Seoul to Guam: Traveling to Korea’s Closest US Destination

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Are you ready to trade smog for sunshine and skyscrapers for sandy beaches? This guide to traveling from Seoul to the paradise island of Guam will transform your standard Korean business trip into an epic tropical getaway! Get ready to find cheap direct flights, score the perfect hotel with beach access, and explore all the jaw-dropping sights – yes, including Tumon Bay’s bikini cliff jumpers. With this guide, you’ll be sipping mai tais on Guam’s gorgeous beaches in no time. Say annyeong to winter and aloha to island life!

Overview of the Journey from Seoul to Guam

Geographic Distance between Seoul and Guam

The geographical distance between Seoul and Guam plays a significant role in the journey’s duration. The straight-line distance, often referred to as “as the crow flies,” between Seoul and Guam is approximately 1,989 miles or 3,201 kilometers. The direction of your flight from Seoul, South Korea to Guam would be Southeast, specifically 142 degrees from North.

Average Flight Time from Seoul to Guam

Understanding the average flight time can help you manage your schedule effectively. The total flight duration from Seoul, South Korea to Guam is roughly 4 hours and 29 minutes. This calculation assumes an average flight speed for a commercial airliner of 500 mph, which is equivalent to 805 km/h or 434 knots. It also includes an extra 30 minutes for take-off and landing. 

Flights from Korea to Guam

Direct Flights from Seoul to Guam: Four Airlines Offer Direct Flights

If you’re looking to book a direct flight from Seoul to Guam, you’ll find limited options but a few carriers that offer nonstop service. There are four major airlines that provide regular direct flight service between Seoul and Guam – and 3 of them are LLCs (low-cost carriers)!:

  • Jeju Air operates several direct flights weekly from Seoul to Guam using Boeing 737 aircraft.
  • Jin Air flies multiple times per week direct from Seoul to Guam with Boeing 777s and 737s.
  • T’way Air offers direct flights on the route a few times per week, with Boeing 737 planes.
  • Korean Air provides daily nonstop Seoul to Guam flights using a Boeing 777 jet. It’ll be the most expensive but it’ll also be the most comfortable. And your only choice for business and first class seats. And they have a nice lounge for you in Incheon Airport – if you’ve got the “Morning Calm” mileage or the expensive ticket. 

Check each airline’s website for current schedules and to book your tickets. Advance booking is recommended as direct Seoul-Guam seats are in high demand.

Direct vs. Stopover Flights from Seoul to Guam: Just Go Direct!

With the proliferation of low-cost carrier direct flights, a stopover on the quick 4-hour hop from Seoul to Guam now seems rather silly. Sure, you could break up the short journey with a “free tour” of an airport in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Japan – but why bother?

You’ll have to deplane, collect luggage, clear customs, recheck bags, go through security again, and risk missing connections – all for maybe an hour of walking around an airport terminal and a $20 bowl of ramen?! Not to mention stopovers add several extra hours of total travel time door-to-door.

The only valid reason we can see for a flight with a layover from Seoul to Guam is if you purposefully book a long layover to briefly see a city like Tokyo or Manila. Even then, consider whether you wouldn’t rather have a nonstop direct flight and more time relaxing on the Guam beaches!

Unless you have a particular need for a stopover, my advice is to fly direct on a low-cost carrier and get to the paradise beaches of Guam as quickly as possible!

How to Find Cheap Flights from Seoul to Guam

Book early and be flexible with dates. Consider low-cost carriers like Jin Air, Jeju Air, and T’way Air for budget fares. Use comparison sites to find deals. Sign up for airfare sales alerts.

Best Time to Book Flights from Seoul to Guam

Ideally 4-5 months in advance for peak summer and winter travel. Prices jump 30-60 days out. Last-minute deals sometimes pop up 1-2 weeks before if flights aren’t full.

Use Flight Comparison Tools

Sites like Kayak, Google Flights, and Skyscanner make it easy to compare fares across multiple airlines and dates. Just enter your route to see results.

Things to do in Guam

For a terrific variety of the hottest places in Guam, check out ( in Korean). From dinner shows to dinner cruises and even nightclubs, they’ve got it all. 

Performances & Shows in Guam

Beach-front Dinner Buffet & Island Show – Taotao Tasi

Taotao Tasi features a beachfront performance theater where you can dine buffet-style while watching the sunset before the show. The spectacular cultural song and dance performance includes round-trip transportation.

Guam’s Biggest Stage Production – Karera

Had enough of basking in the Guam sun? Cool off in air-conditioned comfort while witnessing Chamorro history come alive through dance at Karera. International acrobats, musicians, and special effects designed by Cirque du Soleil alumni blend island traditions with modern theatrical flair. This family-friendly show at the SandCastle Theater is the perfect activity after a hot day relaxing on the island’s sandy beaches.

Best Restaurants in Guam

Meskla Chamoru Fusion Bistro

Experience modern twists on local cuisine at this trendy Tumon restaurant. Meskla creatively fuses Chamorro flavors like red rice and kådu with global techniques. With dishes like coconut curry mussels and ribs familian månnok, it puts a gourmet spin on Guam’s culinary traditions.

Jamaican Grill

Satisfy your cravings for jerk chicken, oxtail stew, and curried goat at this laid-back Hagåtña eatery. Jamaican Grill brings the spice and flavor of the Caribbean to Guam with authentic dishes, rum cocktails, and reggae music setting the mood.

Anemos Mediterranean Restaurant

Anemos provides a taste of the Greek islands in Tumon. Savor Mediterranean staples like moussaka, grilled octopus, spanakopita, and more on their breezy patio. With classic dishes, wines, and hospitality, it’s a relaxing escape.

Scuba, Fishing, Dolphin Watching & Sunset Dinner Cruises in Guam 

Get up close with Guam’s marine life by joining a dolphin-watching cruise. Most cruises include whale watching opportunities too. 

Guam Ocean Adventures Scuba & Snorkeling 

Located in Apra Harbor since 1988, Guam Ocean Adventures offers small group snorkeling, scuba diving, stand up paddleboarding, and other ocean activities. Create a package to try multiple sports in a day. Their guides introduce visitors to Guam’s beautiful underwater sights.

Big Sunset Dinner Cruise

Sail at sunset on a spacious catamaran while indulging in an all-you-can eat barbecue buffet dinner with free-flowing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks included. A live band provides entertainment.

Captain Andy’s Fishing Charters

This highly-rated company uses speedy catamarans to find pods of wild dolphins swimming off Guam’s coastline. Their naturalists educate you about marine mammals along the way.

Guided Tour Options in Guam

Joining a guided tour can be a convenient way to see top sites like War in the Pacific Park or Ritidian Point. Viator has good deals on highly-rated private and group tours. Personalized tours with Guam Legend and Horizon Guam are other reputable choices.

Shopping in Guam

Guam offers a mix of shopping choices from luxury retail to discount stores:

  • DFS Galleria – This large duty-free mall has high-end designers, cosmetics, alcohol, and more at tax-free prices.
  • Tumon Sands Plaza – Mall with international and local fashions, souvenirs, duty-free goods, and speciality stores.
  • Micronesia Mall – Largest mall on Guam with major department stores like Macy’s plus over 100 other shops and eateries.
  • Kmart – For discounted prices on American brands, supplies, home goods, clothes and more.
  • Agana Shopping Center – Diverse stores selling traditional handicrafts, art, jewelry, and locally made products.
  • Guam Premier Outlets – Open-air outlet shops from major fashion and athletic brands at bargain prices.

Top Dive Sites in Guam

Guam offers amazing diving thanks to pristine coral reefs, caves, shipwrecks and walls. Top spots include Blue Hole for tunnels, Shark’s Hole for snorkeling, Gab Gab for manta rays, and the SMS Cormoran wreck.

Enjoying Guam with Kids

Guam offers plenty of family-friendly activities. Here are top ways to have fun with kids:

  • Spend a day at Tumon Bay – Swim, build sandcastles, try water sports.
  • Explore the Guam Aquarium – See sharks, jellyfish, fish and other marine life up close.
  • Experience 3D at Guam 3D – Enjoy interactive 3D shows about nature, science and culture.
  • Eat sweet champurrado and donuts at local shops like Frietas.
  • Visit Fort Soledad – Step into history at this Spanish colonial ruin.
  • Hike Taga’chang Beach – Search for starfish and hermit crabs in tide pools.
  • Go dolphin watching with Captain Andy’s Charters – Kids love spotting these playful marine mammals.
  • Try beach activities like paddleboarding and kayaking as a family.
  • Watch the family-friendly Karera performance – Music, dance and Chamorro culture come to life on stage.

Guam Travel Tips

Best Time to Visit Guam from Seoul

The best time to visit Guam is during the dry season from January to June. You’ll enjoy pleasant temperatures in the 80s F/high 20s C and lower humidity. December is lively with holiday festivities. July-October brings more rain and chances of typhoons.

Getting a Visa for Guam from South Korea

Citizens of South Korea are eligible for visa waiver entry to Guam. You’ll need a valid passport, onward/return ticket, and can stay up to 90 days without a visa. Complete the required Guam-CNMI Visa Waiver Information form before departure.

Packing Tips for Guam from Seoul

It’s hot. That’s probably why you’re going after all, isnt’ it? Be prepared. 

Your Essential Guam Packing Checklist

  • Bring light, breathable clothes unless you want to simulate a Korean sauna on the beach. Don’t forget your aloha shirts and flip flops!
  • Pack sun protection like hats, glasses, and reef-safe sunscreen if you don’t want to look like a boiled lobster.
  • Have modest cover-ups and pants ready for visiting churches and villages, unless you want the locals shaking their heads.
  • Prepare for an occasional tropical storm with rain jackets and umbrellas so your vacation isn’t a total washout.
  • Don’t forget your passport, because good luck getting to Guam without one.
  • Bring any medications you need, or risk paying ridiculous tourist prices at the pharmacies.
  • Pack camera, external battery, adapters and other electronics to fully capture and share this adventure of a lifetime!

Cash & Current in Guam

Guam uses the US dollar for currency. Exchange some Korean won to dollars before arrival, as credit cards are not as widely accepted on the island.

  • ATMs are available to get US dollars using your Korean bank card – but the fees can be high, so watch out! Hit the ATMs at the bank rather than the ones at your hotel. 
  • Have some small dollar bills on hand for tipping, taxis, and inexpensive purchases.
  • Electrical outlets in Guam are 110V, so bring a Korean to US plug adapter for your Korean chargers and gadgets. 

Lodging and Getting Around Guam

Where to Stay in Guam

Look, we know TripAdvisor can do this better than we can, but here are some of the most popular places to stay in Guam, all near Tumon, the hottest area of Guam. 

For the Wealthy: Dusit Thani Guam Resort

The ultra luxurious Dusit Thani is one of Guam’s most posh hotels, where the island’s elite and visiting VIPs relax in refined style. Enjoy cocktail lounges, Japanese fine dining, infinity pool, sweeping ocean vistas, and possibly rubbing shoulders with celebrities – if you can afford it!

For Families: PIC Hotel

This beachfront resort in Tumon Bay offers spacious rooms along with multiple pools, restaurants, and bars. The kids club and playground make it very family-friendly.

For Typical Travelers: Hyatt Regency Guam

Right on Tumon Bay, Hyatt Regency Guam features tropical gardens, outdoor pools, several dining options, and event facilities in a prime location.

For Budget Travelers: Hotel Tano Guam

Recently remodeled, Tano is in a prime location at a much more reasonable price than those above but with all the amenities. 

Getting Around Guam 

Guam offers several transportation options for exploring the island:

  • Taxis – Readily available, especially at hotels. Metered fares are reasonable. Cash is recommended as most won’t take cards.
  • Rental Cars – Offer flexibility to explore at your own pace. Reserve in advance. International driving permit recommended.
  • Hotel shuttles – Many major resorts offer complimentary shuttles around Tumon Bay and other areas.
  • Tour buses – Guided tours and shows often include convenient transport from hotels.
  • Buses – Limited public bus routes mainly serve locals. Have exact change ready.
  • Walking – If staying in Tumon Bay, many attractions, beaches, restaurants and shops are walkable.
  • Bicycle rentals – Some resorts and shops offer bike rentals for exploring locally.

Nature in Guam

Top Beaches in Guam

With over 60 miles of coastline, Guam boasts numerous scenic beaches. Here are some highlights:

  • Tumon Bay – Guam’s most popular beach with clean sand, calm waters, and resorts lining the shore.
  • Gun Beach – Picturesque strip of sand in Tumon perfect for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Ypao Beach – Wide beach near Tumon great for families with facilities like picnic shelters.
  • Piti Bomb Holes – Unique rocky inlet where the ocean has carved out pools and channels.
  • Talofofo Falls Beach – Isolated beach next to a waterfall surrounded by nature.
  • Inarajan Natural Pool – Swim inside a volcanic rock pool with incredible turquoise waters.

Best Hiking Trails in Guam

  • Mt. Lamlam Trail – Steep route to the summit of Guam’s highest peak with scenic overlooks.
  • Paseo de Susana Park Trail – Paved seaside walking path along Hagåtña Bay.
  • Ritidian Point Trail – Coastal hike in northern Guam to secluded beaches and snorkeling.
  • Fonte Dam Trail – Walk through the jungle to natural waterfalls and pools.
  • Tarzan Falls Trail – Short hike to scenic 50-foot waterfall surrounded by the forest.

Top Scuba Diving & Snorkeling Sites in Guam

Guam’s pristine reefs, caves, wrecks and walls offer incredible diving. Top spots include:

  • Blue Hole – Cave dives through tunnels
  • Shark’s Hole – Coral reef perfect for snorkeling
  • Gab Gab – See manta rays and sea turtles
  • Mañagaha Wall – Dropoff with corals, sponges and sea life
  • SMS Cormoran – Dive on a WWII shipwreck
  • Western Shoals – Shallow reef with diverse marine species
  • Double Reef – Bright corals and large schools of fish

Time to Head from Seoul to Guam

Well, we made it to the end of this whirlwind tour from Seoul to the one and only Guam! You now know everything you need to plan the ultimate island vacation faster than you can say hafa adai! Book those direct flights, pack the sunscreen, and get ready to dive with sea turtles one day and hike through jungles to secluded waterfalls the next. The friendly Chamorros of Guam eagerly await to show you the time of your life. Just be sure to send us a postcard from your thatched hut over the water – we expect details! Sayonara Seoul, and let the relaxing Guam adventures begin!