The Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Hotel: Tokyo’s Hot New Hotel for 2019

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

A central location for Tokyo’s public transportation: Tamachi Station

If you’re going to Tokyo, the #1 factor in your hotel choice needs to be the location. Transportation is both expensive and time-consuming. Taxi prices are sky-high and even public transport isn’t cheap. You need to be centrally located so you can both get your business accomplished then get out and enjoy the amazing sights, sounds and flavors that Tokyo has to offer. Tamachi Station is located on the prime, bayside real estate on the circular JR Yamanote Line, the one line that takes you all around Tokyo. Travel either direction on this line to get to some of the busiest train stations in the world, including #1 Shinjuku (9 stops away), #2 Shibuya (6 stops) and #8 Tokyo Station (only 4 stops away).

Stay on the bay, right between Shibuya, Shinjuku & Tokyo Stations

It’s hard to beat the Pullman’s tremendous location. Being on the bay, the Tamachi area offers beautiful views of the canals during your walks, and with the area’s great combination of commercial and residential property, you can hit the local walking Izakaya street for dinner and one (or more) of their famous high balls. Then drop by the 24-hour grocery store for some Japanese ramen on the way back to the Pullman.

A modern boutique hotel with a social design focus

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

The Pullman is a boutique hotel, so don’t expect the facilities of a large-scale, 5-star hotel. There’s no pool, and the gym is almost an afterthought (think treadmills and a few basic weights but with a spectacular view as it’s on the top floor). With only 143 rooms, the hotel focuses on two things: an artistic yet comfortable decor and encouraging friendly connections.

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

Let’s start with the fact that as soon as you enter their 2nd-floor main lobby, you are greeted by a magnificent bar that dovetails right into the front desk. Would you like a cocktail with your check-in? Dedicating their prime real estate to a bar before the check-in desk is a fun, out-of-the-box move. This along with the high-top tables in the lobby is another bit of social lubricant eliciting fortuitous chats with visitors, guests, and staff.

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

Check out the lobby some more and across from the front desk you’ll find a classic meeting room with a massive table in front of it. What’s that in the middle of the table? A ping pong net? Yup. Flip open the side panels to get your ping pong game started!

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

Friendliness over formality

The staff dress code is as comfortable as the hotel. You won’t see ties on the managers and the cordial staff look like they just left H & M. The casual dress keeps communication on a more level playing field than at more elite hotels, so if you’re a bit repressed and like being treated like royalty by the help, then Pullman isn’t for you. If you enjoy a bright smile and friendly banter at check-in and breakfast, then you will love this place.

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Obviously, with the scale of the hotel you will be running into staff members frequently and they always remember your name. The friendly greetings and smiles are what make the difference when you’re trying to enjoy the area. There’s no concierge desk because every staff member is expected to play the role of concierge.

The best hotel breakfast in Tokyo?

Maybe. Breakfast in the only full-service restaurant, Ka, is a highlight of every day at the Pullman Tokyo Tamachi Hotel. Grab a newspaper in your preferred language on the way in to properly savor the morning sunlight streaming through the floor-to-ceiling windows looking at the outdoor courtyard. Head over to the impressive buffet, which is complemented by a short menu of freshly-prepared dishes. My eggs benedict was absolutely stellar.

Again, it was the small touches that made all the difference. Drop oranges into their juicing machine for freshly-squeezed juice. A fresh slice of honeycomb sits in a display/dispenser in the middle of the room, giving you confidence that you’re getting the freshest honey possible. Coffee made to order, real cream for the coffee, real ground wasabi for the sashimi plate, and a terrific assortment of Japanese pickled vegetables are just some of the ways they take your morning breakfast escape to another level.

In-room state-of-the-art technology, but lacking storage

The in-room entertainment system was a big highlight for me. It easily allows you to log in to your personal accounts for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon. As soon as I arrived, I logged into Netflix and enjoyed catching up on the latest episodes of “Better Call Saul.” It certainly takes your personal experience to another level when you are enjoying the same shows you would at home in the comfort of your hotel room. It would be crucial for those staying with children, too.

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

Even the outlets were incredibly convenient with USB power connections on both sides of the bed so you can charge your device easily. They really took pains with the technology.

The bathroom layout is unique and practical, with completely separate toilet, shower and sink areas. Three people could be using the facilities at the same time in theory. The obstacle to many people in the room would have to be the inadequate storage space. The closet is one of those shallow, bar-out-of-the-wall closets with 3 hangers. There aren’t really any drawers to speak of, so you’ll pretty much be living out of your suitcase while staying here.

Ranking above the crowd, Pullman Tokyo Tamachi is highly recommended

tokyo pullman hotel tamachi

Whether you’re going to Tokyo for a short visit or weeks at a time, the Pullman Tokyo Tamachi makes for a great home away from home. Beautiful interiors and decor, creature comforts, and friendly staff are all there, but the thing that takes this hotel to another level is the location. Sitting on top of one of the most centrally-located rail lines is key to getting around town. To add to that,  the area is filled with both commercial and residential real estate, ensuring plenty of authentic Japanese attractions nearby. Jog along the canal walkways, stroll through the nearby parks or visit the great local restaurants and Izakaya (bars). No matter how you choose to spend your free time, the Pullman Tokyo Tamachi hotel can accommodate.