Discover Foreign-Language Temple Stay Programs in Korea

temple stay
Photo by 성두 홍

In 2023, popular Korean temple stay programs are continuing to expand support for foreign visitors. Sixteen Buddhist is a temples offer a range of English-language temple stays, with options ranging from a two-day stay to a week or even longer. These programs provide a unique opportunity to immerse visitors in temple life, including participating in Buddhist prayer services, meditations, collaborative work, and philosophical discussions. Additionally, English-language experiences such as monastic meals, tea ceremonies, and the handcrafting of lotus lanterns for Buddha’s Birthday remain popular offerings.

Korea’s authentic overnight temple stay programs remain a highly sought-after tourist destination. Operated by the Jogye Buddhist sect, these programs continue to offer a culturally enriching experience for visitors. With the expanded foreign-language services, the Jogye Buddhist sect hopes to attract even more overseas visitors to participate in these getaways and gain a deeper appreciation for Korean culture and spirituality. Find more information at

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