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Korea is more than Seoul. Expats in other regions, like the south, may feel their only option for their children is sending them to Korean public school. However, there are plenty of amazing international schools in these regions that we want to celebrate here. Check out the 10 Magazine list of great international schools in Gyeongsang-do, Busan and Daegu. To see international schools, check out our list of The Top International Schools in Seoul. 


Saint Paul Jinju

saint paul jinju international school

Saint Paul Jinju Campus, located in the heart of South Gyeongsang Province, is an internationally accredited school (Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior High) that prepares its students to become globally successful through a rigorous international curriculum, provided by the Nacel International School System (NISS).

The Saint Paul global system, originating from St. Paul, Minnesota, extends across eight countries, including Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, China, and South Korea. One goal of Saint Paul Jinju Campus is to provide an international education from the very beginning (Early Childhood Education) all the way through to high school. Reciprocity enrollment between schools is possible.

Its principal and leadership team have created a school that embodies the well-rounded student by balancing foreign language learning, art, music, and physical education all while nurturing emotional development in a multicultural environment. It’s a place where native Korean speakers and foreign students alike can learn, play, and grow together.

International School of Koje

international school koje geoje

The International School of Koje (ISK) is a fully accredited international school that enrolls children from two to sixteen years old, with provision for 17 and 18-year-olds available from the 2019 academic year. The school moved to a brand new campus in 2014 with enough facilities including 27 classrooms, a state of the art science lab, library, music rooms, art rooms, a gymnasium, a basketball court, running track, parents lounge, cafeteria, soccer pitch and (the kids’ favourite) a play area.

ISK’s mission entails caring for eachother and the world around us, enjoying learning, being confident global citizens and promoting teaching and learning that is highly rigorous and fun. The Early Years study through the International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC), the Primary Years through the International Primary Years Curriculum (IPC) and the Middle Years through the International Middle Years Curriculum (the IMYC). Each of these curricula are based on neuroscientific research on how the brain learns for each age range and research of global best practice to make school the most enjoyable experience for lifelong learners. The Higher Years take the International General Certificates of Education (IGCSEs) and from next year the Diploma Years will begin the new ISK diploma. Through all their teaching and learning, the deepening understanding of the following personal goals is entwined: adaptability, morality, resilience, enquiry, cooperation, communication, thoughtfulness and respect.

Gyeongnam International Foreign School

gyeongnam international foreign school

Gyeongnam International Foreign School (GIFS) is a K-12 co-educational institution that offers students and families a truly international educational opportunity. The school’s aim is to develop students who care about the environment, themselves, and others, and are academically prepared for the high standards of the university or college of their choice.

GIFS has recently joined the community of International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools.  The IB Diploma Programme (IBDP) is the world’s premier pre-university course of study.

GIFS believes that education is more than textbooks, paper, and pencils so it encourages and supports the arts, athletics, and service opportunities.  The school’s students regularly enjoy field trips that take advantage of the unique cultural and natural environment of Korea.

British International Academy – Geoje

british international academy geoje

The British International Academy, located along the quaint beachside of Geoje, is a co-educational academic facility that provides a curriculum for international students. The school has a small classroom learning environment, which enables teachers to provide students with catered learning to suit their individual needs.

BIA also employs highly qualified teachers in a range of fields, and provide tailored help to those learning English language in order to help students grow into high achievers. BIA is the only academic institution in Korea with dual track programmes delivered in English OR French. 


Disciple International Christian School

disciple international christian school

The Disciple International Christian School sets to provide Christian based education to international students from elementary grade to high school. They offer a curriculum of spiritual training, wisdom training, personality training, emotional-sensitivity training, physical training and more. During the course of the semester, students have the chance to establish Christian values through daily chapel, discussions with classroom teachers, worship services for Friday nights and Sunday worship services.

Concurrently, students also have the option to try various musical instruments, such as the piano, violin, viola, cello, flute and clarinet, as well as physical activities such as Taekwondo, golf, soccer, table tennis, basketball and football.

Handong International School

handong international school

Handong International School (HIS) is a co-educational Christian school that offers education from Elementary to High School. Their mission is to create a cross-cultural environment that fosters children to learn about God and the world they live in, providing a dual-language program that teaches students in both English and Korean.

Alongside the school facilities, students also have access to a cafeteria catered by Shinsegye Food, a library, a Nurse’s Room and a Counsellor’s Office. There is also a dormitory present for High School students, and a school bus available for those who live in range.


Busan Foreign School

busan foreign school international

Busan Foreign School offers students and families the only American based curriculum in the vibrant city of Busan, South Korea. The school strives towards providing a first-class education to its students from Nursery (age-3) onwards to High School (12th Grade) in a rigorous, yet personal atmosphere tied with a sense of community.

Busan Foreign School is the only school in Busan that continues to have outstanding success in preparing our students for top-tiered colleges throughout the U.S. and the globe.

International School of Busan

international school busan

The International School of Busan, formally known as the Busan International Foreign School, began in 1983 with the aim to provide international students with quality life-leading education from Pre-K to Year 12. They are a not-for-profit school that is also an independent, non-denominational and family orientated environment. The International School of Busan also encourages its students to give back through forms of community service.

The International School of Busan is divided into three programs, the Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Diploma Programme (DP). During their school days, students also have access to science and computer labs, art rooms, music rooms, a gym, outdoor tennis and soccer facilities, libraries and playgrounds.


Daegu International School

daegu international school

Daegu International School (DIS) is an independent American school offering grades K-12. DIS offers the best American style education to students in Korea, making it their mission to help students become successful contributing members of a global society by providing a safe nurturing environment for students to reach their maximum potential.

Daegu International School is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education, Republic of Korea and is recognized by the Department of Education, Maine, USA as an associated school of Lee Academy, in Lee, Maine, USA. It is the goal of DIS to prepare all students to enter post-secondary education in the finest Universities and Colleges in Korea, the USA, and worldwide.

Along with extensive and high-tech facilities, the school also offers Korean history/social studies and Korean language for students who want to meet Korean education requirements.

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