19 Cheap Things To Do In Seoul

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Struggling to entertain friends, family, and yourself on a budget? Check out these 9 free things and 10 cheap things to do in Seoul!

Things To Do In Seoul For Free

1. The War Memorial of Korea

Established in 1994, the War Memorial of Korea houses artifacts and displays to commemorate those affected by the war. Visitors of all ages can participate in 20 various educational programs and cultural events, or independently enjoy the indoor and outdoor exhibits.

cheap things to do in seoul

2. Olympic Park

Explore four parks within Olympic Park! At the Cultural Art Park enjoy unique cultural experiences and performances, especially focused on the 1988 Seoul Olympics. The Leisure Sports Park includes walking/jogging paths, an acupressure path, an inline skating area, and large open fields. Reconnect with nature at the Environmental Eco-Park or visit museums at the History Experience Park.

olympic park seoul

3. Children’s Grand Park

Perfect for children (and your inner child), Children’s Grand Park encompasses a zoo and botanical garden as well as an amusement park, iLand, with an assortment of thrilling rides and shows. This summer, cool down at the Water Playground and enjoy the Music Fountain.

childrens grand park seoul

4. Bongeunsa Temple

In the middle of bustling Gangnam, experience some peace and calm at Bongeunsa Temple. Built in the Shilla age in 794, the architecture exhibits Korean history and includes the tallest statue of Buddha in Korea.

bongeunsa temple gangnam seoul

5. Bukchon Hanok Village

The hanok traditional house once covered the whole country, but most houses were torn down during Korea’s economic revolution. This village is one of last preserved homes, with residence still living in the hanoks. Travel back in time and walk among the traditional wooden homes. With 8 photo spots, you’re bound to have an Instagram worthy photo!


6. The National Museum of Korea

Whether you prefer looking at artifacts or participating in cultural activities, stop by the National Museum to learn about ancient Korea and its transformation to modern Korea. Be sure to check out the museum grounds with many environmentally friendly and beautiful rest areas.

national museum of korea

7. Cheonggyecheon Stream

At 8.4km long, stroll along the entirety of the beautiful stream or use it as a walking path to your next tourist destination. Escape the city rush and enjoy the symbolic bridges, decorative surroundings, and sculptures along the stream.


8. Noryangjin Fish Market

Open day and night, the Noryangjin Fish Market is a visit appropriate for anytime! Experience seafood auctions in the early morning hours and test indulge yourself in some very fresh fish at restaurants located above the market, you may order something that is still crawling on your plate!

fish market

9. Namsan Mountain

Unwind from a stressful week with a day hike on Namsan Mountain. With many amenities like the Namsan library, traditional hanok villages, and great places for picnics, spend the day reconnecting with friends, family, and nature.

namsan mountain seoul

Cheap Things To Do In Seoul For Under ₩20,000

10. Gwangjang Market

After all these free activities, I’m sure your tummy is rumbling. Previously known as Dongdaemun Market, Gwangjang Market is filled with thousands of vendors selling groceries and souvenirs. Be sure to check out the restaurants and food stalls, selling fresh, delicious, traditional Korean cuisine.

Average price for the hungry customer: ₩10,000

gwangjang market seoul

11. Trick Eye Museum

Forget just looking at art, be a part of it! Visitors can interact with paintings, posing just right to look like they’re part of the artwork.

Adult Price: ₩12,000
Student Price: ₩9,000

trick eye museum seoul

12. Museum Kimchikan

Impress all your friends with your knowledge of the history of kimchi, types of kimchi, and ingredients of kimchi at your next social gathering! Spend a few hours learning about this nutritious Korean staple at the kimchi museum.

Price: ₩5,000 adult / ₩3,000 children

museum kimchikan seoul

13. Rent Hanbok

The hanbok is the traditional outfit of Korea. Today, these outfits are worn only for special occasions. However, the bright, cheerful colored hanbok are available for rent near many palaces and the hanok village. Visit traditional Korea while dressed like a traditional Korean!
**Bonus: visitors wearing hanbok get free admission to palaces!

Average Price: ₩13,000 for 4 hours
rent hanbok in seoul

14. Jjimjilbang (찜질방) – Korean Spa

Spend a rainy day relaxing with family and friends at the jjimjilbang. Improve your circulation with a soak in the hot bath followed by a quick dip in the cold bath. Or reenergize your body and skin by soaking in a Salt Bath or Loess Bath. With restaurants and game rooms, these jjimjilbangs are sure to keep the crowd entertained for the whole day, at a great price!

Average Price: ₩10,000 – ₩15,000 per person

jjimjilbang in seoul

15. Noraebang (노래방) – Karaoke Room

Take your singing skills outside of the shower! A Korean favorite, noraebang gives visitors a private space for friends to enjoy each other’s singing talents! Kpop and Coldplay fans can enjoy Noraebang with English, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese songs available. A highly recommended noraebang among foreigners is the Luxury Su Noraebang in Hongdae.

Average Price: ₩15,000 per room / two hours

noraebang seoul

16. Multibang (멀티방) – Multi Room

The lesser known, but greatest bang 방 (translation: room) is the multibang. A room with multiple options: watch movies, play video games, sing karaoke, surf the web, etc… Snacks and drinks included, the multibang pleases even the most difficult crowd.

Average Price: ₩15,000 per room/hour

17. Observation Deck, N Seoul Tower

Get a real panoramic view of Seoul and surrounding areas at the tippy top of Seoul Tower, in the Observation Tower. Enjoy cultural activities and souvenir shops surrounding the base of the tower. Get to the tower in style by riding on the cable car!

Cable Car Round-trip Ticket Price: ₩13,000 adult / ₩9,500 child
Observatory Price: ₩16,000 adult / ₩11,000 child

n seoul tower seoul

18. Go to an Animal Cafe!

Indulge your animal lover at one of the many animal cafes around Seoul. Most expats have heard of the famous cat cafes and dog cafes, but how about a sheep cafe? Or raccoon cafe? Sip on a refreshing drink and cuddle with some cats or be entertained by the rambunctious raccoons!

Average Price: ₩8,000 for drink and treats

meerkat cafe seoul

19. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art

Encompassing both traditional and contemporary works, explore the Korean cultural treasures and numerous works by famous contemporary Korean and international artists. Recognized as one of the preeminent cultural institutions in the entire world, it is a must visit for all ages. Other than holidays, they are open from 10:30-18:00 everyday. Don’t forget to ask about discounts if you are a student.

Permanent Exhibition Price: ₩10,000
Special Exhibition Price: ₩5000
Daypass Price: ₩12,000

leeum samsung museum of art seoul

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