Korean Hangover Cure Guide: What Kind Of Hangover Do You Have?

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No one enjoys the morning after, especially after a long night of soju and hard liquor. Luckily, there are various methods available for you, that is just a couple steps away from home. These methods are super popular, have been widely used, and will ensure that you will make it to work the next morning!

a) The hangover where you can’t even lift your limbs and your stomach hurts

What you need is food! Typically, if you’re looking for any Korean food to cure a hangover, go for dishes that end in –guk (국), –gukbap (국밥), or -tang (탕). Majority of these dishes will contain ingredients that could help ease your stomach problems the morning after. Below are other options that you could try out!

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1. Haejangguk (해장국) | Korean Hangover Soup

“Hae-jang-guk” (해장국) is the ancient technique to cure a hangover in Korea. The words 해장국 refers to a type of soup to “get sober” in Korean and consists of ingredients such as thinly sliced meats, noodles, scallions, and powder of cheoncho (천초) used for their broth. There are a variety of haejangguks available from cow blood to fish or a near-vegetarian option.  Click here to learn more!

2. Jjamppong (짬뽕) | Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

Jjamp-pong” (짬뽕) is a Korean-Chinese fusion dish, loaded with various types of seafood such as mussels, shrimp, squid and clams. The spice that brings to both your mouth and stomach will apparently help offset the consumption of alcohol from the night before. If you feel like staying home the morning after, this could be your ideal order-in meal to cure your hangover.

3. Yuksu(육수) | Beef Broth

“Yuk-su” (육수) is commonly found in naeng-myun (냉면 – cold noodle) restaurants, a free beef broth that is served as a drink. Servers usually carry a giant kettle of this warming brew around, so keep your eye on it! The yuksu paired with a bowl of icy cold naengmyun makes it the perfect combination to flush out the toxins in your body.

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4. Odenggungmul (오뎅국물) | Fish Cake Broth

“O-denggungmul” (오뎅국물) is the broth used to boil fish cakes (오뎅) at street food vendors. Since street food vendors open 24/7 or until dawn, this option is perfect for those who want to grab a small bite and enjoy free unlimited cups of odenggungmul to keep your body warm before heading home from the bar!

5. Ramyun (라면) | Korean Instant Noodles

“Ra-myun” (라면) is found in all convenience stores and is the easy way to fill up your stomach before wanting to curl back into bed right away. Similar to jjamppong, the spice from the ramyun will help offset the consumption of alcohol from the night before!

b) The hangover where you have a headache and a dry throat

What you need is hydrating tea that contains oriental raisin seeds!

6. Hutgaesoo (헛개수) | Oriental Raisin Tea

The Oriental Raisin Tree is a plant famous in Asia for containing properties that decomposes alcohol. Whereas, Hutgaesoo (헛개수) known as Oriental Raisin Tea, is made from 100% of Korean Oriental raisin tree fruits and is the most popular way to cure a hangover in Korea. Unlike a sweet juice or lime-ade-like taste, Hutgaesoo actually has an earthy plant taste that contains zero calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar! These can easily be purchased at a local convenience store.

7. Hutgaecha (헛개차) | Oriental Raisin Tea (Stronger)

Similar to Hutgaesoo, “Hut-gae-cha” (헛개차) is a tea with a stronger concentration of Oriental raisin tree fruits. While the names of these two drinks are very similar, you can easily distinguish the teas by their black and green label. The best way to drink a Hutgaecha is a couple hours before your night out to prevent a terrible hangover the morning after.

c) The hangover where you feel queasy, and have a heavy head

What you need are vitamin drinks! There are various vitamin drinks that contains ingredients such as milk thistle, raisin tree extracts, red ginseng, lotus and pear juice which can save you from a massive hangover. These drinks are all purchasable at a local convenience store (편의점) and cost less than 5,000 KRW each.

8. Condition (컨디션)

Condition (컨디션) is a vitamin drink which can be purchased at the convenience store. The drink harnesses the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine that contains 헛개 which is a type of seed from the Oriental Raisin Tree. According to other people, Condition has a very sweet taste similar to a cloudy pear juice, energy drink or cough syrup. The formula is super effective and is meant to be taken in one shot. They even have a Condition “Lady” drink that is catered for women!

9. Morning Care (모닝케어)

Morning Care (모닝케어) is another vitamin drink that has an active ingredient of milk thistle and raisin tree extracts that will help protect your liver, soothes dry mouth and headaches the morning after drinking alcohol. Despite the name, it’s most effectively taken when drunk before bed. There are a variety of Morning Care drinks available in the Korean market, such as the Goodbye Alcohol, Morning Care+, Morning Care Turmeric, Morning Care X, and Morning Care Lady!

10. Dawn 808 (여명)

Dawn 808 (여명) is the world first hangover recovery drink that is the most effective compared amongst other vitamin drinks. With a price of 3,000 KRW, this drink is recommended for those who endured a night of heavy drinking. Many people have called this the “magic potion” as you can immediately feel your hangover being lifted 10~30 minutes after consumption. However, there’s a downside to this drink. The strong medicinal taste will make you want to vomit.

d) The hangover where you’re sweating quite profusely

What you need is ice cream!

11. Gyeondyo Bar (견뎌바)

“Gyeon-dyo” Bars (견뎌바) is a type of ice cream made to cure hangovers the tasty way. These ice cream bars contain 0.7% oriental raisin tree fruit juice, wrapped around with a tart grapefruit-flavored shell. This inexpensive 1,000 KRW treat makes it the fun way to end a hard night of drinking. However, they are currently only available for purchase at With Me convenience stores.  

e) The hangover where you feel like death is knocking at your door

…perhaps try other methods to release toxins and balance your vitamin level in your body!

12. Jjimjilbang (찜질방) | Sauna Room

It is pretty common to crash at a “Jjim-jil-bang” (찜질방) after a night-out. These Korean sauna rooms are equipped with various amenities such as steam rooms, hot tubs, saunas and sleeping lounges that are great for sweating out toxins and sleeping off the intoxication. They also have a food court and entertainment room for visitors to hang out, play games and enjoy a bowl of hot ramyun! “Sik-Hye” which is a popular beverage offered at a jjimjilbang made from rice is believed to hydrate and help shorten hangovers.

13. IV Drips

If you really screwed up the night before, you can consider visiting a local medical office to get your IV Vitamin Drip. Check out our directory to find an international hospital in Korea near you!