South Korea 2016- A Year in Review

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From the revolutionary emergence of Netflix, to the analysis of the World Happiness Report, Korea 2016 marked a memorable year for Korean society. As we embark on this transformative journey, join us in exploring the dynamic developments and key events that embodied South Korea in 2016.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the year 2016 in South Korea:

What is the most popular movie in South Korea in 2016?

One of the most popular movies in South Korea in 2016 was titled “Train to Busan.” Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, this thrilling story of a zombie apocalypse gained immense success and received widespread recognition domestically and internationally.

What was the most popular Korean drama in 2016?

The most popular Korean drama in 2016 was “Descendants of the Sun,” a romantic drama that unfolded the love story between a soldier and a doctor. Starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo in the lead roles, this drama gained immense popularity within Korea and internationally for its engaging storyline and high-quality production.

Who was Miss Korea in 2016, and who represented South Korea in the Miss Universe pageant?

The winner of Miss Korea in 2016 was Jenny Kim. She also represented South Korea in the Miss Universe pageant in the same year.

What were the three most popular films in Korea in 2016?

In 2016, the three most popular films in South Korea were “Train to Busan,” “The Wailing (곡성),” and “The Handmaiden (아가씨).” These films were immensely successful among the public and gained widespread recognition.

What was the Korean population in 2016?

According to the Korean Statistical Information Service, the Korean population in 2016 was approximately 51 million people.

What was the Korean GDP in 2016?

In 2016, the GDP in South Korea was approximately 1.41 trillion US dollars, according to the Bank of Korea. Furthermore, the average salary in 2016 across South Korea was approximately 37.3 million Korean won, according to the Korean Statistical Information Service.

What were the Korean public holidays in 2016?

Some of the major holidays in South Korea in 2016 included New Year’s Day (Sinjeong – January 1, 2016), Lunar New Year’s Day (Seolla – February 7, 2016), Independence Movement Day (Samiljeol – March 1, 2016), Buddha’s Birthday (Seokga Tasinil – May 14, 2016), Liberation Day (Gwangbokjeol – August 15, 2016), Chuseok (September 14-16, 2016), Hangeul Day (October 9, 2016), and Christmas Day (Sungtanjeol – December 25, 2016). Among all the public holidays, Chuseok is the most widely known and celebrated.

Who was the President of South Korea in 2016?

The President of South Korea in 2016 was Park Geun-hye. She was the 11th President of South Korea and served from February 25, 2013, until March 10, 2017. Park Geun-hye faced impeachment and was removed from office in March 2017 after a corruption scandal.

Take a look at some of the significant events in South Korea from 2016:

World Happiness Report Korea 2016: Where Does South Korea Sit?

korea 2016 world happiness report

World Happiness Report 2016: Where Does South Korea Sit?

The World Happiness Report 2016 has deemed South Korea the 58th happiest country in the world. This year, Denmark took out number 1, with the top 10 made up of all other nordic countries as well as Switzerland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. The US came in at 13.

Started in 2012, the World Happiness Report aims to measure factors such as GDP, social support, life expectancy, freedom to make life choices, generosity and perceptions of corruption, which are compiled to produce a happiness score and then ranked accordingly. The report covers 153 countries and is released every one to two years in time for the United Nations World Happiness Day on March 20. It aims to provide an alternate measure of progress that takes into account development factors beyond GDP alone.

This year’s study ranked Korea at number 58, which is a considerable fall from the last study published that ranked South Korea the 47th happiest country in the world. While factors contributing to this year’s ranking such as life expectancy and GDP were comparable to the top 10 happiest countries listed, Koreans were let down by their perceived freedom to make decisions, social support and generosity.

Netflix Now Available in South Korea 2016

Korea 2016 Netflix

Cancel your weekend plans because we have big news: Netflix has finally launched in South Korea.

Overnight Netflix switched on its long awaited streaming service in 130 countries around the world, including South Korea. As we reported in September last year, Netflix announced their service would be available by January 2016 and true to their word, it’s time to ditch the proxy and sign up.  

Speaking at the company’s CES keynote address in Las Vegas overnight, Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, announced Netflix would now be available in almost every country on the planet- with the most notable exception being China. The company then confirmed the news over twitter, where the availability of Netflix was not only announced for South Korea, but also places like Antarctica and Afghanistan.

Mr Hastings also confirmed that Netflix will host largely home-grown content in many of the regions it is now available — a move that helps skirt local restrictions, as well as pandering to local tastes. This also means you can now look forward to weekends of binge watching endless k-dramas!

Chasing the Holy Grail of Pokémon Go in South Korea 2016

Pokémon Go – a free mobile game that allows gamers to catch capsule monsters around them is taking the world by storm. The game was released in July 2016, available on both Android and iOS, it took less than a week to become the No. 1 free app on the US iTunes Store. It is now available in the US, UK, Australia, Germany and New Zealand.

In Tajiri’s interview with the Time magazine dated 1999, he articulated his concern that “kids play inside their homes now, and a lot had forgotten about catching insects”; Pokémon Go manifests the finest reverberation of Tajiri’s Pokémon goal, inviting gamers to move around in the search for monsters. This is especially true in South Korea, with a surge of Pokémon Go tourists flocking to Sokcho, a coastal city located approximately 3 hours away from Seoul by bus, is the only confirmed place in the country where the app works.

For Pokémon Go to work properly on your device, it requires the use of Google Maps to track the location. But due to the South’s security concerns with the North and its national security law that Korea is still a divided country in war. Thus the South Korean map data cannot be handed over to Google, as a result Google Maps is restricted in South Korea. Yet the excited South Korean gamers have found two loopholes in the city of Sokcho and the remote Shinan County, which are not covered as restricted areas by the South Korean government, the former has been confirmed that Pokémon Go does in fact work there.

South Korean Parliament Votes To Impeach Park Geun-HyeKorea 2016

Korea 2016 Park Geun-Hye

South Korean parliament ousts President Park Geun-hye in a historic impeachment vote today—a fitting apex to the influence-peddling scandal that shook the country.

National Assembly votes tallied to 234 to 56 (234 out of the 300 lawmakers were in favor of her impeachment, versus 56 who opposed and 10 invalid votes and absentions), which is beyond the two-thirds needed to oust the president. This makes Park Geun-hye the country’s first democratically elected leader to be ousted from office.

The citizens of South Korea have long shown their desire for Park Geun-hye to resign as they took to the streets and held protests, hundreds of thousands strong. About two weeks ago, the South Korean President did express her willingness to resign from her post but left the decision ultimately to the parliament.

During the days that followed, the National Assembly did not arrive at an agreement on her resignation but did push through with their original plan: an impeachment vote.

Now, Park Geun-hye’s powers are officially suspended. The prime minister, Hwang Kyo-ahn, will be temporarily taking over the highest post in the country.

It’s Not Yet The End

Whether Park Geun-hye will be impeached or not, it will be up to the Constitutional Court now. They have 180 days to uphold the motion or reinstate her.

To make it official, six of the court’s nine justices must support her impeachment. Then, the country would hold a presidential election within 60 days.

No word yet on the South Korean President’s reaction, but she was quoted saying, “Even if the impeachment bill is passed, I am resolved to continue calmly for the country and the people, while watching the constitutional court procedures.”

Is The Korean Won Dying? What Trump’s Victory Means NowKorea 2016

korea 2016 won

There were fears that a Republican victory in the United States 2016 Presidential Election in November would send stock markets crashing. It did. Contrary to most investors’ expectations, Donald Trump pulled off an astounding victory over Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton on Tuesday, November 8. Markets were caught by surprise and sent into a tizzy.

On Wednesday, November 9, the won fell 1.3% from the day before to 1,149.5 won to the US dollar. Although the currency did reach the point of 1,157.3 to the dollar, traders suspect the government intervened to stop the plunge. Shares of automobile, renewable energy, and tech firms also dropped. By Friday, November 11, the South Korean won had fallen to a 4-month low, with expectations that it may eventually fall to even 1,200 won against the US dollar.

Koreans worry because of the now uncertain US policies towards South Korea under a Trump Administration. Mr. Trump had campaigned on an entirely opposite policy platform towards Asia than President Barack Obama had embraced.

On the other hand, if we are working in South Korea, or staying here long-term, we are probably getting paid in South Korean won. When we would want to travel home (or just go on vacation), everything would be more expensive. So, post-election trends in that case are not in our favor.

In all probability, we might not see any reversal in the current exchange pattern until at least Trump takes office on January 20, 2017, and, even then, we must wait until we can be relatively sure what policy implications a Trump Presidency will bring.

Moreover, he has been known to change his mind on occasion. For the time being, it could be unrealistic to expect the South Korean won to recover to its pre-election levels given the staggering levels of US policy uncertainty. If, however, after the inauguration, Trump assures South Korea of some stability and works out deals that will not threaten current economic arrangements, the won will have a better chance of stabilizing, and perhaps even recovering in value.

Dear Teacher, I Can’t Afford Sanitary Pads Korea 2016

The reality is that this is happening right here and now in South Korea, 2016.

Every girl has to face “that time of month.” And when that time comes, there’s no doubt that these sanitary items are a necessity. And to the girls who cannot afford these sanitary items, they are left feeling disgusted and uncomfortable with themselves and their own bodies.

Sanitary items are an undeniable necessity, but now it has become a thing of luxury.

Girls who can’t afford sanitary pads put up with their periods however long they may last. They replace pads with uncomfortable towels, tissues- even the soles for their shoes in order to make up for the absence of sanitary pads.

During puberty girls tend to conceal or hide their problems in regards to their period needs but these can lead to serious consequences.

This is a danger to a girl’s overall health.

Yuhan-Kimberly sparked perhaps one of the most important and shocking conversations that low-income teenage girls revealed online about not being able to afford their sanitary products.

Yuhan-Kimberly is a company that was established in 1940 and is a joint venture with Yuhan Corporation and US Company Kimberly-Clark. They produce sanitary items and is based in Seoul, South Korea. Their products also include items such as diapers, wipes, and toilet paper. They are the leading manufacturing brand for these hygiene products in Korea.

Around May 2016, the Yuhan-Kimberly faced enormous backlash because of their announcement to increase prices on all their sanitary pads products by 20% at the start of June, contradicting their statements from earlier this year. If effective, it would mean an increase on prices for 55% of the market in sanitary pads in Korea. In response to these news, stories online from low income students and teenagers have been devastating, fueling discussion and adamant protest.

GoFundMe Campaign Raises Thousands Within Hours for Rooftop Tragedy in Itaewon Korea 2016

A GoFundMe campaign launched to assist the families of Cory Andersen and Kesayne Reed, who tragically passed away last Sunday morning, has raised thousands of dollars within hours of launching.

The creators initially set a fundraising goal of $15, 000 but at the time of writing, and less than 24 hours after the fund was launched, the figure stood at $11, 610 raised by just 161 people in 18 hours. Donations averaged at around $72 per person and the GoFundMe page has already been shared 471 times.

The fund was set up through fundraising website GoFundMe by members of Canada Ball Hockey Korea (CBHK), a recreational ball hockey team based in Seoul the pair were both linked to.

A statement in response to the outpouring of support on the GoFundMe page reads, “We have spoken with some of the family members and they want to thank everyone. We will give them space and time, but any financial support can let them try to focus on what’s important.”

The Korea Herald reported the deaths of Andersen and Reed on Monday, stating the two died from head injuries after plunging from a third story balcony in Itaewon in the early hours of Sunday morning.

South Korea Ranks As One Of The Worst Countries For Climate Change Korea 2016

korea 2016 climate change map

In the fight against climate change, South Korea ranks near the bottom, in terms of what it is doing to prevent dangerous climate change, according to the Climate Change Performance Index 2016. So, just what is the story of Korea’s policies on this front?

korea 2016 rating in climate change chart

In 2012, South Korea was heralded as a pioneer in the global response to climate change. In May of that year, it became the first Asian country to pass a national greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions trading scheme (ETS). The goal was to help Korea reduce emissions by 30% by the year 2020. This was in comparison to business-as-usual (BAU) levels.

The act was really the fulfilling of a pledge to reduce emission levels that the Korean government, under President Lee Myung-bak, had made back in 2009. At that time, Korea was already the OECD’s fastest-growing carbon polluter, and Asia’s fourth-largest economy. It also aimed to use hybrid cars, renewable and nuclear energy consumption, and smart grids to help meet that 2020 mark.

During the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference in December that year, South Korea was held in high regard. Even before the conference, it was hoped that Korea’s actions would be seen as a model for other Asian economies. As Reuters wrote, “Seoul is establishing a precedent that might encourage much bigger emitters like China and India to agree to targets of their own, although their resistance is unlikely to bend soon.” President Lee and Korea basked in praise.

Instead, the PMO laid out four possible alternative scenarios, which involved possible cuts of BAU gas emissions levels of 14.7%, 19.2%, 25.7%, and 31.3%. More importantly, the target year was pushed back to 2030. However, all these new levels were rated as inadequate by the Climate Action Tracker. The government finally decided that by 2030 it would slash emissions by 37% from BAU levels. The original domestic climate law, the Green Growth Act, was formally amended in 2016 to reflect the new targets

Results were not favorable for rankings. Due to Korea’s abandonment of the 2020 GHG goal, along with steep increases in greenhouse gas emissions and financial support for coal-fired power plant exports, the Institute for Climate Change Action (ICCA) announced on November 6, 2016, that South Korea was now in the basket of the four biggest “climate villains,” alongside Saudi Arabia, Australia, and New Zealand.

What is perhaps more unnerving, is that responsibility for enforcing emission reductions has shifted to the more business-friendly Ministry of Strategy and Finance, away from the Ministry of Environment. As Carbon Pulse reported, “Observers said those changes increase the chances of allocation levels being adjusted upwards as there would be no point restricting emission levels to an abandoned target, especially as the Korean economy is struggling with low growth rates.”

Moreover, Seoul’s desire to pursue green energy puts off many of its resource-intensive industries. An official at top ethylene maker Yeochun Naphtha Cracking Center maintained that, “To the petrochemical industries, it means new additional costs.”

Such pressure from businesses, together with a new climate-skeptical Trump Administration that has threatened to revise current trade and security policies towards Korea, not to mention the Park Administration’s fight for its very survival with weekly mass protests calling for the President’s resignation, does not augur well for Korean climate change policy. Under the current circumstances, it would seem Seoul might have higher priorities than reducing gas emissions.

4 New Restaurants That Opened In Seoul, Korea 2016

korean food korea 2016

4 New Restaurants that Opened in Seoul, Korea 2016

Winter is well and truly over, and 2016 is already marching headlong into its second quarter! The first 3 months of this year have ushered in plenty of new faces to Seoul’s food and dining scene, so we’ve rounded up a list of the 4 best new restaurants in Seoul for 2016.

The Royal Food and Drink

The Royal Food and Drink appeared high up in the hills of Haebangchon earlier this month and has already proved itself worth the walk.Serving a well rounded breakfast lineup that bounces between bagels, salads, and big servings like the farmers breakfast, the menu then drifts seamlessly into brunch and then dinner. Standouts include the Jalapeño popper dip, which pairs perfectly with fellow noteworthy menu item, the pineapple margarita.

Banh Mi Lee

Check out the latest Banh Mi shop that just opened its doors in February! Banh Mi Lee does a tasty rendition of the authentic Vietnamese sandwich, with fillings ranging from meatball, chicken, and their most popular, pork. Along with a delicious sandwich, you can also try their special deep fried bananas served with a coconut cream and condensed milk sauce.They also brew their very own Vietnamese coffees and lattes served south-east Asian style with sweetened condensed milk. 


The restaurant Soigné, best known for its culinary excellence, has great news for all pasta lovers out there!  Doughroom by Soigné is a new restaurant that presents hand crafted artisanal fresh pasta. Pappadelle, orchiette, black squid ink pasta, agnolotti — you name it!

Bros Table

Technically opened in December last year, Bros Table was another one that is so good and opened so late in 2015, that we just couldn’t leave it out! With a menu focused first and foremost on roast chicken, Bros Table lets diners construct a meal to their liking from a choice of various breads, sauces, and side menus.

New App Teaches Users Korean Drinking Games Korea 2016

New App for Korean Drinking Games Korea 2016

Is passing around the lid of a soju bottle getting a bit old hat? It’s time to broaden your horizons. App developer, Cat’s Tongue Soft Entertainment, has produced a new app that teaches you to play Korean drinking games. Drink! Korea takes users on a journey through 20 different drinking games, with  6 games to try for free and an additional 14 available by purchase.

The game comes with 2 modes: select your game of choice or go with party mode and let the app choose for you. Games include the likes of “Babo”, “Baskin Robbins 31” and plenty Korean drinking songs. Stating its main goal as to enhance any party whilst teaching users more about Korean culture, Drink! Korea could be just what we need as rooftop season approaches!

Download the App here and remember to drink responsibly!

Perseid Meteor Shower Outburst In Korea 2016

If you want to see something different this summer, and take your mind off the heat for a while, then you should definitely make plans to see the Perseid Meteor Shower this year.

The Perseid Meteor Shower Korea 2016

This meteor shower happens every July and August, named after the constellation it comes from, Perseus the mythological hero that defeated medusa.

Why is it so special in Korea 2016?

The meteor shower this year promises to be more spectacular. Meteor showers are basically meteor’s debris that pass through the Earth’s atmosphere and Perseid Meteor Shower normally displays between 80 to 100 meteors per hour, however! This year the rate will go up to 150 and even top at 200 meteors per hour. This anomaly last happened in 2009.

Perseid Meteor Shower can be seen all around the world, and the best time to see it is just before dawn. Here are some tips for star gazing this beautiful phenomena:

1.  You don’t need any equipment.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a telescope, this meteor shower can be seen with the naked eye.

2. Find a place that is dark and open.

If you live in the city is a good idea to get as far as possible from the artificial lights and tall buildings as this can obstruct your view.

3. Be patient.

It may take a while for you to be able to see the meteors, give yourself a good two hours of stargazing because at the end it may leave you with a priceless memory.

4.  Get comfy.

Following the tip above, because you may be there for a while make sure you have a chair or something to lay down and relax and wait.

5.  Don’t look directly up into the sky.

Instead of going full 90 degrees directly up into the sky, try to look up 35~40 degrees slightly below from this part for a better view. [Although it really depends where you are, so let your eyes get used to 

Seoul Fashion Week Shows Off Unique Styles Korea 2016

When it comes to Fashion, in recent years the capital city of South Korea Seoul has gotten much attention with it’s high-end and experimental blend of styles.

Seoul style has a very distinctive blend of designer’s pieces from couple wears to punk styles, from soft-gothic look to oversize sweaters and outers.

The street style outfit from Seoul Fashion Week 2017 s/s gives us a glimpse of greater styles of Seoul but mostly it gives us major inspiration for new season outfits.

Follow our favorite street style looks from Seoul Fashion Week.

5 Festigardens to Check Out this June Korea 2016

Although half of June 2016 has passed, the second half of June is packed with artsy summer events you don’t want to miss! Find your next adventure making lavender perfume, exploring French haute couture, and more. Be sure to visit these five festival-garden-exhibits before they close at the end of the month.

1. Goseong Lavender Festival

Who said you can only find lavender fields in France? During June, areas in Goseong-gun are covered with fragrant lavender fields. Stop by the Goseong Lavender Festival at the Hani Lavender Farm in Goseong-gun, Gangwon-do before it closes on June 21. Go lavender picking, learn to make lavender perfume, take a lavender growing class and more. You should definitely go for some aromatherapy before it’s too late!

2. Peach Blossom: Hopeful Flower of Utopia

What does it mean to lead a better life? What does it mean to be optimistic about the future? Visit Peach Blossom: Hopeful Flower of Utopia, a multimedia arts project located in Culture Seoul Station 284 that strives to address these questions and more. Featured artists hail from Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.You should stop by before the exhibition closes on June 26!

3. Light Festival at the Ansan Starlight Village

Stroll through an illuminated wonderland with your loved ones! Stop by the Light Festival at the Ansan Starlight Village. Experience both the night stars and dazzling LED light displays in this family friendly park. Enjoy hearty fusion dishes like bulgogi pizza and ddukbokki carbonara at the new local restaurant Cafe Grey by Roman. Be sure to go visit the hundred themed photo zones, souvenir shops, and quaint houses before the festival closes on June 30.

4. Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition

Renowned French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s designs are on display at the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition in Seoul’s Dongdaemun Design Plaza until June 30. Known for his eccentric and bold designs, Gaultier personally designed a dress themed “Korea” especially for this exhibition. Don’t miss this important event in fashion history!

5. Iris Festival of The Garden of Morning Calm

Did you know that June is iris flower season? In Gyeonggi-do’s The Garden of Morning Calm, Seohwayeon Pond’s water lilies and irises are currently in full bloom. Stroll through the lush sprawling garden and see for yourself why the poet Tagore named Korea “the Land of Morning Calm.” Visit the Iris Festival of The Garden of Morning Calm before it closes on June 30.

SIWA Presents The Largest International Fundraising Event In Seoul, Korea 2016

The much awaited 2016 SIWA & Diplomatic Community Bazaar (the “Bazaar”), hosted by Seoul
International Women’s Association (SIWA), is back!

The Bazaar is one of the largest international fundraising events in Seoul. In 2015, more than 30 embassies and several women’s clubs, local businesses, sponsors, welfare organizations and SIWA volunteers joined hands to offer visitors a truly international experience.

The Bazaar will also feature entertaining performances throughout the day, such as the smooth jazz sounds of the Iced Americano Trio and gorgeous harmonies from Camarata Music Company. As an added bonus, visitors can enter a chance to win fantastic Raffle prizes from many different stores, restaurants and spas.

The event is expected to attract approximately 5,000 visitors, including residents of Korea, both Korean nationals and expats, as well as tourists. The event’s convenient timing and the venue’s central location are expected to draw residents and working professionals from all over Seoul. For foreign tourists visiting Seoul during late autumn, the Bazaar will be a perfect stop to experience the culture of Korea as well as that of dozens of countries.

All proceeds generated by SIWA from the event will be donated to over 20 Korean charities, enabling them to serve the Korean community better, be it orphan children, homeless or disabled individuals or senior citizens. ” The annual bazaar brings SIWA, the diplomatic community and other expat organizations in collaboration to raise money to help the many disenfranchised members in our host country,” said Anne Choe, SIWA President.

Hosted since the 1960s, the SIWA Bazaar has been a cornerstone of Seoul’s rich charitable history and has raised over two billion Won (KRW 2 billion) over the years. Each year, several dozen volunteers and sponsors contribute to making this event a success and strive to continue raising funds for Korean charities.

Outdoor Beer Garden Opening | Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel Korea 2016

You’ve had a long day of work stuck in a stuffy office, it’s 5pm and you’re nearly free to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather that you’ve been staring at through the window. But where do you go to wind down?

The Belle-Essence Seoul Hotel is where! And with the recent opening of their beer garden, you’d be crazy not to go. Sit out in the setting sun or under the shade of a parasol, relax and listen to the trickling water and the cool Summer breeze through the leaves, all while sipping on a cold drink and nibbling on snacks.

And speaking of cold drinks, there’s a wide selection of draft beers and other beverages to choose from.

   From 5pm to 12 midnight you can sample their extensive menu, such as; greens salads, homemade pork Haxen, grilled seafood, assorted sausages, U.S beef kebab, Australian lamb kebab, shrimp kebab, chicken leg kebab, daily special pizza, seasonal fresh fruit, fried chicken wings with cheese sticks and so much more.

5 Pool Parties To Escape The Heat in Summer Korea 2016

1. Tropical Wave | Hotel Arty Pool Party

A different twist of your typical pool parties, Tropical Wave is for the artsy who want to enjoy dance performances, video mapping a fashion show and much more!

2. Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party

Back for another year, Walkerhill Bikini Pool Party will be featuring 5 different pool parties with live performances, international artists and more to make you enjoy this hot summer nights!

3. Hamilton Pool Festival

Located in the center of Seoul, this rooftop pool party offers great music and much fun! And because there is no such thing as too much partying, join up for the after party and dance up until sunrise!.

4. Beyond the Pool Party | Season 4

This summer is getting hotter, why don’t cool yourself down at the Beyond Pool Party where you can enjoy chill drinks, awesome music performances and a pool full of ping pong balls!


What’s the best part of a pool? The slides, of course!, but these are not your typical slides, these are 350mt long slides that go across the street, so get your inflatable tub and GERONIMO!

Wrap Up: Street Style at Seoul Fashion Week Korea 2016

Seoul Fashion Week wrapped up on Saturday, but not before 10 Magazine’s Soo Min Mah hit the street to photograph the street style flaunted around Dongdaemun Plaza over the last week. We asked some of fashion week’s best dressed locals and visitors from around the world to describe fashion in Korea. The flurry of sartorial extravagance on the street created an opportunity to think about the uniqueness of fashion in Korea as well as it’s relationship with Western fashion, and provided a glimpse into what might be the next big thing in Korea.

“The mix of Western and Korean styles of this season makes Korean fashion extra unique. However, I also think the influence of K-Pop/K-culture has contributed to its appeal internationally.”

“I think the individual uniqueness and the convenience makes Korean fashion unique. The comfortable and subtle yet distinctive looks make our fashion more approachable.”

St Patrick’s Day Korea 2016

Get your finest green t-shirts ready because it’s almost time for St Patrick’s Day Seoul 2016! Haven’t decided where to party yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There’s plenty of green and Guinness, shamrocks and shots, dining and dancing, and of course traditional Irish music to celebrate the Emerald Isle’s patron saint with.

Korea 2016 St Patrick’s Day Festival

Craic, Ceoil agus Cairdeas! That means “great fun, music and friendship,” in Irish, and frankly, what else do you need? It’s also the theme of this year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations run by the Irish Association of Korea. Visitors can look forward to plenty of Irish dancing, Irish traditional music and audience participation. Festivities kick off around 1pm and run through until 6pm at Daeseong’s D-Cube City plaza, Sindorim. Check out the Facebook page and join the Irish Association of Korea for a day of rich culture and Celtic history.

The Most Relaxing Competition You Could Ever Do Korea 2016

The third annual Space-Out Competition (멍때리기 대회) was held on Sunday, May 22 at the Ichon Han River Park in Yongsan-gu. More than 1500 people registered to compete, but spots were limited to 70 competitors.

“Mongddaerida” in Korean means to space out or daydream, with eyes glazed, oblivious to the world.  The first competition was held in 2014 and was organized by the Korean performance artist WoopsYang (웁쓰양). The competition aims to encourage total absence of mind, allowing brains stressed by too much work or screen usage to relax.

“The real value of spacing out is the ability to empty yourself,” said the artist in an emailed statement. “When I first organized this competition, my intention was to show a group doing nothing in the middle of a busy city. My goal was to make a visual comparison with a busy group and a group doing nothing. I think this shows the value of spacing out.” The competitive aspect makes spacing out a goal-orientated activity, she said, which removes the negative social connotations of daydreaming as a waste of time.  

A space-out competition was also held in Suwon earlier in May, and in Beijing in 2015.  The rules of the competition are simple: space out for as long as possible. ‘Doctors’ assisted the artist and organizers by checking heart rates to ensure competitors were suitably relaxed. Competitors were prohibited from talking, laughing, sleeping, eating, and checking their watches or cellphones, and some were removed from the competition on Sunday for breaking these rules. Competitors were also encouraged to dress in the attire of their profession.

Run and Rave at Electrodash Seoul This Summer Korea 2016

All the summer nights of chimdaek and soju have been adding up, yet skipping out on Seoul’s  nightlife for a date with a treadmill sounds incredibly unappealing… introducing ElectroDash, a global annual EDM festival and 5K On August 6th, the streets of Yeouido turn from trafficked hell to an illuminated heaven of UV paint, bubbles, powder, and black light archers to set it all aglow. Bumping along to the flashing LED lights and boom of tropical house music, Electro-dashers get to see amazing graphic art light projections against the city skyline while enjoying views of the river in hues of electric turquoise, hot pinks, and magentas.

The “run” culminates in a black light arena in Han River Park with Insta-worthy photo opps and a professionally DJ’ed afterparty. Although ElectroDash is an internationally acclaimed festival, this is only it’s second year in Seoul; last year’s race drew crowds of over 11,000 Electro-dashers with Bueno Clinic performing as its musical finale.

Jeonju Night Is Having 9 Free Cultural Summer Night Experiences Korea 2016

The city of Jeonju is holding a night event, Jeonju night, on June 17 and 18 this year. The Korean Cultural Heritage Administration is hosting this starry event to celebrate the tradition Jeonju upholds and the annual tourist count of more than 10 million. Jeonju is known most for its Hanok Village, an entire village with ancient dynasty architecture. It’s a city that is a literal living and breathing artifact of Korean history. 

There are three main types of events: touring old royal historical buildings from both the Hubaekje Kingdom and Joseon Dynasty, indoor and outdoor musical performances near historical architecture, and games and activities involving lit palaces and fish markets. And, it’s all free.
Gyunggijeon is a historic site from the Joseon Dynasty. It has a serene aura at night, with lights that are calming and easy on the eyes, a perfect relaxing spot.
Omokdae is a popular cultural legacy that is located uphill, which means it provides the finest scenic view of the Hanok Village. And, the village glistens at night.
Hanbyukroo is a summerhouse located on top of a cliff, looking over the various waterways of Jeonju. It’s the best spot for a good bird-eye’s view. The Jeondong Church, “CheonsangJieum,” is famously known as the most beautiful cathedral in South Korea. The actual film site for the film, “Promise (약속),” when filled with the Gregorian chants of the performers, the cathedral will surely become an unworldly concert hall.
The JeonjuHyanggo, “Night of Sanjo,” is a musical performance with Sanjo, a Korean genre similar to American Jazz — filled with blues and rhythm, free and emotional. Skilled performers will be sure to open our hearts and ears to Korea’s jazz.
The Jeonju-chun, “Salpuri on the Korean Canoe,” is Jeonju’s most well-known river, and home to otters and swans. There will be a Korean traditional dance performance held on a Korean-style canoe. The collaboration of nature and human movement will come together as one piece of art both nights.
The Nambu traditional market is holding a game called, “Protect The Portrait of King Tae-Jo!” Visitors will be part of a game where you can either steal or protect the King’s Portrait.
Near the Jeonju-chun, people in Korean traditional garb, “hanbok,” will be encouraged to participate in Korea’s traditional dance, “Ganggangsulae,” within Jeonju’s most famous Hanok Village

Get Cultured At Gyeongbokgung Palace This Month For Free Korea 2016

The most absolute way to indulge in South Korea’s complex social and cultural landscape is to hit it straight in the face, in the most traditional way — a fashionable tour into South Korea’s history. Gyeongbokgung Palace is finally open to the public with its third round of special late-night hours, an annual and very popular summer spectacle.

If you missed the Palace’s April and June, make sure to check it out this mid-summer from July 16th to August 19th. Hours are from 7:30 PM~10:00 PM, with tickets going at 3,000 won for Gyeongbokgung Palace. The tour is actually free for people dressed in hanbok, Korea’s traditional garb, which can be rented from 10,000 won to 30,000 won depending on how long each item of clothing will be rented for (information below). Starting from the beautifully lit Gwanghamun Gate, the tour will lead a capped audience of 2,800 all the way into the Gyeonghoeru Pavilion.

The reason why Gyeongbokgung Palace’s night tour is extremely popular amongst both tourists and non-tourists is because of how amazingly beautiful the palace is at night. The palace, built in 1395, was the main dwelling place for royal individuals and their associates during the Joseon Dynasty. It brags more than 700 years of history and culture, and is officially designated as Historical Site No.117 since January 1965.

It’s located in Jongno-gu, Seoul — Jongno, a city that arguably represents the culture and history of modern Seoul. With Insadong and Myeongdong right near by, it is definitely a popularly recommended, one-stop-see-all.

Dylan Goldby Photography Exhibition Korea 2016

Dylan Goldby launches his first solo photography exhibition on June 20.

Hosted by the Australian Chamber of Commerce, Dylan Goldby’s first solo photography exhibition will be held on June 20 at Mi Case in Itaewon. The exhibition will display photographs from his recent work with the Lai Tu Chin people of Myanmar. All proceeds from book sales will provide clean water and primary education to the Lai Tu Chin people. 

Korea 2016 Bon Iver Live in Seoul

It’s difficult to find commentary on Bon Iver that doesn’t mention how a heartbroken Justin Vernon, recovering from mononucleosis hepatitis, retreated into a snowy cabin in the woods and emerged with the beginnings of a deeply introspective and visceral album.

Coupled with the singer-songwriter’s stirring falsetto, it’s easy to see why the story makes for such an enduring image. Simply put, the sentimental tale makes the sonic experience all the more
cathartic for its audience. However, in subsequent works that followed the Grammy Award-winning album For Emma, Forever Ago, it becomes clear that Justin Vernon has long moved on.

The band will only stop in Seoul for one night before resuming their first Asian tour which closes out in Hong Kong the following month. With early bird tickets having sold out, concert-goers can
expect to pay W90,000 in advance and W100,000 at the door.

Journey Is Coming To Seoul For The First Time Ever Korea 2016

Become apart Journey’s history this February in Seoul for the first time ever! Journey will perform its first ever Korean concert at Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, on 15 February, 2017 (Wednesday).

Journey created some of the best-known songs in modern music, with iconic hits such as  “Open Arms,” “Faithfully,” “Any Way You Want It,” “Wheel In The Sky,” “Separate Ways,” “Only the Young,” “Lovin, Touchin’, Squeezin’,” “Who’s Crying Now,” and the seminal “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which is the top-selling digital catalog track in history.

Mikelangelo & Laurent Perform in Seoul Korea 2016

Mikelangelo & Laurent Performance Korea 2016

Mikelangelo Loconte and Laurent Ban, stars of the group Mozart l’opera rock, Mozart Rock Opera, are performing in Seoul in early July!

Some may have seen Mikelangelo in the production “Amadeus: Mozart, L’Opera Rock,” where he starred as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart until April 24 in Seoul when the show finished. Now he is back in Seoul with his bandmate, Laurent Ban. Join this dynamic duo and other Korean artists for an unforgettable performance!

Catch Patients Live in Hongdae Before they Head to the UK Korea 2016

Words by Zoe Owen

Looking to check out some cool local music this weekend? On Saturday night at Club Steel Face in Hongdae, Seoul indie act Patients will be performing their last show before they embark on an England tour to play at the renowned Liverpool Sound City music fest and do several club gigs as well.

“The concert is going to be a lot of fun,” offers Patients bassist and vocalist Sumin Jo. “We’re going to be playing with a lot of our friends and we’ll be showing people our set list for our upcoming UK concerts.”

Patients’ upbeat, anthemic songs mix elements of punk, new wave, and pop. Something that definitely stands out about the band is its makeup. They used to have the more traditional guitar, bass, and drums rock ‘n’ roll set up, but after parting ways with their old guitarist a few years back they wanted to try something different – so they replaced him with a keyboardist! The move proved to be a wise one and has made the group’s more recent output as a bass, drums, and keyboard trio much more unique and exciting.

Reggae Lovers Prepare For Pato Banton Korea 2016

Reggae has been growing fast in popularity in Korea and fans are in for a treat next week as celebrated Reggae star Pato Banton comes to town, on his first visit to Korea.

Currently on his Asian Tour, Pato Banton, who has been an artist for over three decades, will stop by Seoul for a one-night-only show in Hongdae’s stay. round. GEE Art Hall Lounge on June 16th. Featuring special guests from the Reggae community; TV stars and popular group Rude Paper, beloved expat Reggae artist JoshRoy, and uniquely Reggae Korean band NST & The Soul Sauce. You can also expect to see well-known selectas Sugar Suk-Yuel and Smiley Song.