3 Non-Traditional Ways To Travel To South Korea

traveling in korea
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With a popular culture unlike any other, foods that will leave your taste-buds in a pleasant frenzy and a history that will leave in awe, it is no wonder South Korea has become a popular traveling destination for many.

Unfortunately, not all an afford the traditional ways for traveling. Besides being a teacher in Korea, these are three unconventional ideas that will surely guide you to South Korea.


Travelers have the opportunity to volunteer at language cafes, tutor a family in English, and work at a festival. Some of these options offer free housing in turn for tutoring and being a conversation partner for locals.

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Teach North Korean Refugees

You will have the opportunity to connect with North Korean refugees and teach them English and job skills. This two track program is divided between individualized English tutoring and speech coaching.

In the first track you will teach refugees English while the second track will improve speaking and writing skills.

TNKR also offers volunteering opportunities outside of teaching. These range from being a part of the fundraising team to being an intern.

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Cultural Homestay International

College students will live with a host family while teaching them English. This opportunity is ideal for fulfilling volunteering hours or exploring life abroad. Living with a host family will allow to immerse yourself in South Korean culture and go beyond the typical touristy sites.

Cultural Homestay International also provides many different opportunities for those who are not college students.

Funday Korea Networks

You will get the opportunity to participate in festivals around South Korea. Spring festivals happen from March through May across the nation. Through these festivals you will develop a deeper appreciation for Korean culture and connect with locals and other international visitors.


Many want to live in South Korea but not as an English teacher. Being an au pair allows you to hang with kids and be creative without the pressure of being in a classroom. Most jobs pay weekly and are live-in. This a great option for those who are not about the classroom life but still want to have an impact on children.

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Great Au Pair

You will find great options for being a nanny in South Korea. Live with a family and hangout with kids and teach them about your culture while learning about theirs. You will also make some extra money to help out with expenses.

Easy Expat

This site will give you the ins and outs of being an au pair in South Korea. Learn how to cushion culture shock and connect with others working as au pairs or interested in it.

Nanny Job

This website offers the best opportunity of finding an au pair job in South Korea for those fluent in Korean. You will be able to know exactly what a potential employer is expecting without much misunderstanding.


House sitting offers the chance to make some extra cash while enjoying the beauty of South Korea. You have the chance to name your price or do it for free. Some jobs do require sitters to watch their pets.


Trusted Housesitters

You will be able to select the region you wish to sit in. You will be able to stay for free in turn of caring for pets. This could be a win-win for everyone. There is a filter to select what types of pets you are interested in caring or you can choose not to.

Great Au Pair

This site also offers many opportunities for house sitting much like its choices for being an Au pair.

Make Your Own Site

You will be able to show off your personality and skills in your own way. You will be able to make your potential employer see all you have to offer without limited space. If you do already have experience, make your website your resume!

These three options give you the opportunity to go against the grain and experience travel at whole new level. You no longer have to be confined to the same old daily routine.