 followers. You can find anything you’re craving at the moment, from desserts to hot dogs, burgers, or some traditional Korean anju. The locations cover every part of Seoul, including Itaewon, Hongdae, and anywhere else you may want to check out.

Hongdae Itaewon Nolja (홍대 이태원 놀자)

Like its name says, this page is dedicated to the trending restaurants, bars, and cafes in the Hongdae and Itaewon areas. You can find the hidden gems in towns that you may not visit regularly, like Yeonnam-dong and Mangwon-dong. Some examples of popular lists are “Top Itaewon Rooftop Spots” or “Most Aesthetic Cafes Near Hongdae.”

Gangnam Jamsil Nolja (강남 잠실 놀자)

For those who spend more time near Gangnam or Jamsil, this is the page for you. These two areas are packed with restaurants, cafes, and nice cocktail bars, so this page can be helpful in narrowing down to the best options.

Tasty Restaurant Special Forces (맛집 특공대)

This page specializes in posting the best foods in all of South Korea. Some of the best traditional Korean foods can be found not in Seoul, but Busan, Jeonju, or other areas. You can find this especially useful when you are traveling outside of Seoul. The posts also have interesting information such as cheap all-you-can-eat restaurants or new menus at chains.

What Should I Eat Today? (오늘 뭐 먹지?)

The king of Korean foodie pages, What Should I Eat Today? has almost 5 million likes. The posts range from providing useful information about must-try menus at cheap prices to simply making you crave delicious foods.

This page is known for its salivating pictures that can be torturing to see on your News feed at midnight. It can be entertaining to read the comments of other people as hungry as you. The close-up videos of boiling ramen or dunking kimbap into ddukbokki sauce may have you getting up from your bed and ordering food at any hour of the night.

So if you were wondering how Koreans know exactly where to go all the time, now you know. These Facebook pages can be really useful in visually seeing the foods or atmosphere of a place. You can also check out honest reviews by reading comments from people who have actually visited. These pages are all in Korean and there are no English versions yet. But if you see a place that you really want to check out, ask a Korean friend for some simple translations.

Also follow the 10magfood Instagram account for updates on restaurant and cafe recommendations!